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SolarWinds WHD License

Solarwinds WHD License

SolarWinds Web Help Desk(SolarWinds WHD License) is affordable and easy-to-use web-based IT helpdesk software that simplifies help desk management, saving time and manual effort for IT technicians and help desk administrators. With integrated ticket management, asset management, change management, and knowledge base capabilities, you can centralize and automate your helpdesk tasks and improve customer service and satisfaction. Web Help Desk integrates with SolarWinds remote support, server monitoring, and network monitoring software for faster IT troubleshooting.

SolarWinds WHD License

Web Help Desk at a glance

  • Simplifies and streamlines IT Helpdesk processes from service request creation to resolution
  • Automated IT asset management to track and manage the lifecycle of hardware and software assets
  • Affordable pricing for IT technician logins, no additional costs for User logins or managed IT assets
  • Provides an integrated knowledge base for automated issue resolution and automating change management
  • Automates ticket management with ticket-based routing and escalation in rules, real-time tracking and alerts

Centralized knowledge management

Take advantage of the built-in knowledge base to create and maintain KB articles. Encourage end-user self-service.

Centralize, streamline and automate ticketing

Automate the management of service requests through ticket creation, assignment, routing and escalation.

Deploy robust reporting and helpdesk monitoring

Use built-in reports and dashboards to track ticket status, technician performance, and customer support needs.

Simple and transparent license

License only for the number of technician logins. The number of supported active users and end users is unlimited.

Keep your hardware and software asset inventory current.

Simplify IT asset management with integrated asset discovery, inventory management and reporting.

IT specialists and help desk support staff can simplify and streamline support from the point of initial request to resolution with the aid of SolarWinds Web Help Desk (WHD), an easy-to-use help desk and service desk ticketing and asset management software.

Key characteristics are:

  • A practical method for implementing ITIL best practices that is flexible enough to be customized for your environment.
  • Ticketing system that is simple to use and employs rules to automate ticket creation, routing, assignment, and tracking.
  • A single web interface to manage all support requests with the ability to group tickets by request type, priority, client, and more.
  • An integrated knowledge base that allows you to build FAQs and knowledge base articles to help your help desk staff and encourage user self-service.
  • Automate and schedule the discovery of hardware and software assets in your IT infrastructure, and keep track of asset history, including ownership and associated service requests.

Solarwinds WHD key features

Help Desk Performance Reports

This web help desk software provides numerous help desk reports for monitoring technician performance and ticket status, as well as tracking customer support needs by location, real-time billing data, and frequency of occurrence.

SLA tracking and management

Prevent your SLAs from being overlooked. Web Help Desk ensures you are compliant with all service contract levels. Set up SLA breach coming notifications and date-specific SLA reminder alerts for effective SLA management.

Leverage Existing Active Directory and LDAP Infrastructures

This licensed software enables you to discover and import customer help desk account information from your existing Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and LDAP directories.

Mobile Web Help Desk

SolarWinds Web Help Desk provides a native mobile app for Apple iPhone and iPad to support push notifications for new and updated tickets.

For more information, Solarwinds License

Help Desk Knowledge Management

Web Help Desk(SolarWinds WHD Licecense) includes an extensive, built-in, searchable and easy-to-use knowledge base for knowledge management for technicians and to encourage self-solving options for end users and reduce the number of incoming inquiries. service requests.

Simplify Incident and Problem Management

Web Help Desk simplifies incident and problem management by allowing you to link multiple incidents to a problem to efficiently manage and resolve tickets.

Web Help Desk

IT project management and business process automation

Using flexible and customizable parent-child relationships for tickets, Web Help Desk simplifies the management of repetitive tasks, such as adding or terminating employees, and IT projects such as new infrastructure installation or migration.

Simple and affordable IT helpdesk software for all IT teams

Web Help Desk license provides an intuitive web interface to centrally manage service tickets and simplify and automate helpdesk tasks for IT technicians. Whether you run IT support in a small or large organization or are an MSP providing managed support services to customers, Web Help Desk is flexible and scalable to meet all your needs.

Centralize, Streamline, and Automate Ticket Management

Web Help Desk is easy-to-use ticket management software that automates help desk ticket tasks to simplify creation, routing, escalation, and ticket management.

Automated IT Asset Discovery and IT Asset Management

Web Help Desk is an IT asset management product that allows you to automatically discover your hardware and software assets and asset associations , assets, history and related service requests , all from a single, easy-to-use web console.

IT Change Management and Change Approval Workflows

SolarWinds Web Help Desk software provides a simple, automated process for managing and tracking change requests. You can customize change approval workflows ranging from a single approval to multiple levels of approval.

Connectivity for Web Help Desk Remote Desktop Access

SolarWinds Web Help Desk provides built-in integration for DameWare Remote Support software, allowing you to directly establish a remote control session with the end-user’s computer from tickets for help desk issues and IT assets Can initiate inventory.

Helpdesk Integration with Server Monitoring and Network Management Software

Web Help Desk integrates with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Server and Application Monitor (SAM), and Network Configuration Manager (NCM) so you can Turn server and network node failures, device/interface configuration and performance issues, and critical application outages directly into helpdesk tickets and assign them to the appropriate IT team for faster issue resolution.

Payroll Rates, Deadlines, and Time Block Management

Are you working on one problem only to discover another problem within it? By adding notes and labor time to tickets, technicians can quickly apply one-time billing rates per note within the technician interface to deal with “surprises” that arise on a specific job. Customize your billing terms to cover the timescale most relevant to your operations.

This licensed software helps eliminate “carryable minutes” in your service plans. Set blocks of service time (in minutes or points of your choice) for each customer location.Predefined blocks of time help to manage service time more efficiently while creating consistency in cash flow and customer budget.

SolarWinds License

Email-to-Ticket Integration

Ensure technicians can remotely deploy their support ticket updates without browser or client access. Add billable time, update time usage and know that billable minutes and tasks have been tracked in Web Help Desk software.

Technician Note Editor

Easily assign working hours by note and technician with the built-in technician note editor. This makes it easy to track billable time when multiple technicians are working on the same issue.Custom notes can also be entered remotely via email-to-ticket integration.

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