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SCOM License

Microsoft SCOM license

The set of monitoring processes in computer networks is of great importance in maintaining the services provided. Network monitoring can be called one of the main executive operations in computer networks. According to statistics, more than 65% of the budgets allocated to the IT department of small and large organizations are spent on maintaining services. This statistic shows the importance of using new and powerful monitoring solutions. More interestingly, if network experts are trained enough to use the right tools to monitor the network, that number drops to 33%.

Microsoft SCOM license

Professional monitoring software and solutions, including SCOM software and related licenses, in addition to monitoring, must have other functional and operational capabilities in computer networks, including integration with the system. Notification services such as mail servers, etc. Another important feature of Microsoft SCOM License software that should be considered is that this software has the ability to collect warning and error signs.

Most importantly, this licensed software has a very high ability to analyze information obtained from important events in critical situations. In other words, when the software receives a Warn or Error event from a service, it analyzes it and introduces a suitable solution to solve it. This feature alone can be a trump card for the success of this software against other solutions available in the market.

Microsoft System center Operations Manager (SCOM License) is part of the Microsoft management software suite. Using an integrated management console, SCOM uses the operations, services, devices, and applications of many systems in a company to configure, manage, and monitor the network.

How does SCOM work?

Every organization relies on the user for daily business and productivity, based on its services and applications. SCOM is a monitoring and reporting tool that examines the status of various objects defined in the environment, such as server hardware, system services, operating systems, hypervisors, and applications. Managers also set up and configure objects in this system. SCOM then examines the factors such as packet loss, delay issues and relative health of the network. In addition, SCOM provides possible causes, roots, or remedies to assist with network troubleshooting methods.

SCOM uses traffic color light coding for object health modes in the network. Green color indicates a favorable situation, yellow color indicates an alert, and red color indicates an important and vital issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Managers set a threshold for the health status of each object to be aware of the state of the network and to determine if SCOM should issue a warning on the network.

SCOM components

Installing SCOM and its approved licenses on network servers consists of several parts. One part of it is the Management Server, which manages the necessary connections to databases. The other part is the Operational Database, which provides a SQL database for current network reports. The data warehouse database also collects SQL data in long-term reports. Displays a database reporting server and provides detailed reports to administrators. The IT department of organizations can install these components on one server or multiple servers.


SCOM management packages

SCOM uses agents installed in each system to monitor performance and collect information retrieved by the management server. Special management packages, which provide pre-defined rules for data collection and reporting to specific applications, reinforce these reports.

Because manually supervising and managing the network can be very complex, automated management packages can be used for the corporate network monitoring and management process using the licensed SCOM.

Microsoft has released a suite of management packages to TechNet to monitor a wide range of operating systems, applications, tools, and services for users and network administrators. For example, administrators can download and use Microsoft management packages for applications such as SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

There are various software companies around the world that offer SCOM management packages. For example, the Veeam Management Pack is available for System Center with Hyper-V management, vSphere, and supports Veeam Backup & Replication products.

For certain computers that can not install an operating system for various reasons, SCOM allows continuous monitoring of these machines through a “proxy agent” running on another system.

SCOM management

SCOM Features

Using SCOM and its approved licenses can provide unique features to organizations and companies. Features such as:

  • Ability to check network status online
  • Ability to create custom management packs
  • Ability to extract system status reports through the management console graphically
  • Ability to send network problems to managers and provide solutions to solve these problems
  • Ability to test the performance of existing systems in the IT infrastructure and ensure their correct operation
  • Enhance tool performance by adding Management Packages provided by Microsoft or thirdparty companies

SCOM Order Pricing

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SCOM License

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