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Nessus is a system vulnerability scanner software that can search, detect and report various types of vulnerabilities on any device. This vulnerability scanner is developed and supported by Tenable Network Security. Organizations and companies can gain better access to this software by obtaining a license. This vulnerability scanner can detect a wide range of vulnerabilities in the fastest time, with reliability and accuracy. Currently, Nessus is one of the most popular and advanced vulnerability scanners in the world.


Why should we use Tenable?

When it comes to network security, most network security testing tools are very sophisticated. Nessus (Tenable license) is software that will definitely make the process easier. This software is very easy to use, works at high speed and can quickly provide you with a personalized network security report with the click of a button.

If someone wants to hack the local network that you have created in your organization or company, the first thing they do is do a vulnerability scan and then a penetration test. Scan the vulnerability of different devices and different points of the network created and look for possible holes.

These potential network danger points could be open ports, outdated software with known vulnerabilities or default passwords on devices. If they find something, a hacker tests the vulnerabilities and then finds a way to exploit them. Finding these vulnerabilities is a two-step process. Because the scan only shows the possibility of problems, a penetration test confirms that this is actually exploitable.

Nessus is a commercial software that has a free version and a paid version. To get the paid version, you need to get the related licenses (Tenable license). This software is generally built to look for vulnerabilities, but the free home version also offers many tools to help you discover and strengthen your network.

The commercial version of the software has no limits on the number of IPs connected or vulnerabilities identified, and the software license can be easily transferred to another system if necessary. Also in this version, reporting the results of evaluations is very easy and it is possible to send reports via email.

Nessus software easily enables IT managers and security managers in organizations and companies to identify and repair vulnerabilities, bugs, uninstalled security patches, malware, and configuration problems.

Nessus Management Dashboard has a very user friendly interface, several templates for predefined scenarios that can be customized, and this software also allows fast and efficient scanning of the system and network. With the help of its powerful plugins, this software scans various vulnerabilities in the network.

Nessus, the top vulnerability scanner

Nessus, the top vulnerability scanner

If we want to list the reasons why Nessus (Tenable license) is better than other existing software, we can mention the following features:

Nessus, the top vulnerability scanner

If we want to list the reasons why this software is better than other existing software, we can mention the following features:


Nessus Security Scanner has been downloaded more than two million times and is used by 30,000 public and private organizations worldwide.

High accuracy

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner with 99.99% detection accuracy has the lowest number of false positive errors in vulnerability assessment results compared to other vulnerability scanners.

Proper coverage of vulnerabilities

With more than 60,000 CVEs detected, this scanner has the highest detection of network vulnerabilities and software among other similar products. Nessus add-ons will also be available to owners within 24 hours of the release of the vulnerabilities.

Pre-configured patterns

Nessus Security Scanner with over 700 pre-configured vulnerability assessment models in line with global standards CIS, DISA, STIG, HIPAA, PCI, DSS, USGCB, FDCC, etc.… therefore has one of the best performance in this regard . These pre-configured patterns cover a wide range of hardware and software tools and help to quickly identify the exact location of the vulnerabilities from the moment the vulnerabilities are assessed until the final repair.

Advanced reporting system with customization capabilities

Nessus Security Scanner allows you to receive multiple reports based on vulnerability type, host type, plugin type, etc. Due to its user-friendly interface, you can easily generate these types of reports. These reports are generated in HTML, CSV, PDF, Nessus XML and Nessus DB formats and can be sent automatically via email immediately after each scan.

Group vulnerabilities

Vulnerability classification based on critical degree makes it easy to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities. This reduces the time required to repair these points and prevents the penetration of malicious attacks. It will also be possible to postpone the vulnerability handling process for a specified period of time. These features help you focus all your attention on vulnerabilities and fix them.

Live results

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner automatically assesses the vulnerabilities after each update of the plugins and ordering and licensing, and shows you where you are vulnerable based on the history of the scans performed and the new plugins installed. So you can easily identify new vulnerabilities and repair them.

Ability to install on most platforms

You can install and run Nessus (Tenable license) software on a wide range of Linux operating systems, various versions of the Windows operating system, as well as the Mac OS.

Tenable license

Competitive advantages of NESSUS scanner over similar products

This software has advantages over its competitors that can be very decisive when choosing a vulnerability scanner.

Ease of use

With a few simple clicks you can generate the policy you want and use it to scan all network assets.

High accuracy in identifying vulnerabilities

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner is very fast in identifying vulnerabilities. This software also shows the least positive false error.

Wide range of identification

With more than 60,000 known vulnerabilities, the Nessus Security Scanner has the largest range of vulnerabilities identified among its competitors.

Powerful plugins

Nessus-specific vulnerability scanner plug-ins, constantly updated by Tenable security researchers, enhance the detection and detection capabilities of this popular security scanner.


This product, with the most coverage of assets and vulnerabilities, meets all the expectations of a vulnerability scanner and eliminates the need for you to purchase other solutions in this field.

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