ManageEngine OS Deployer License

ManageEngine OS Deployer License

ManageEngine OS Deployer

ManageEngine OS Deployer License is a comprehensive solution that automates disk imaging and OS deployment. In a few simple steps, administrators can capture the disk image of different OS versions, customize the images according to the needs of an organization’s user roles and departments, and deploy the OS images across multiple computers in the network.

OS Deployer provides administrators with the latest imaging and deployment technologies, that can help IT teams save time and effort. Additionally, it helps organizations reduce their support, training, and maintenance costs by letting them standardize a unique operating system across network computers.

Product Details

OS imaging and deployment is an important part of IT administration, but this task can also become tedious and time-consuming. With the OS imaging and deployment feature in OS Deployer, you can automate the disk imaging and deployment process, saving you both time and effort, as well as eliminating possible errors from manual deployment of OSs, drivers, and configurations. Administrators can capture the images of different OS versions, customize the images for deployment, and deploy the images.


3 Simple steps of OS imaging & deployment


Create an OS image using advanced online or offline imaging techniques.


Customize the image for deployment according to the organization’s user roles and departments.


Deploy the OS image across multiple computers using unique techniques like OS Deployer’s authentication passcodes.


With OS Deployer your administrators can create a master image of the OS and deploy it to desktops and servers from a central location.

Deploy operating systems anywhere across the globe

Standardizes OS deployments across all branch office computers using a common master image.

Hardware independent deployment

It helps you overcome this problem by automatically adding the compatible drivers to the machine where the image is deployed.

Flexible boot options

It can be used when installing operating systems on a wide range of computers.

Advanced, automated deployment methods

These new set of advanced features to help admins seamlessly deploy operating systems.

Customize deployment to organization needs

Administrators can customize a single standardized image, tailored to assist the deployment needs of your organization, using deployment templates.

Image computers using modern techniques

Perform live disk imaging using modern techniques without disturbing the end user’s productivity.Imagicle buy

Key Features

Image live machines

Image a machine when it’s live and functioning in the network without disturbing the end user’s productivity.

Uniquely deploy OS

Easily deploy OSs using unique authentication passcodes, waving good bye to traditional manual deployment methods.

Hardware independent deployment

Deploy a standardized OS image to any computer, regardless of vendor or model. OS Deployer automatically configures the appropriate settings and installs the required drivers.

Customize deployment

Customize the image for deployment according to your organization’s needs. You can also configure the post deployment activities and the applications to be installed on the target computer after deployment.

Deploy OSs anywhere

Deploy OSs to all your remote office computers from one centralized console.

Multiple boot options

Boot the bare-metal target computers at your convenience using any of the available media options, such as ISO, USB, and PXE.

OS Deployer lets you

  • Minimize manual Efforts
  • Cut-down cost
  • Standardize systems
  • Wrap up working hours

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