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Radware Alteon License

Alteon License

Radware Alteon License


Alteon, Radware’s next-generation application delivery controller (ADC), is the industry’s only solution designed from the ground up to ensure predictable application SLA at all times. The only ADC packed with next-generation ADC services, Alteon NG cost-effectively addresses emerging IT challenges faced by enterprises and online businesses. 

Application SLA Challenge 

In today’s business landscape, IT is required to deliver consistent availability and performance-optimized user experiences for application end-users. On-going trends, such as virtualization, consolidation and cloud-shared platforms are complicating these delivery requirements – the same resources are now shared by different applications and exposing organizations to SLA breaches. Moreover, cyber-attacks that threaten application operation can potentially downgrade application SLA. Finally, application infrastructure issues, including increased Web application complexity and mobility, create additional challenges for delivering optimized application performance and meeting SLA requirements. 

Whether it’s an online Web application, or an internal mission-critical enterprise application such as CRM, ERP or an organization portal, end-users expect to receive consistent quality of experience. The conclusion is clear: today’s organizations require predictable application SLA and need tools to proactively monitor and manage application SLA. 

Standard ADC: Not Good Enough Anymore 

For years, companies have been using application delivery controllers (ADC) to optimally deliver applications. However, the standard/legacy ADC is not enough anymore as it is based on a best-effort approach.

In a standard/legacy ADC, all resources are shared between server applications- there is no resource isolation per application and no resource reservation mechanism. This may lead to SLA degradation of neighboring applications. Likewise, adding features or services to one application can degrade the overall ADC performance and impact other applications’ SLA. 

In addition, the standard/legacy ADC doesn’t offer tools for monitoring application SLA- it only provides acceleration features that are mainly on the TCP/SSL layers but not on the application, user or device levels. 

In contrast to the standard/legacy ADC, a next-generation (NG) ADC provides real-user monitoring, best-in-class application level acceleration features, and innovative security offerings. With a full application SLA assurance, a nextgeneration (NG) ADC also provides application level resource reservation, which allows for the addition of new services without performance penalties. 

Alteon NG: Complete Application SLA Assurance 

Alteon Next-Generation (NG) is the industry’s only ADC to ensure application SLA at all times. Innovative, and built from the ground up, it leverages next-generation services unavailable in any other ADC on the market. 

Alteon NG combines FastView Web Performance Optimization (WPO), Application Performance Monitoring (APM), AppWall Web Application Firewall (WAF), Authentication Gateway, Advanced Denial of Service (ADoS), ITM/bandwidth management, as well as maximum SSL and compression capacities. 

Alteon License can guarantee application SLA like no other ADC in the market: 

For more information, Radware License
  • Alteon NG is engineered to deliver full application level resource isolation and designed to prevent resources from maxing out. 
  • Alteon NG incorporates APM capabilities that provide full visibility into application SLA, broken down by application, transaction or location. 
  • Alteon NG integrates with FastView, the industry’s most advanced WPO technology, which accelerates application responses for higher conversion rates, revenues and productivity. 
  • Alteon NG is part of a unique attack mitigation architecture, allowing accurate detection and mitigation of the most advanced cyber-attacks. 
Alteon License

Radware Alteon License


What Does Alteon NG Do? 

Alteon NG(Radware Alteon License) is our next generation application delivery controller (ADC) and the only load balancer that guarantees application SLA. It provides advanced, end-to-end local and global load balancing capabilities for all Web, cloud and mobile based applications. 

Alteon License load balancer combines best-of-breed application delivery plus advanced services to companies with key application infrastructure challenges affecting web applications such as heavier, more complex web content; mobility and BYOD; and the migration to the cloud. 

What Makes Alteon NG A Better Load Balancer? 

Alteon NG is the industry-only application delivery controller built from the ground up to ensure application SLA. Alteon NG innovatively leverages several next-generation services that are not available in any other ADC on the market, bundling FastView Web Performance Optimization (WPO), Application Performance Monitoring (APM), AppWall Web Application Firewall (WAF), Authentication Gateway, Advanced Denial of Service (ADoS), ITM / bandwidth management as well as maximum SSL and compression capacities.

Unlike a standard, legacy load balancer that’s based on a best-effort approach, it provides full application SLA assurance through reserving resources per application, allowing adding new services without performance penalty, real-user monitoring, best-in-class application acceleration features and innovative security offering. 

Alteon NG load balancer is architecturally designed to ensure application SLA with: 

Application SLA Assurance 

Complete fault isolation, vADC per application and service, and the ability to scale up or scale out while maintaining performance with ADC-VX 

Application SLA Monitoring 

Real-time monitoring, proactive SLA management and assurance with agent-less application performance monitoring (APM) 

Web Performance Optimization 

Accelerated web page performance for any end-user device and any browser up to 40% with FastView web performance optimization 

Layered Security Architecture 

Protection for applications and infrastructure against cyber-attacks, with accurate attack detection and DoS signaling, in the perimeter or the cloud through attack mitigation systems (AMS) 

Advanced Multi-Homing and Enterprise Gateway Capabilities 

Guarantee enterprise Web applications service levels and ensure they are connected to the Internet at all times with LinkProof NG module 

Application Integration 

Application specific optimized configuration guides and configuration templates with automation and reports through AppShape 

Alteon NG lets you reduce deployment time of application delivery services by 86% via wizards and configuration templates with AppShape and customization through AppShape++ scripts (and routing rules). 

Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA) is a fully-featured Alteon application switch packaged as a virtual appliance running on server virtualization infrastructure, providing identical functionality to Alteon physical application delivery controllers for network load balancing.

enables enterprises running cloud and virtual server infrastructures to assure high application SLA leveraging advanced enterprise functionality such as L3-7 load balancing, traffic steering, integrated application performance monitoring (APM) and web performance optimization (WPO). 

Complete Layer 4-7 Feature Set 

Alteon NG delivers a complete set of Layer 4-7 services to ensure the availability, performance and security of missioncritical applications in the local and cloud data centers. These extend to traffic redirection, content modification, persistency, redundancy, advanced health monitoring, global server load balancing (GSLB) and bandwidth management that optimizes the delivery of mission-critical applications. 

Programmable & Shaped to Deliver Applications 

Alteon NG employs Radware AppShape technology which simplifies and accelerates application deployment on the ADC. By offering configuration templates for leading business applications, AppShape helps customers set up and configure all the required ADC options in a fast, risk-free and user-friendly manner.

The benefits are faster application rollouts and optimized performance of the ADC for each specific application. Radware’s AppShape++ technology delivers scripting capabilities, allowing customization of the ADC service for specific application flow and scenario.

By leveraging the script examples library, customers can use AppShape++ to refine various Layer 4-7 policies including HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP, SSL and more – without application modifications and reducing cost and risk. 


Features and Benefits

Alteon NG enables application delivery networking by providing safe and efficient distribution of business-critical applications across your company’s network. Alteon (Radware Alteon License) is well suited for environments with growing SSL offloading needs. 

Separate vADC per Application/Service 

  • Complete isolation between virtual ADC (vADC) instances at the network, fault and configuration levels 
  • Full resource reservation 
  • Next-generation services can be enabled without impacting the performance of other service applications 

Smart Health Monitoring and Failure Detection 

  • Quickly identifies failures at any point along the application or transaction path and reacts proactively 
  • Hundreds of pre-defined health checks are instantly accessible (after installation), ensuring quick server/application availability and lowering total cost of ownership 

Stateful Persistency 

  • Prevents application session disruptions 
  • Ensures transaction completion 

Device Redundancy: Active-Active, Active-Backup or Active-Standby 

  • Prevents the introduction of a single point of failure 
  • Seamless device redundancy with VRRP support 
  • Protects hardware investment and lowers total cost of ownership 

Real-time Traffic Redirection 

  • Automatically redirects traffic to best available instances, servers and farms in the data center or between redundant sites for optimal user experience 
  • Optimizes the use of existing applications and server resources and cost effectively scales resources, fully protecting server investment 
  • IPv6 network support 

Global Load Balancing 

  • Guarantees transaction completion and fast response times across multiple data centers to support business continuity and disaster recovery plans 


Faster Web Application Response Time 

  • FastView web performance optimization – integrating the most advanced Web acceleration technology in the industry 
  • Optimized acceleration per any browser and end-user device 
  • Up to 40% response time reduction for increased conversion rates, revenues and productivity 
  • Reduced total transferred content size through content compression 

Optimized IT Infrastructure Through Server Offloading 

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) offloading 
  • TCP connections multiplexing 
  • Content caching – for both static and dynamic content – both at the browser and on the ADC, servicing user requests faster. 

Bandwidth Management and Traffic-Shaping Capabilities 

  • Aligns bandwidth usage to meet business objectives 
  • Provides administrators with the necessary tools to streamline enforcement of bandwidth management policies 
  • Guarantees bandwidth allocation for latency-sensitive and mission-critical applications, as well as premium users, through the use of QoS algorithms 

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) 

  • Real-time tracking of application SLA 
  • Measure real user transactions including errors 
  • Out-of-the-box solution, embedded with the ADC, no scripting nor installations. 
  • Tracking SLA by location, user, application and transaction type 

ADC Infrastructure and Application Visibility 

  • Real-time management dashboard which continuously monitors and displays application delivery services & system status, network and application performance & faults and more – allowing fast, efficient incident resolution 
  • Cross-ADC historical reports delivering better capacity planning across the entire ADC infrastructure 
  • Drilldown-able reports enabling efficient ADC infrastructure utilization trend analysis 

Unique Attack Mitigation Architecture 

  • Accurate attack detection – based on traffic parameters (bandwidth, PPS, CPS, CEC) and ADC health parameters (CPU utilization, network tables capacity) 
  • Signaling attack information to Radware DefensePipe cloud service and Radware DefensePro data center attack mitigator 
  • Efficient attack mitigation at the most appropriate location – including network perimeter and in the cloud 


DoS Based Signature Technology 

  • Real-time network attack prevention protecting application infrastructure against network & application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, information theft and more 
  • Protects against known and emerging network attacks 

Best Application Security Protection Solution 

  • Ensures SLA through resource reservation and fault isolation for WAF services 
  • Seamless scalability and provisioning AppWall modules 
  • Best security coverage – covering over 150 different attack vectors 
  • Continuous attack visibility through advanced security graphical reports 
  • Risk Free Implementation – with out-of-path and inline deployment modes 
  • Easy to maintain throughout the application lifecycle – auto-detection of web application changes 
  • Lowest false positive and false negative rates 
  • Shortest time to protection 

Safer, simpler application access security through Alteon License integrated Authentication Gateway 

  • Simplify user experience through automatic authentication and login transactions detection 
  • Refine security policies with geo-location and/or role based  context 
  • Seamlessly collect accounting and auditing 

Radware Alteon License


Radware Alteon Order Pricing

Customers can order various Radware software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Radware Alteon License

Customers are able to get more information about different Radware licenses from our sales specialists.


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