Solarwinds SCM License

Solarwinds SCM

The licensed SolarWinds Server Configuration Manager (SCM) is a software solution that is designed to discover and track system and application changes in your network environment. Integrated with Orion, Solarwinds SCM helps quickly to identify the cause of a problem occured in your network by easily comparing configuration changes over time and correlating them with performance metrics.

Solarwinds SCM License

Configuration inconsistencies increase as you scale your infrastructure. If left alone, configuration discrepancies emerge and remain hidden until when it is too late, SolarWinds SCM provides visibility into when and what changes occurred, making them easy to track efficiently and saving your organization time in an ever-changing landscape. Many problems can arise when deploying new applications. Insight into the current configuration status can help avoid surprises and reduce unexpected application downtime when launching new applications. With SolarWinds SCM, you can track and compare what changes were made by whom, including changes made offline.

Solarwinds SCM License key features

The SCM model SolarWindows network license is valid for up to one year and you can order and buy it at a reasonable price. This network license has the ability to monitor network infrastructure equipment, including switches, routers, servers, and monitoring software and operating systems. This high-quality software takes advantage of the management and monitoring of storage devices, the monitoring of the operation of various components of the virtual structure, and the precise management of the bandwidth used in the network by services and users. Also, this licensed software can help identify communication problems in the network between different components and closely monitor web services and prepare reports of their problems.

This SolarWinds network license has the ability to manage and monitor network services including Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and locating a workstation or a mobile device with only MAC, IP, AD User. The SCM network license has the ability to monitor network resource indicators and network health status monitoring. In this way, it enables you to send SMS and email in emergency situations. The amount of bandwidth consumed by each port is controlled by each network infrastructure equipment, including switches, routers, servers, and firewalls, and it supports all the products of prominent brands in the network field.

Other important features of this network license include the following:

  • Noise check
  • Monitoring software and operating systems
  • Management and monitoring of storage devices
  • Tolerating the processing load in large networks
  • Data and signal transmission rates in wireless networks
  • Ability to manage users and define different access levels
  • Ability to automatically identify equipment in the network
  • Providing a wide range of case and comprehensive reports
  • Support for all software and hardware available in the network
  • Close monitoring of web services and reporting of their problems
  • Optimum use of bandwidth and control of bandwidth used by users
  • Investigating noise, data transfer rate and signal in wireless networks
  • Notification of warning and warning when any malfunction is observed
  • Extensive support for all products of prominent brands in the network field
  • Monitoring the performance of various components of the virtual structure
  • Locating a work terminal or a mobile device only by having MAC, IP, AD User
  • Monitoring the work and quality of equipment and environmental conditions
  • Identify communication problems in the network between different components
  • Monitoring network infrastructure equipment including switches, routers, servers
  • Accurate management of the bandwidth used in the network by services and users
  • Numerical reports and graphs of the quality and stability of all network components
  • Initial installation and configuration in less than an hour and very easy user interface
  • Estimating the amount of bandwidth needed in the future based on the current usage
  • Management and monitoring of network services including Active Directory, DNS, DHCP
  • Network health status monitoring, the ability to send SMS and email in emergency situations
  • The ability to monitor network resource indicators such as the amount of CPU, memory and disk usage
  • The ability to schedule the course in order to monitor the overall network and add new equipment

Solarwinds SCM

Receive notifications when settings change

System and application settings are constantly changing. Some changes are necessary and authorized, while others may be malicious or made outside of normal processes. What they all have in common is that they are often the cause of failures, performance problems or vulnerabilities. However, it is nearly impossible to know when these changes occurred and who made the change without a configuration change monitoring tool. SolarWinds Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) is designed to track and alert you when system and application configurations change from a custom baseline or your last configuration. With agent-based monitoring of Windows and Linux devices and applications, you can see changes in near real-time and know who made changes to files and the registry.

Quickly know when your database settings change

Your databases reside mostly behind the scenes, but they are critical to keeping your business running. SCM monitors configuration changes to this infrastructure, as well as changes to user permissions and schemas.

Know if configuration changes will benefit or degrade performance.

If a server goes down or is underperforming, the change data captured by Server Configuration Monitor can be combined with performance, health and availability metrics captured by other modules based on the Orion platform via PerfStack in a single visual timeline. By combining these two sets of data, you can easily identify if a change in an application or server configuration was the cause of a performance issue or outage.

Enhance change tracking capabilities by monitoring script results.

Custom scripts provide valuable information about your company’s systems and applications. With SCM, you can centrally manage scripts, distribute those scripts to servers in your environment, and then track and alert on changes to the full output of those scripts. Essentially, you extend your change-monitoring capabilities to the level of your scripting skills.

solarwinds app

View and report hardware and software inventories.

Get better control of your hardware and software inventory with the Server Configuration Monitor inventory tool. It is designed to provide you with an up-to-date list of your hardware and software assets.

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