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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus License

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus License

The web software manageengine servicedesk plus or SDP is an efficient tool for managing services and requests of organizations or offices. By configuring this licensed solution, you can get the hardware and software specifications of your systems. In this way, you can examine the relationship between them and also manage the problems created on each system with the request of your users. You can also handle these requests by referring to the relevant technician.

 ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus License

One of the prominent features of this software is the reporting of how the systems work. By using the connection of this licensed software with other systems, problems can be analyzed and diagnosed. SDP software is used by more than 20,000 thousand IT managers all over the world and has been translated into 29 languages. 120,000 organizations in 190 countries trust ManageEngine and its licenses.

What does ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus software do?

The licensed ManageEngine Service Desk Plus software is a service desk platform that follows ITSM standards to manage IT processes and continuous change. This licensed solution is focused on providing services as an in-house service desk managed by IT professionals.

Compared to the previous version of the software, the Desk Plus service is equipped with new features in the field of managing problems and tickets and integrating third-party programs, and the presence of these features in this product makes this software the best in the field of IT service management. It has become a competitive product, but some not-so-transparent pricing policies and reported weaknesses about this product have made it impossible to consider it as a first-class solution.


Strengths of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

  • Support ITSM methods
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Tight integration with other ManageEngine and Zoho products
  • Self-service portal based on artificial intelligence to answer common questions

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus key features

  • Management of submitted requests
  • Preparation of reports based on desired fields
  • Design and customization of related forms and requests
  • Entering user profiles through active directory in the database
  • User panel for users to submit their problems during the request
  • Management and prioritization of requests for internal purchases
  • Registration and archiving of all types of contracts and ongoing projects
  • Preparation and sharing of knowledge base to speed up problem solving
  • Automatic update of hardware and software specifications available in the network
  • Troubleshooting system problems through their connection with other systems or devices

One of the important parts of this software is CMDB. This feature can create a relationship by introducing and managing the devices in the network, which makes the organization’s IT structure more transparent. For example, it is possible to depict the connection of a computer with different printers or which users use this system. For a better understanding of this matter, we give a more general example, through the relation section, you can find out how many virtual operating systems are running and installed by introducing your server and what software is running on this server. It is still possible to find out which port of our switch or router this server is connected to.

For more information, ManageEngine License

Track and manage facilities and facility services in all areas

  • Keep track of all the events that happened in a room by viewing the history.
  • Attach all documents related to each room, such as the fire evacuation plan or campus project.
  • Create tickets, resources and structure services and associate them with their spaces to better manage the quality of service in a space.

Visually search the space tree to easily retrieve details

  • View connections between all areas of your organization, such as campus, buildings, floors and rooms.
  • Get a consolidated view of all levels of the organization with their occupancy rates and associated tickets and click on a space to view all the details.

Implement IT updates better and faster

  • Simplify IT upgrades by capturing new versions of changes.
  • Avoid release conflicts with the integrated calendar view of changes and releases.
  • Customize the release management process by configuring release templates, roles and statuses.
  • Engage stakeholders and ensure transparency by creating automated workflows and notifications.
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus License

Stay up to date with information on campus utilization at all levels of the spatial hierarchy

  • Create custom templates to capture all the necessary details of frequently used spaces.
  • Track spaces with statuses like “Under Maintenance” and “Running” or create custom statuses based on your activities.
  • With this licensed solution Filter rooms by campus, building, area, occupied capacity, and more to easily find the one you want.
  • Manage the use of space at all levels of the organization: campus, facilities, floors, rooms, open spaces and facility services within each space.

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