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NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Your network performance soars or suffers based on what users are doing. You’ve pleaded with employees to stop using the corporate network for bandwidth-hogging applications like streaming music and playing World of Warcraft®, but no one seems to care. You’ve been called out by upper management due to poor network performance more times than you’ve thought about attending Comic-Con®. You’ve enabled CBQoS to give higher priority to critical traffic like voice – but how do you know if these policies are effective? How can you analyze the traffic on your network so you can respond? Not to worry, we have an answer. Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) enables you to capture data from continuous streams of network traffic and convert those raw numbers into easy-to-interpret charts and tables that quantify exactly how the corporate network is being used, by whom and for what purpose. And with CBQoS monitoring you can be sure that the policies you’ve set give your mission-critical traffic the highest level of priority. We make it easy to get a comprehensive view of your network traffic, find the bottlenecks, and shut down the bandwidth hogs.


NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Highlights:

• Identifies which users, applications, and protocols are consuming the most network bandwidth and highlights the IP addresses of the top talkers on the network

• Monitors network traffic by capturing flow data from network devices, including Cisco® NetFlow v5 or v9, Juniper® J-Flow, IPFIX, and sFlow®

• Maps the traffic arriving from designated ports, source IPs, destination IPs, and even protocols, to application names you can easily recognize

• Delivers an instant alert notification, including a list of top talkers, when an interface exceeds its utilization threshold

• Performs Class-Based Quality of Service (CBQoS) monitoring to ensure that your traffic prioritization policies are effective

• Enables you to quickly drill-down into traffic on specific network elements, using multiple views to get the perspective you’re looking for

• Generates network traffic reports with just a few clicks

• Facilitates investigation of fault, performance, and configuration issues thanks to complete integration with Orion NPM and Orion NCM

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Features

Detailed Traffic Analysis

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) provides you with unprecedented views into network traffic, enabling you to proactively ensure that you are optimizing network resources. By examining flow data on routers and switches from leading vendors, NTA determines traffic by user, application, department, conversation, interface, protocol and type of service. Integration with Orion provides users with the extensive drill down across traffic patterns and into device performance, resulting in deep visibility into usage, performance, and availability statistics.

NetFlow Forensics

NTA makes it quick and easy to investigate and isolate excessive network bandwidth utilization and unexpected application traffic, as well as analyze QoS performance by user, group, application, country, or protocol.

Advanced Application Mapping

Knowing that 98% of your bandwidth is “web traffic” is nice. But knowing what percentage is being used by YouTube™, Facebook®, or Amazon®, versus critical business applications like®, is really useful! Orion NTA correlates the traffic arriving from designated ports, source IPs, destination IPs, and even protocols, to application names you can easily recognize.

Network Traffic View Builder

With Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, you can create and share personalized views of network traffic. Get as specific as you like – if you want to see domain traffic generated during standard office hours from a specific IP address, it’s no problem. With your own personalized view of network traffic, you can quickly isolate and continually monitor those problematic applications and users!

Top Talker Optimization

Top talker optimization allows you to focus your traffic analysis on the users and applications that consume the majority of network bandwidth. Orion NTA determines which flows are representative of the majority of bandwidth usage and stores those flows while disregarding flow data from users and apps that have a negligible impact on the overall bandwidth. This elegant solution boosts overall performance of Orion NTA up to 10x when capturing flows that represent 95% of the total network traffic.

Interface Alerts with Top Talker Details

With Orion, you can easily configure an interface utilization alert to notify you whenever bandwidth consumption exceeds your defined threshold and also quickly determine who is consuming it. So the next time Ann in finance is watching Justin Bieber Youtube videos and slamming your internet gateway’s primary interface, you’ll get a heads up e-mail alert notification telling you the bandwidth utilization for that interface is approaching capacity with a list of top talkers so you can instantly deprioritize Ann’s Youtube traffic.

CBQoS Performance Views

With NTA, you can view network traffic segmented by Class of Service methods, such as Type of Service or DSCP. Plus, you can quickly quantify the amount of bandwidth each of your critical QoS levels is consuming, including voice and video data, to determine if your network is configured to meet company goals.

IP Address Groups

Create your own IP address groups to view network traffic the way that YOU want to see it! Using the IP address group feature, you can view network traffic by multiple ranges of IP addresses (even overlapping IP addresses), by geography, department, or even device types such as firewalls, routers, switches, and servers.

Orion NPM Integration

Orion NTA is part of the Orion family, providing all the enterprise scalability and stability benefits you’ve come to know and love. Orion NTA incorporates monitoring of NetFlow, J-Flow, sFlow®, IPFIX, and CBQoS traffic into Orion’s familiar and intuitive web-based charts, graphs, tables, top 10 lists, and reports.

Flow-based Reporting

Orion-style reports can be run and scheduled with NTA, making it fast and simple to create indepth network traffic reports with a few mouse clicks or schedule automatic weekly delivery to your management team. Out-of-the-box reports include:

• Traffic by top xx resources based on percentages of top 100 items

• Traffic by top xx applications, endpoints, protocols, and domains over y days

• Traffic by IP address group over y days