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LinkProof – Link Load Balancing Solution

LinkProof License

Radware LinkProof License


Is your WAN experiencing application delivery outages or general performance issues? If so, LinkProof might be a great link load balancing solution for you.

Radware LinkProof License is a link load balancer that maximizes the effectiveness of your WAN between branch office and headquarters or disaster recovery (DR) site. It is a multi-WAN load balancer appliance that lets you maximize the effectiveness of your WAN by bypassing bottlenecks and service-provider outages, managing bandwidth consumption, and letting you decide which links are used for which applications and when.

Link load balancers improve application availability and response times across networks and increases overall throughput of server resources.

Radware LinkProof License, is a load balancing network solution that significantly improves the performance of your network. Skip bottlenecks, avoid outages, manage bandwidth consumption and ensure your network is always ready to perform.

Get on-demand scalability for current and future connectivity needs

LinkProof is the only on-demand solution that lets you effortlessly add, manage and load-balance multiple ISP connections while you mix-and-match VPNs or private and public links for back-up or in response to growing bandwidth needs.

Through its “add-links-as-you-grow” approach, LinkProof allows you to add new links quickly to the existing connectivity solution as you grow your business, with no downtime or ISP involvement.

LinkProof provides the flexibility to build a best-of-breed WAN connectivity solution that keeps costs down and keeps customers and users always connected to business-critical applications and web sites.

LinkProof provides a broad multi-WAN link load balancing offering which is designed to cater to any market need, from the small branch office all the way up to the large enterprise.

With LinkProof, you can now utilize all of your existing links, guaranteeing you pay only for the bandwidth you require.

Provide better user experiences with less configuration and management

LinkProof enhances user experience and improves response time, through patented proximity-based routing which ensures best path selection, dynamic application-based link load balancing of both incoming and outgoing traffic, and application bandwidth management.

With LinkProof it is now possible to guarantee 24/7 full path transaction completion by utilizing its advanced application-aware full-path health monitoring module.

LinkProof also significantly reduces the management overhead and configuration hassle associated with other routing protocols, resulting in further significant cost savings. Superior user defined application-aware and business-oriented policies, guarantee each application is treated based on its specific requirements and priorities.

LinkProof supports a variety of bandwidth management and traffic-shaping capabilities to enforce Quality of Service (QoS) policies. These rules ensure that WAN links provide the required priority to specific application or user traffic so service level agreements (SLAs) can be met.

Deliver reliable remote office access from headquarters to branch

Developed as a remote application access solution for branch offices, LinkProof Branch ensures optimized application delivery across the WAN. It supports a server-less branch architecture providing the availability, performance and security required to interface with distributed applications at remote sites.

LinkProof Branch combines branch office Internet connection management, WAN acceleration and integrated VPN capabilities to provide remote users easier access to both web-enabled applications and distributed applications such as CRM, ERP, email and Oracle.

Using any combination of public and private connections such as broadband, T1/E1 and Frame Relay, customers can optimize communications and dramatically cut connectivity costs. Improved Application Availability and Maximized WAN Acceleration Data Center Availability.


Smart Health Monitoring and Failure Detection

  • Quickly identify failures at any point along the application or WAN path and react proactively
  • Hundreds of pre-defined health checks are instantly accessible (after installation), ensuring quick link availability and lowering total cost of ownership

Active-Active or Active-Passive Link Redundancy

  • Take full advantage of back-up link bandwidth
  • Verify all links are available for immediate fail-over with no downtime

Real-Time Traffic Redirection

  • Optimizes the use of existing WAN resources and cost effectively scales additional WAN links on demand
  • Automatically redirect in-bound and out-bound traffic to available WAN paths to the data center

Device Redundancy

  • Prevents the introduction of a single point of failure
  • Protects hardware investment and lowers total cost of ownership

WAN link connection mixture between IPv6 and IPv4

  • Seamless connection routing through IPv4 and IPv6 WAN link
  • Seamless connection routing through IPv4 and IPv6 WAN link supports seamless migration of clients and WAN links from IPv4 to IPv6 through simultaneous support for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols Multiple WAN Link Application Delivery

Link Load-Balancing

  • Dynamically deliver both incoming and outgoing traffic via the most efficient link available
  • User-defined, priorities for load-balancing decisions based on real-time measurements


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Smart Application Routing

  • Decide which traffic is routed over which WAN link(s) based on any application-type, application priority, link cost model, link SLA level, etc
  • Out-of-the-box translation of internal resources to multiple addresses for external accessibility using IP address
  • Integrated DNS – Enables external users to access internal resources via all available WAN links using URL

Supports Multiple IP Address-Spaces and Multiple Link-Types from Different ISPs

  • Integrated DNS – Enables external users to access internal resources via all available WAN links using URL
  • Mix-and-match any type of IP terminated connectivity
  • Zero downtime when adding additional links• Zero downtime when adding additional links

Breakthrough Performance

  • Application delivery performance leadership at all throughput levels
  • State-of-the-art hardware architecture

On Demand Throughput and WAN Link Scalability

  • Scalable, on-demand throughput to meet business growth
  • Easily add application services to meet new or changing application and WAN traffic requirements
  • Ready-made for advanced application-aware services without compromising performance (e.g. Bandwidth Management, Denial of Service protection)

Best Investment Protection

  • Eliminates forklift upgrades – project costs associated with testing, staging, reinstalling and debugging are removed
  • Hassle-free upgrade – configuration changes are not required during upgrade, resulting in no downtime
  • Extends product life – use of same platform significantly lowers total cost of ownership (TCO)

Comprehensive Device, Link, and Application-Path Management

  • Health, performance, and utilization monitoring and reporting
  • Configuration wizards – easily and quickly configure complete LinkProof configuration
  • Support for reporting via SNMP traps, Syslog and email messages Multiple WAN Link Performance Acceleration

Accelerates Content Delivery

Improve response time through patented proximity checks, guaranteeing inbound/outbound traffic is always passed over the best performing link

Maximizes WAN link Bandwidth Usage

Guarantees all links are utilized, no more idle links

Variety of Bandwidth Management and Traffic-Shaping Capabilities

Guarantees bandwidth allocation for latency-sensitive and mission-critical applications, as well as premium users, through the use of QoS algorithms Headquarters to Branch Office Offering.

VPN Gateway

Integrated IPSec VPN gateway within LinkProof Branch for secure communication between remote offices and the main data center

VPN Tunneling

Dynamically deliver VPN traffic between HQ and branch via the most efficient link available

Radware LinkProof License


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Radware LinkProof License

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