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ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus License

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus License

For SCCM admins looking for an efficient tool to manage 3rd party applications, ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus is the answer. The licensed ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus acts as a versatile plugin that seamlessly integrates with SCCM to deploy and patch third-party applications. The application and patch binaries are collected and stored in a repository on the Patch Connect Plus server and then automatically published to the SCCM server. Administrators can then proceed with deployment of these applications and patches using the SCCM console itself.

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus License

Intune Application Management

By 2020, 83% of enterprise workloads will reside in the cloud, according to a Forbes survey. Due to the increased security, stability and flexibility that cloud services offer, more and more companies are adopting cloud-based solutions to meet their needs. This is precisely why tech giants like Microsoft are introducing solutions like Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which combines Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Microsoft Intune to serve in both on-premises and cloud-based endpoint management in the cloud.

Unlike Intune’s patch management capability, users in the licensed Patch Connect Plus can also deploy third-party applications using the latest Intune/MEM application management capability.

Application Management for Intune/MEM in Patch Connect Plus allows users to create

  • third-party applications in Microsoft Intune/MEM.
  • Use the pre-made app templates to customize your apps.
  • Upload pre-deployment and post-deployment scripts to customize the deployment process to your organization’s needs.

Building 3rd party applications in Microsoft Intune

The licensed ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus has a repository of 300+ applications including all popular 3rd party applications like Google Chrome, Apple iTunes, Java etc. As Patch Connect Plus is compatible with Intune, you can now easily deploy these third-party applications to your endpoints using Microsoft Intune.

Predefined Application Templates

Patch Connect Plus comes with a number of predefined templates to simplify the process of deploying third-party applications. With Application Management for Intune you can build apps using these predefined templates that cover common and basic deployment actions such as:

For more information, ManageEngine License
  • Limit applications to a desktop shortcut
  • Restrict apps from having a start menu icon
  • Provide an option to uninstall older patches
  • Skip the provisioning process when the app is running
  • Prevent applications from having an icon in the taskbar

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus

Pre and Post Deployment Scripts

Patch Connect Plus Application Management for Intune/MEM also allows you to tailor the deployment process to your organization’s needs by adding custom scripts for pre and post deployment activities.

You can use your script to apply tracing settings, change registry settings, create/remove shortcuts, create/add paths and much more before or after installation.


SCCM Application Management

The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is regarded as an exemplary tool for managing Microsoft applications. It makes both patch management and software deployment seamless. That’s why Patch Connect Plus equips users with third-party software delivery for SCCM application management in addition to patch management.

SCCM has a dedicated Application Management tab found under Overview on the left side of the console. This tab contains various options that allow administrators to manage Microsoft applications, store license information, and create application packages for deployment. Patch Connect Plus leverages SCCM’s application management capabilities to streamline the delivery of third-party software to client machines. The unique set of tools allows SCCM users to distribute 3rd party applications directly from the SCCM console.

This is how Patch Connect plus complements the SCCM Application Manager.

  • Pre-built application templates
  • pre- and post-deployment scripts
  • Extensive repository of third-party applications

Applications repository

Patch Connect Plus App Repository is powered by a robust repository of 300+ apps that comes with all popular 3rd party apps like Java, Google Chrome etc. In this way, Patch Connect Plus saves you from the overwhelming task of downloading your favorite applications from the vendor’s website.

SCCM Right-Click Tools

IT administrators often need to perform a variety of administrative actions on managed systems to ensure a robust network infrastructure. However, given the limited client management options available in Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), finding the right solution that simplifies system management without adding complexity becomes important.

Patch Connect Plus supports SCCM Right Click Tools, a refined approach to managing end-user systems using SCCM. Patch Connect Plus adds so many different client troubleshooting and management tools to SCCM, allowing users to perform key systems management operations directly from the SCCM console.

Patch Connect Plus combines third-party application, patch, and systems management into a single solution for easy management and long-term cost savings.

SCCM Right-Click Tools

On-demand client operations with SCCM right-click tools

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is an excellent solution for managing endpoints, an exemplary tool for patching Windows machines, and a reliable product with Capabilities for unprecedented OS Deployment.

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