SolarWinds DPA License

SolarWinds DPA License

Database Performance Analyzer

Cross-platform performance monitoring and management for cloud and on-premises

SolarWinds DPA License pinpoints performance issues while providing expert advice with tuning advisors. Anomaly detection powered by machine learning allows DBAs to proactively optimize databases before small issues become big problems


  • 24/7 down-to-the-second monitoring, for both real-time and historical analysis
  • Find your worst performing applications, SQL, and tables in seconds
  • Hybrid monitoring for virtualized, physical, and cloud-based database instances
  • Uncover root causes from CPU and I/O down to the SQL statement
  • Visualize all wait times from resources to blocking, to host resources and VM resources, and more
  • Machine learning anomaly detection that gets better over time
  • Detailed blocking and deadlock analysis expose your SQL blocking hierarchy


  • Easy to install and quick time-to-value, low overhead of 1% or less
  • Goes beyond problem analysis with expert advice with table tuning and query advisors
  • Get the complete picture of all database instance resources spanning CPU to storage I/O
  • Granularity to drill down to even the SQL Text level
  • Create custom reports and automated email alerts
  • Integrate into your DevOps automation routine with RESTful API
  • Correlate resource metrics of hardware constraint impacts on end users
  • Scalability to support large and/or dynamic environments
  • End-to-end visibility with SolarWinds Orion Platform, Perfstack, and Appstack integration


  • Broad Database Support

o Oracle
o Oracle Exadata
o Microsoft SQL Server
o Azure SQL Database
o Azure SQL Managed Instance
o Aurora
o MariaDB

  • Support for physical, virtual, and cloud-based databases including Microsoft Azure and AWS RDS
  • SolarWinds DPA License runs on Windows or Linux
  • Database Performance Analyzer uses SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, Oracle, or MySQL for its repository

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