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Solarwinds NAM License

Solarwinds NAM

Today, due to the increasing growth of computer networks and the subsequent growth of network equipment and corresponding services, the increasing growth of communication links and wireless equipment, the need for monitoring and logging systems and network analysis is felt as a vital system in every organization.

Solarwinds License

The Solarwinds software collection is a complete SUITE for monitoring large data centers. This software collection is currently one of the most popular monitoring applications in the world. This software can also provide a solution for sending text messages without having an internet panel by connecting a GSM modem to the software using NOTEPAGER PRO software.

Solarwinds NAM License key features

Below is a description of some of the features of the licensed Solarwinds NAM.

  • Hardware Health Monitoring capability
  • Internal monitoring capability of Exchange service
  • Provide fully efficient and diverse graphical reports
  • Separation of access levels based on work departments
  • The ability to monitor Windows operating system services
  • Internal monitoring capability of various web servers and databases
  • Very diverse Alert Triggering capability from all network components
  • Designing advanced maps and graphs using the powerful ATLAS software
  • Very wide coverage of network devices and servers and communication links
  • Ability to monitor the virtual infrastructure of VMware and Microsoft companies
  • Provide bandwidth consumption report based on user, protocol, software and IP address
  • Ability to detect powerful types of network routes and RIP, OSPF, EIGRP routing protocols
  • Bandwidth monitoring and network traffic analysis capability (Netflow traffic analyzer)
  • Simple and efficient and separate categories of Info, warning, error, emerge, critical software
  • Automatic identification of some components of Cisco equipment and UPS devices and virtual machines
  • Under the web and with a very strong GUI and a wide coverage of network devices and appliance
  • Automatic network discovery capability and support for a wide range of Multi-vendor device syslog servers is a powerful KIWI server from the collection of Solarwinds suit applications that is used to manage SYSLOGs.

Complete your IT management toolset

Integrated automation management

Scale environments from 1000 to tens of thousands of nodes with comprehensive monitoring of performance, traffic, WAN and switch ports, automated change and configuration management, and IP address management in an integrated software solution for network automation.

Networking and Automation Management

The licensed Solarwinds NAM network automation software can provide information on network faults, network availability, performance, bandwidth, configuration and IP address management in a single console.

Tailor it to your needs

No two networks are the same. Dashboards, maps, alerts, and reports are easily customized to the specifics of your environment.

Fast and Easy Deployment

Enterprise network monitoring with do-it-yourself setup and deployment means you can be up and running faster without the need for professional services or consultants, freeing you to focus on other projects.

Network performance monitoring

Network performance monitoring software to reduce network downtime and quickly identify, diagnose, and fix network performance problems. With hop-by-hop critical path analysis and visualization along the service delivery path, you can view network performance and traffic details regardless of device location.

NETPATH service

The NETPATH service allows you to discover and diagnose the network HOP-BY-HOP. The interesting point is that this category is not only limited to the network under your management, but also to the edge of the provider network. For example, if users have a complaint about network slowness, you can troubleshoot the network node by node and identify the issue.

NETPATH keeps a history of events that you can refer to when necessary.

Currently, we use the TRACERT command for HOP to HOP monitoring, but this service is completely effective and much more advanced than the current command.

More about Solarwinds NAM License

Solarwinds Registered Network Automation Manager helps you eliminate your scalability problems. This licensed solution designed for the largest customers, this solution integrates all core network management modules into a unified platform (aka Orion’s proprietary platform). According to IDC, Solarwinds has been the world market leader for network management software since 2017.

You no longer have to worry about any network management modules you might need. NAM includes the functionality of the following Solarwinds solutions in a single license Network Performance Monitor (NPM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Network Configuration Manager (NCM), IP Address Manager (IPAM), User Device Tracker (UDT), and VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM).

Solarwinds NAM License

The goal of this licensed solution is to help you get your work done faster with more data depth so you can solve problems quickly. The licensed Solarwinds NAM offers:

  • Simplified networking
  • Built-in high availability and scalability
  • Enterprise scaling for all network management needs
  • Enhanced distributed site management with new Orion Remote Collectors (ORC)

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