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ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus

ManageEngine PatchManager

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus

After successfully installing ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus, you must first specify the computer with which you want to take control of the system. There is a section in the Patch Manager software by which you can add or remove computers that you want to monitor. This section is called Scope of Management software. With this software, you can control all the computers that are in a network. This has nothing to do with the location of other computers. This computer may be with you on a local network or in another country.

Adding all the computers you want to control manually is tedious. This software can automatically react to the details of computers added / removed from the active list in its directory settings. Once you have added the computers to the list of computers to be monitored, you will need to install special software on the computers to be monitored.

There is a very light software called Agent, which, when installed on other computers, connects computers to the management system at intervals of 1 hour and a half. This 1 hour and a half interval is called the refresh interval.

To be able to synchronize your system with the patches that are released every day, you must use an automatic patch management system. ManageEngine PatchManager offers a fully automated patch management system for Windows, Mac, Linux and other applications.

ManageEngine PatchManagement Features

The use of ManageEngine PatchManager and its licenses, offers special features in the process of systems management and network management to managers of organizations and companies. Some of these features are as follows.

  • Patch deployment schedule
  • You can disable auto-update
  • Automatic patch deployment
  • Existence of system health policy
  • Has an updated vulnerability database
  • Manage patches using mobile applications
  • Ability to reject patches for some applications
  • Ability to use periodic software patch scanning
  • This software performs antivirus updates automatically
  • Ability to automatically test and confirm patches before use

Patch Deployment Schedule

If network administrators want to avoid bandwidth and system availability problems, they can configure deployment policy to schedule patch installation for each convenient time of day and night.

In the deployment policy, you can even configure the specific week and day on which patch deployment should take place, the interval between which patches should be installed, and the restart policy. You can also allow the user to cancel the deployment schedule. ManageEngine PatchManager has the ability to wake computers on the LAN before the installation operation even if the computer is turned off.

Disable Auto-update

Customers can use ManageEngine PatchManager to enable or disable the auto-update within their network. Auto-updates can be turned off with just a few simple clicks. This allows you to have complete control over the updates installed on the network. 

Disable auto-update

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus


Automatic patch deployment

Using ManageEngine PatchManager software and license, it is possible to implement patches automatically at any stage of the activity. This can save time, resources and effort. Using this feature, you can apply patch deployment at any time. You only need to schedule the required steps once and the next time, the whole process will be done automatically and at the appointed time.

System health policy

Using ManageEngine PatchManager allows you to categorize the health status of systems within the network through the system health policy.

This way you can classify the number of missing patches found in the system into different categories: healthy, vulnerable and highly vulnerable. This feature will help you identify equipment in the network that needs special and immediate attention and repair them.

Manage patches using mobile applications

With this application, you can manage software patches and licenses with your mobile phone, even while moving. You can install software patches with just a few clicks on the phone screen. With this mobile application, it is even possible to confirm or reject patches, receive accurate reports, patch scans and more.

How Patch Management works?

The process of downloading, identifying, testing, verifying, and installing new or missing patches is called the patch management process. This process can be done for all operating systems and applications in a network. Having this type of management requires accurate information about patches that run on equipment across a network.

It is crucial for network administrators to be able to classify Network equipment into vulnerable, highly vulnerable and healthy systems. Using ManageEngine PatchManager and its licenses, you can see these categories in an overview. The program ultimately helps identify systems that need attention and are highly vulnerable to intrusion so that appropriate actions can be taken to protect the network from cyber-attacks.

ManageEngine PatchManager

Importance of Patch Management

In recent years, cybercrime has increased dramatically, and hackers have found new ways to exploit network vulnerabilities. One of the most common ways to penetrate the network of companies and organizations is unpatched systems. Every time a security patch is released by a major anti-spyware and software company, attackers become aware of a new vulnerability that could be very dangerous for networks with unpatched systems.

According to the latest estimates, about 60% of organizations and companies have not taken specific preparations to prevent hackers from penetrating their systems. Therefore, it can be said that access to such vulnerable networks is very easy for hackers. This is why organizations and companies are needed to protect their networks, equipment and vital information from cyber-attacks, into an efficient licensed patch management software such as ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus.

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus Order Pricing

Customers can order various ManageEngine software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus License

Customers are able to get more information about different ManageEngine licenses from our sales specialists.


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