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SolarWinds DPA License

Solarwinds DPA

The licensed Database Performance Analyzer(SolarWinds DPA License) provides deep insight into database performance and expert advice on how to optimize and tune performance. The software is suitable for network administrators, software developers, system administrators and DBA administrators. Teams can collaborate across the system to monitor performance with read-only options to maintain security. Machine learning-based anomaly detection gets smarter over time to identify bottlenecks that are slowing down applications.

SolarWinds DPA License

Database Performance Analyzer and its licenses can enable users to monitor databases regardless of their environment, including on-premises (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL and SAP SE) and in the cloud. Users can use SQL response time as a key metric to compare performance across platforms. The system uses multidimensional analytics to analyze and optimize the performance of AWS, EC2® and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) instances. Second data collection with real-time and historical analysis allows you to pinpoint problems to find the root cause of performance issues.

To enhance performance and lower risk for database projects, SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer VM Option (previously Confio Ignite) provides DPAs and IT management with unparalleled visibility into databases on VMware.

When databases are moved from physical to virtual servers, IT needs more visibility. The database layer is not covered by VMware performance monitoring tools, and traditional database tools cannot gather useful resource data from virtual servers. What DPAs cannot see cannot be managed. Confio Ignite is replaced by SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer VM Option for VMware Database Performance, which eliminates the performance and availability risks associated with moving vital databases from physical servers to VMware.

The only VMware performance monitoring tool that exposes the various layers of the database and virtual machine architecture, including database instance, virtual server, and physical host server resources, is Database Performance Analyzer VM Option. A DPA can ensure dependability by being aware of how changes to the virtual server affect CPU, memory, or I/O.

Solarwinds DPA key features

Automatic learning of standby behavior

Relying on tribal knowledge is difficult for someone new to acquire, and the sheer size in larger settings prevents deep and broad understanding. Eliminate the need for tribal knowledge and let our machine learning algorithm automate “understanding” normal behavior patterns.Don’t let knowledge disappear out the door when a key resource goes; automate and store this knowledge so everyone on your team benefits.

Database Monitoring Tools

Provide key metrics and automated alerts to keep database management system performance.

To fully understand DBMS, it is important to understand the definition of a database management system. For data-driven companies, a DBMS is the solution of choice for mission-critical applications. There are different types of DBMS software, each with their own way of structuring and using data:

  • Columnar databases are a useful form for data warehouses with large sets of similar data. This data can be heavily compressed.
  • NoSQL databases are schema-free. This form of database allows for a greater variety of data than RDBMS. Examples are Cassandra, MongoDB and Oracle NoSQL.
  • Cloud-based databases refer to PaaS/DBaaS solutions such as Azure SQL Database, Amazon RDS, and Aurora. Cloud-hosted or IaaS examples include SQL Server on Azure VM and Amazon EC2.
  • Relational databases refer to data organized into tables, with relationships between tables. Queries are performed in Structured Query Language or SQL. Examples of RDBMS are Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
For more information, Solarwinds License

Alert on significant changes in behavior

Spotting anomalies is one thing, but since no one is looking at a dashboard 24/7, DPA (SolarWinds DPA License) offers the ability to issue alerts when behavior changes are detected. Reduce noise by adjusting the sensitivity to a level that is comfortable for you and let DPA do the work for you. DPA will let you know when workloads change, work orders reach business hours, or other unexpected changes that you want to investigate.

Extend anomaly detection beyond spikes

Performance fluctuations are normal for most production databases, this is to be expected. What is needed is a way to account for expected deviations and to warn when something unexpected happens. Database anomaly detection highlights such occurrences, giving you multiple ways to tell when something deviates from the norm.

Take Database Tuning to the Next Level with table Tuning Advisors

DPA’s Table Tuning Advisor is designed to ease the transition to complex database tuning by collecting historical data and presenting information in bar charts. Tuning consultants at DPA can provide DBAs with clear, actionable advice on issues that need immediate attention. You can also use DPA Alerts to drill down into real-time detailed data on an issue.

DPA Alert

Follow the steps to optimize database performance to overcome obstacles

The first step in optimizing database performance is to pinpoint the problem. With the SolarWinds DPA’s machine learning-based database anomaly detection feature, you can analyze your instance’s standby behavior profile to more easily identify what needs to be fixed. You can then use the SQL optimization advisors to analyze your existing SQL statements and get recommendations on how to optimize your queries.

By following DPA’s recommendations, you can better troubleshoot database performance tuning issues such as wrong SQL or bad connection management.

Using Response Time Analysis

Response Time Analysis is a pragmatic approach to tuning and optimizing database performance, allowing users to more easily identify problems and provide measurable results. With Response Time Analysis, you can optimize database optimization in your DBMS by identifying bottlenecks, identifying root causes, and prioritizing actions based on the impact of poor database performance.

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is designed to sort SQL statement data every second and can help you identify the SQL queries to focus on.

Isolate and Fix Malfunctioning SQL Statements

SolarWinds DPA License includes tools and functionality specifically designed for database tuning in SQL Server, providing insight into critical metrics.

The intuitive charts in DPA are designed to show poorly performing SQL statements, application wait times, and specific wait types/events that could cause bottlenecks. You can also click sections of the chart to drill down on specific issues for quick fixes.

Tune Your Databases

Search and analysis are good starts, but the ultimate goal should be to adjust or reduce the impact in the future. But there isn’t always a magic bullet for inefficiencies. That’s why Database Performance Analyzer examines real workloads to highlight queries that are looking for more data than they need. These queries are aggregated at the table level, allowing you to see the best optimization and indexing opportunities at a holistic level.

licensed DPA

SolarWinds DPA License

Find out what’s wrong with your database environment

With 24 hours 7 days a week monitoring, the licensed DPA can identify spikes in latency behavior in a multi-dimensional manner, making it easy to pinpoint the root cause of the bottleneck and its root cause. Database Performance Analyzer for SQL also examines when behavior patterns change than expected, so you can see the magnitude and alert based on sensitivities you define.

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