Solarwinds ARM License

Solarwinds ARM License

Access Rights Manager (ARM)

Solarwinds ARM License is designed to assist IT and security admins in quickly and easily provisioning, deprovisioning, managing, and auditing user access rights to systems, data, and files—so they can help protect their organizations from the potential risks of data loss and breaches. By analyzing user authorizations and access permission, you get visualization of who has access to what, and when they accessed it. With just a few clicks, customized reports can be generated to demonstrate compliance with most regulatory requirements. Provision and deprovision users via role-specific templates to help ensure conformity of access privilege delegation in alignment with security policies.



  • Easily analyze user access rights across your IT infrastructure
  • Rapidly identify and reduce the risk of unauthorized system access and data breaches
  • Quickly demonstrate compliance with reports created on-demand or scheduled for automated delivery»Identify and manage risks through the detection of malicious or accidental access attempts and compromised accounts
  • Easily create user accounts and review user permissions, groups, and access across all systems, data, and files
  • Support timely and complete deprovisioning of user access
  • Reduce IT workload and save time by delegating permission management to data owners

Solarwinds ARM Licensing

Solarwinds ARM License


Analyzing, Monitoring and Auditing of:

Active Directory

Enhance security by monitoring, analyzing, and auditing Active Directory and Group Policy to see what changes have been made, by whom, and when those changes occurred.

File Share

Monitor and audit your file servers to help prevent data leaks and unauthorized changes to sensitive files and data through visualization of permissions on file servers.


Simplify Exchange monitoring and auditing to help prevent data breaches. Track changes to mailboxes, mailbox folders, calendars, and public folders. Help improve compliance and detect unauthorized Exchange changes.


Display SharePoint permissions in a tree structure and quickly see who is authorized to access a given SharePoint resource. Using the scan comparison report, you can find out who has made changes to permissions and what they were.

User Permissions Analysis

Help protect from internal security threats by analyzing user access to services and file servers with visibility into group memberships from Active Directory and file servers.

Custom Report Generation

Create and generate management and auditor-ready reports to help demonstrate regulatory compliance by showing user access rights in just a few clicks. Log activities in Active Directory and file servers by user.

Audit Edition

User permission analysis, monitoring, auditing, and risk analysis.

Full Edition

All of the above, plus user management, user provisioning, self-service permission portal, and data owner-driven rights delegation.


All features from the Audit Edition, plus the following:

User Provisioning and Management for Active Directory

Set up and manage new user accounts typically in seconds with standardized role-specific templates that provide access to file servers and Exchange.

Data Owner Concept for Access Rights Delegation

Define data categories across your organization, assign its functional owners, and delegate parts of permissions management to data owners.

Self-Service Permission Portal

Put access rights of data directly in the hands of the data owner instead of the administrator with a web-based, self-service permissions portal.

Solarwinds ARM License

Solarwinds ARM License

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