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Database Performance Analyzer


You can use SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) to monitor, diagnose, and resolve performance problems for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, and Sybase databases. SolarWinds DPA has agentless architecture and uses wait-based analytics for extended database monitoring. SolarWinds DPA uses less than one percent of resources and will not decrease performance on production systems.


DPA architecture

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer consists of:

> A SolarWinds DPA server

> A SolarWinds DPA repository database

> One or more database instances you want to monitor

The SolarWinds DPA server collects performance data from a set of database instances you choose to monitor. SolarWinds DPA stores this data in the repository database. For optimal performance, the repository and the monitored database instances must reside on the same high-speed LAN. If your environment contains database instances that are on separate LANs, SolarWinds recommends creating a repository database on each LAN. The SolarWinds DPA server provides a web interface that displays performance data in a web browser from any computer with access to the SolarWinds DPA server. SolarWinds recommends installing one SolarWinds DPA instance on a computer. If you must install multiple instances on the same computer, submit a support ticket.


Two key functions of the DPA server

> Collect data from the monitored database instances and store the data in the repository database.

> Provide a web interface that displays performance data from any computer with access to the SolarWinds DPA server. From this interface, you can configure monitoring, alerting, and email reports.


Monitored database instances

SolarWinds DPA remotely connects to each database instance using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). SolarWinds DPA causes less than 1% overhead on the instance. No software is installed on the monitored server.


Monitored virtualization environment

In a virtual environment, SolarWinds DPA can remotely connect to each VMware vCenter Server, ESX, or ESXi host. SolarWinds DPA causes less than 1% overhead on the monitored systems. No software is installed in the vCenter Server, ESX or ESXi host, or virtual machines.


Monitor across your entire environment: physical servers, virtualized, and in the Cloud

Database Performance Analyzer monitors on-premises, on VMware®, and in the Cloud, including Amazon® AWS EC2, RDS and Azure. Agentless architecture, safe to use in production.

The tool experts rely on for Oracle performance tuning and analysis

Stop guessing and drill down deep inside your database to pinpoint the exact root cause of performance issues.




Monitor every active session, every second

Know exactly what’s happening in your database: wait times, plans, queries, resources and changes

Advanced performance tuning for Oracle Standard Edition (SE)

No Oracle tuning packs? No problem. DPA will make you look like a genius

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Historical trends and dynamic baselines

Go back in time to find out the root cause of problems. Dynamic baselines identify anomalies to watch

Multi-Dimensional Analysis isolates root cause of complex issues

Correlate wait times, queries, users, files, plans, objects, storage and time to pinpoint problems

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Scaleable, agentless architecture

DPA Central consolidates performance metrics from thousands of monitored instances

One shared tool for IT team collaboration

DBAs, developers, and server teams get access to a single and complete version of the truth

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New in version 10.2: Detailed blocking analysis

DPA displays root blockers and total waits to keep tuning focused on critical queries

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New in version 10.2: MySQL repository

Host the repository on a MySQL instance.


Top reasons to use Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle

SQL query tuning for all skill levels

Identify problem queries and get expert advice on how to tune those queries

Supports leading database engines and deployment options

Monitor Oracle SE, EE, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, and ASE on premise, on ESX or on AWS from a single tool

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Eliminate database bottlenecks on AWS

Monitor AWS RDS or EC2 instances and deploy DPA from AWS Marketplace AMI

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See how resources impact specific queries and database operations

Correlate performance data with host, VM, network latency and storage I/O performance

See the impact database performance has on specific applications

With Server and Application Monitor view Oracle performance in context of nodes and applications

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Oracle E-Business Visibility

Provides visibility into the eBusiness screens, modules, and users generating database requests

Oracle on VMware®

Understand how VMware infrastructure events, resources, and changes impact database performance

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Optimize Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Performance

Visibility into how delays in RAC coordination and cache operations cause performance problems

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Ensure top Performance for Oracle Exadata

DPA helps overcome three distinct issues when adopting Oracle Exadata

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New in Version 10.1 Enhanced support for Oracle 12c

Register and monitor pluggable database (PDB) performance

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