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ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus

ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus

SharePoint platform provides easy hosting and collaboration of business data both online and on premise. The flexibility and the ease of use made companies adopt SharePoint rapidly to host their business data. However the high level of collaboration and dynamic nature of the content pose challenges to SharePoint administrators in managing and auditing the SharePoint servers. Every SharePoint administrator needs for the hour is a comprehensive tool that can monitor, analyze and audit their multiple SharePoint deployments from a central console.

 ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus

Automate SharePoint backup with SharePoint Manager Plus

The licensed ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus can help you automate and simplify the SharePoint resource backup process. SharePoint native tools allow backups to be performed only at the farm and site collection level. Also, backups can only be created manually using SQL Server and PowerShell commands, which can be difficult for many.

The licensed SharePoint Manager Plus simplifies SharePoint backups with the ability to schedule backups at appropriate intervals. This licensed solution allows administrators to save time and resources for other critical tasks. Backup data can be restored at any time through the intuitive user interface of SharePoint Manager Plus.

SharePoint Manager Plus provides an option to back up individual sites instead of an entire site collection or farm to provide granularity and flexibility in what you back up, while saving disk space.

Automated backup schedules

SharePoint administrators can create backup schedules that run at convenient intervals without disrupting business operations. Backup status, time taken to back up data, and available disk space can be monitored from the SharePoint Manager Plus user interface. You can also enable or disable created schedules.

For more information, ManageEngine License

backup history

With the licensed SharePoint Manager Plus, the history of all backed up data is available in a single console. This allows you to meticulously track the versions used. This feature is convenient because files and documents are reviewed multiple times. Backup history comes in handy when restoring files and documents to a previous version.

Restore old versions

If you want to undo recent changes to a SharePoint file or document, SharePoint Manager Plus makes it easy! All you have to do is select the desired backup version and click “Restore”.

SharePoint Auditing and Monitoring Tool

Auditing plays an important role in smooth SharePoint administration, especially when it comes to meeting regulatory compliance and forensic requirements. To avoid data breaches, it’s imperative to stay aware of who from which group accessed what document, and who created or deleted a site or site collection.

There’s only so much SharePoint audit logs can do

SharePoint audit log reports let you analyze all activities in your SharePoint environment. However, the native build often falls short, making auditing harder than it should be.

Bloated database

Lastly, SharePoint audit logs are stored on SharePoint’s database, testing the limits of its performance. More often than not, overall productivity is slowed by poor performance.

Difficult to access

Looking up audit reports with the native build is tedious. And, the generated reports aren’t categorized by object, which makes them difficult to analyze. The raw data captured in these audit reports isn’t user-friendly and the change events are recorded by object ID, making them even more inconvenient to read.


Since the reports can only be exported in Excel format, analysis is a huge hassle. And for every site collection, the audit settings have to be separately enabled. So, if a farm contains 45 site collections, each site collection has to be enabled individually. There are better ways to spend your time.

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