ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus License

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus License

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus License is a comprehensive threat and vulnerability management platform that provides end-to-end scanning, evaluation, and solution to all systems and servers within a network using a single, centralized module. It provides systems and network administrators 360-degree visibility into their network vulnerabilities.

It uses a robust, three-step approach to address network and system security exposures. First, it scans and identifies every point of your on-premise and remote endpoints, including roaming devices. Second, it assesses the network using attacker-based analytics. This automatically prioritizes the most vulnerable areas that an attacker can easily exploit. Third, it manages the network by preventing attackers from taking advantage of any loopholes in the system.

What’s more, Vulnerability Manager Plus also works to stop any security opening from developing. Aside from vulnerabilities, this platform also addresses web server misconfigurations, high-risk software, and security misconfigurations.

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus License

Vulnerability Manager Plus Benefits


  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Patch management
  • Web server hardening
  • Security configuration management
  • Zero-day vulnerability management
  • High-risk software audit

ManageEngine’s Vulnerability Manager Plus offers a wide range of robust and dynamic benefits. These are:

Vulnerability assessment

This powerful solution can detect actual systemic threats from myriad probable vulnerabilities. It evaluates those vulnerabilities and prioritizes them based on certain aspects, such as the availability of the solution, affected system count, age, severity, and exploitability.

Patch management

With this smart solution, users can personalize, automate, and organize their whole patching process. With Vulnerability Manager Plus, you can automatically download, analyze, and apply patches to any operating system and more than 250 third-party apps using an integrated module, for free.

Web server hardening

This tool helps users take total control of their internet-facing devices. It does this by providing key information on the cause, effect, and solutions of various security flaws in web servers. This valuable information empowers organizations to better develop and manage servers that are protected from various types of external threats.

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Security configuration management

Vulnerability Manager Plus is designed to maximize the capabilities of your network security. It ensures that your network systems are enhanced with memory protection, minimal privileges, and complex passwords. It also guarantees that your system complies with STIG and CIS security guidelines.

Zero-day vulnerability management

This solution can help users mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities from their systems. With Vulnerability Manager Plus, there’s no need to wait for the patches that you need as you quickly deploy integrated, tested scripts to protect your system against zero-day vulnerabilities.

High-risk software audit

Vulnerability Manager Plus allows you to easily eliminate unsupported and unauthorized applications. It can detect apps like P2P, end-of-life, and remote desktop sharing software that are considered dangerous. Once detected, the system automatically uninstalls them from your endpoints.

Vulnerability Manager Plus Features

Vulnerability Management

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • On-demand/automated vulnerability scanning
  • Zero-day vulnerability mitigation
  • Zero-day vulnerability detection

Security Configuration Management

  • Secure configuration deployment
  • System misconfiguration detection

Patch Management

  • Automated patch deployment
  • Install/uninstall patches
  • Missing patch detection
  • Antivirus Definition update deployment
  • Deployment policies
  • Test and approve patches
  • Decline patches

High Risk Software Audit

  • Uninstall high-risk software
  • High-risk software detection

Web Server Hardening

  • Detection and resolution of server misconfigurations

General Features

  • Distribution server for bandwidth optimization
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Role-based administration
  • Multi-technician support
  • Download/Schedule reports
  • Wake on LAN
  • Remote Shutdown
  • Managing roaming users

Add-on Tool

  • Failover Server
Vulnerability Manager Plus License
ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus License

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