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Tenable License

Tenable license

Security teams are under attack due to the sharp increase in ransomware, threats sponsored by nation states, and a flood of new vulnerabilities. A flurry of fresh solutions addressing threat detection and incident response have surfaced to counter these threats, assisting cybersecurity teams in continuously responding to fresh security issues. However, because there are so many solutions available, each one has its own metrics, reporting requirements, and training needs, making it challenging to combine various risk metrics and clearly convey the security status of an organization.

Tenable license

With the licensed Tenable One, businesses can now transform technical asset, vulnerability, and threat data into understandable business insights and useful information for security practitioners and executives. The platform combines the most comprehensive vulnerability coverage across IT assets, cloud resources, containers, web apps, and identity systems, builds on the speed and breadth of Tenable Research’s vulnerability coverage, and adds extensive analytics to prioritize actions and communicate cyber risk. With the licensed Tenable One organizations are able to:.

  • To help you decide more wisely, communicate exposure risk.
  • Obtain thorough awareness of the contemporary attack surface.
  • Be aware of potential dangers and concentrate your efforts on preventing attacks.

Tenable key features

comprehensive visibility

Gain a unified understanding of all assets, whether on-premises or in the cloud, and the associated software, configuration, and entitlement vulnerabilities. Continuously monitor the Internet to quickly find and classify all assets that are exposed to the outside world in order to eliminate any areas that pose a security risk, both known and unknown. Reduce the time and effort necessary to fully comprehend the attack surface, get rid of blind spots, and establish a baseline for efficient risk management.


Utilizing the largest data set in the sector to comprehend connections between assets, exposures, privileges, and threats along an attack path will help you anticipate the effects of a cyberattack.

Focus on effects first

Continuously improve risk prioritization by identifying and concentrating on the exploitable weaknesses, attack, and breach pathways that pose the greatest risk. This offers more precise and predictive remediation insights to close windows of risk quickly and effectively to help stop attacks.

Effectively communicate exposure risk

With clear KPIs to demonstrate progress over time and benchmarking to compare against external peers, you can gain a centralized and business-aligned view of risk. Actionable insights deliver business-aligned risk assessments to enhance general interaction and cooperation among various constituencies.

License flexibility

Assign product licensing in accordance with your particular exposure requirements, and change that assignment as needed or desired.

Tenable license

Tenable key Capabilities

Security for containers using Kubernetes

Secure container image scanning without sending data outside of a company’s network.

scanning of web applications automatically

provides thorough and accurate vulnerability scanning with complete visibility of IT, cloud, and web application vulnerabilities.

Peer benchmarking

To decide where and when to make crucial human and financial investments, compare the cyber exposure of different business units or locations both internally and externally against peers in the industry.

Program efficiency metrics

Risk mitigation efforts are contextualized by remediation maturity measurements. answers issues like “How well are we doing at meeting our internal SLAs?”.


Custom exposure cards can be made that reflect changes in cyber security through integration with the licensed Tenable Research blogs.

For more information, Security License

Tenable Research’s support

world-class data science insights, alerts, and security advisories related to cyber exposure.

Flexibility in licensing is new

A new approach to asset licensing that is as flexible as your attack surface. The ability to dynamically reallocate licensing between IT, cloud, containers, web applications, and AD users is made possible by all-inclusive licensing.

Global Exposure View

answers important questions like “how secure are we” and “where do we stand in our preventative and mitigation efforts,” enabling focused security efforts through clear, concise insight into an organization’s security exposure. “How are we doing over time and what are the key events? ” allowing for a unified global exposure score derived from various data sources.

External Attack Surface Management

Organizations can identify and minimize risks by gaining insight into the external attack surface from the attacker’s point of view. Examining the attack’s route.

Visualizing and ranking the attack paths

capabilities offer a preemptively targeted response to obstruct potential attack routes. It carries out this function by mapping important risks to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to continuously visualize all viable attack paths, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Inventory of centralized assets

Remove blind spots. Regardless of the data source (VM, WAS, Active Directory, etc.), Comprehensive Asset Inventory offers complete visibility into all assets. It is possible to create unique asset tags that combine different asset types thanks to this centralized view of assets from various data sources.

Managing vulnerabilities based on risk

reduces vulnerabilities across the attack surface by dynamically ranking remediation efforts according to the risks they actually pose and incorporating this threat intelligence data into calculations of an organization’s risk exposure.

Wide-ranging Evaluation

knowledge of how all assets are exposed to potential security risks online, such as vulnerabilities, configuration errors, and other issues.

Tenable license

Active Directory encryption

gives organizations the ability to see everything, anticipate what will matter, and deal with risk in AD, which prevents attacks on Active Directory. Secure Cloud Infrastructure Full and ongoing visibility of exposures across all cloud resources and assets, and ongoing remediation of those exposures.

Regarding Tenable

Exposure Management is provided by the licensed Tenable.  The licensed Tenable is used by about 40,000 businesses all over the world to understand and lower cyber risk. By developing Nessus, Tenable expanded its vulnerability knowledge and created the first platform in history that could see and secure any digital asset on any computing platform. Large government agencies, roughly 40% of the Global 2000, and about 60% of the Fortune 500 make up tenable clients.

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