Solarwinds SCM License

Solarwinds SCM License

Server Configuration Monitor

Solarwinds SCM License

In modern IT environments, making configuration changes is easy, but tracking those changes and their impact is hard. Even with the best change control processes in place, it’s often impossible to control all the configuration changes happening to your servers and applications. And when configurations start to drift, the problems start—outages, slowdowns, security breaches, and compliance violations. Monitoring these changes is critical for business continuity, maintaining security, and demonstrating regulatory compliance. SolarWinds Server Configuration Monitor is designed to quickly reveal when server or application configurations change, who’s changing them, how they were changed, and if a change affected performance. Helping you have the necessary visibility to troubleshoot faster, improve security, and demonstrate compliance.


  • Detect, alert, and report on changes with hardware inventory, registry entries, binary and text files,
  • software inventory, IIS configuration files, and script outputs
  • Capture and track who made configuration changes
  • Compare current configurations against a baseline or between any two points in time
  • Correlate configuration changes with network and application performance
  • Automatically detect servers and applications eligible for monitoring
  • View and report on hardware and software inventorie
  • Integrates natively with other SolarWinds modules built on the Orion Platform
  • Affordable and simple licensing based on the number of devices monitored

Server Configuration Monitor


Real-Time Detection and Tracking of System and Application Changes

System and applications are changing all the time. Continuously tracking all these changes is vital to the availability and performance of your servers, applications, and services. Tracking changes manually is practically impossible and extremely time-consuming. SCM can keep an eye on your configurations, automatically monitoring your servers and applications, logging any changes, and alerting you when changes have occurred.

Discover Changes Made Offline

Solarwinds SCM License is an agent-based monitoring solution, meaning it can catch configuration changes to your servers even when they are disconnected from the network. Once the server is online again, the agent alerts you to any unauthorized change that was made.

Compare Configuration Changes Over Time

Trying to determine what changed between two versions of a configuration is difficult. With SCM, you can stop the tedious “stare and compare” and immediately see the exact changes between versions in a single view. SCM also hides unchanged lines to make it easy to find and focus on what’s important.

Correlate Configuration Changes to Performance Metrics

The main purpose of any monitoring tool is the ability to pinpoint the root cause of the problem as soon as possible. When integrated with other Orion Platform products, SCM allows you to correlate changes in server and application configuration with their availability and performance. If a server is slow due to a bad configuration change, you can find it quickly, and fix it.

Manage Scripts and Monitor Changes to Their Output

Systems administrators rely on the power of custom scripts to report critical data back to their organizations. With SCM, you can centrally manage PowerShell, Bash, and Python scripts for all the servers in your environment and track and alert on changes to the output of those scripts. The possibilities are limitless.

Manage Your Hardware and Software Inventory

Forget about using a spreadsheet as the best solution for your IT asset management. SCM automatically discovers your servers and application for you, keeping your hardware and software inventory information up to date without time-consuming manual work.

Orion Platform Integration

SCM is built on the SolarWinds Orion Platform, providing full integration with the data from other SolarWinds products monitoring servers, applications, virtualization, storage, and networks. All SolarWinds products based on the Orion Platform share the same user experience, powerful visualization, automatic mapping of relationships, versatile alerting engine, and robust reporting engine.



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