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Tenable Lumin License

Tenable lumin license

Tenable Lumin is used to measure and manage cyber risk across all attack surfaces. Can translate data into actionable metrics that help analysts focus resources, prioritize risk, and ultimately minimize the impact of risk. It also continually assesses converged attack surfaces to communicate what assets are present in an environment and where those assets are located.

Tenable Lumin License

This licensed solution seamlessly integrates with Nessus for optimal scanning. The scanning process is so simple that setting up scans is intuitive and easy, even without prior Nessus experience. A simple scan ran within minutes. Tenable makes it easy to configure and fine-tune your analytics by issuing out-of-the-box asset criticality tags.

Capabilities of Tenable lumen

Calculate and Communicate Cyber ​​Exposure

Tenable Lumin(Tenable Lumin License) provides an objective measure of cyber risk through the Cyber ​​Exposure Score (CES), which combines vulnerability data with other risk indicators such as threat intelligence and asset criticality. The score is automatically generated by machine learning algorithms that take into account the likelihood of exploitation of vulnerabilities and the commercial importance of the affected asset. CES can be applied to any group of assets, from a single asset to all assets across the organization, for detailed analysis and decision making.

Business Process Risk Management

The licensed Tenable Lumin helps reduce business process risk (the risk your organization faces due to inadequate vulnerability management practices) through two metrics:

Maturity Metric Assessment

Quantify how well you’re scanning your environment by Key summarize assessment maturity metrics to improve assessment capabilities and security responsiveness. Tenable Lumin provides detailed analysis of asset scan distribution, asset scan frequency, and vulnerabilities to strengthen program effectiveness and focus on process improvements.

Measure your vulnerability remediation speed and efficiency. Measures of remediation responsiveness and remediation scope provide the proper context for an organization’s efforts to mitigate process risk. The metrics provided by the Remediation Maturity Scores, including the percentage of assets remediated, speed of remediation and peer comparisons, allow organizations to identify the specific strengths and weaknesses of their remediation efforts.

Tenable Lumin

Cyber ​​Exposure Trending

Tenable Lumin and its licenses provide advanced visualizations to help understand trend improvements over time as a measure of security program effectiveness. The product displays your organization’s CES for the last 6 months and highlights daily score changes to flag potential issues.

External Benchmarking

Tenable Lumin enables companies to benchmark themselves against industry peers to quickly identify weaknesses and strengths. The product compares a number of key metrics such as CES and valuation maturity to industry and broad averages to analyze how companies are performing. Tenable Lumin’s benchmarking is based on the industry’s most comprehensive vulnerability intelligence, processing more than 1.5 billion vulnerability instances per week and coupled with data science to provide complete and accurate insights.

Business Context Analysis

Because CES can be applied to any group of assets, Tenable Lumin enables security teams to compare internal operational groups (e.g., business units, IT environments, branch offices) with one another. This analysis helps direct attention and resources to address areas of high exposure and identify best practices across the organization. Asset pools are fully customizable, leveraging existing tags that allow you to filter and analyze segments of your organization.

Remediation Guidelines Workflow

The licensed Tenable Lumin provides security teams with a list of top recommended actions that reduce top cyber exposure to translate business risk appetite decisions into technical best practices for teams. For additional information, teams can investigate vulnerabilities or assets specific to the risk and business context for more effective remediation.

Seamless integration with Vulnerability Management

Tenable Lumin seamlessly integrates with and to provide both comprehensive visibility into cyber risk across IT, cloud, IoT, and OT environments, as well as comprehensive analytics for measurement and provide communication of cyber risks in commercial terms to make better strategic decisions. This turns Lumin into a single pane of glass for a holistic view of cyber risk.

Predictive Scoring

Use machine learning technologies to accurately prioritize remediation of assets that have not yet received an authenticated scan. Predictive Scoring leverages predictive analytics derived from Tenables, empowering organizations to accurately understand the cyber risks of assets that have not yet received an authenticated scan. By examining the criticality of vulnerabilities found on devices that receive authenticated scans, the Predictive Score can infer the Asset Exposure Score of similar

devices that have not yet received such scans. The result is a much more accurate and comprehensive view of an organization’s overall cyber exposure.

Powered by Tenable Research

The licensed Tenable Lumin is powered by Tenable Research, which provides best-in-class cyber exposure information, data science insights, security advisories, and alerts. Regular updates from Tenable Research ensure the latest vulnerability scans, zero-day research, and configuration benchmarks are immediately available to protect your organization. Tenable’s technology is central to Tenable Lumin, which continuously analyzes 20 trillion aspects of threat, vulnerability, and asset information using machine algorithms to predict critical attack vectors before they can be exploited for an attack.

Tenable's technology

Tenable lumen key features

Quantifying Cyber ​​Risk

Provide an objective measure of cyber risk across the organization and within internal operating groups to make more informed decisions.

Measure cyber risk performance

Understand trend improvements over time as a measure of the effectiveness of security programs in communicating results.

Benchmark against Peers

Understand how your cyber risk compares to industry peers to quickly identify gaps and strengths.

Increase Productivity

Utilize the most recommended corrective actions to minimize cyber risk and improve IT efficiency.

Reduce product proliferation

Gain more visibility into your vulnerability management data without requiring a separate point solution in your security stack.

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