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Tenable Lumin License
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Tenable Lumin License

Cybersecurity has a data problem. Today, there is no system of record into cyber security risk to help organizations understand where to focus resources and investments to maximize their cyber risk reduction. CISOs require these insights in order to communicate cyber risk to the C-suite and Boards of Directors in a way that fosters a business-based dialogue for better, more informed decision making. Strategic business and technology decisions need to factor in cyber exposure as a quantifiable metric of cyber risk in the same manner as other business exposures, such as economic or environmental risks

Tenable Lumin helps organizations elevate cyber risk to that of other risk management disciplines through accurate and actionable measurement of cyber exposure, both within the organization and against peer organizations. Tenable Lumin helps security teams move from arcane technical language to a concise language suitable for business decision-making by translating technical data into business insights. These insights help security teams prioritize and focus remediation based on business risk and receive guidance as to the optimal remediation actions to take for better collaboration with IT.

Tenable Lumin License


Tenable Lumin Benefits

Enable Lumin provides an objective measure of cyber risk across the organization and enables security teams to benchmark risk against industry peers.

  • Quantify Cyber Risk Provide an objective measure of cyber risk across the organization and within internal operational groups to make more informed decisions.
  • Measure Cyber Risk Performance Understand trend improvements over time as a measure of security program effectiveness to communicate results.
  • Benchmark Against Peers Understand how cyber risk and assessment maturity compare to industry peers to quickly identify shortcomings and strengths.
  • Boost Productivity Take advantage of the top recommended remediation actions to reduce the most cyber exposure and improve IT effectiveness.
  • Reduce Product Sprawl Get more insights out of your vulnerability management data without the need for a separate point solution in your security stack.

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Tenable Lumin Capabilities

Calculate and Communicate Cyber Exposure Tenable Lumin provides an objective measure of cyber risk via the Cyber Exposure Score (CES), which combines vulnerability data with other risk indicators, such as threat intelligence and asset criticality. The score is automatically generated through machine learning algorithms that factors in likelihood of vulnerability exploitability and the business criticality of the impacted asset. CES can be applied to any group of assets, from a single asset to all assets across the entire organization, for detailed analysis and decision-making.

Assessment Maturity Metrics

Tenable Lumin summarizes key assessment maturity metrics to help improve assessment capabilities and security responsiveness. The product provides detailed analysis into asset scan distribution, asset scan frequency and vulnerability age to strengthen program effectiveness and focus on process maturity. Interactive widgets allow you to drill into assessment maturity data to investigate the security posture of underlying assets.

Cyber Exposure Trending

Tenable Lumin delivers advanced visualizations to help understand trend improvements over time as a measure of security program effectiveness. The product shows the CES of your organization over the past 6 months and highlights7-daychanges of scoring to flag potential issues.

External Benchmarking

Tenable Lumin enables organizations to benchmark themselves against industry peers to quickly identify shortcomings and strengths. The product benchmarks a number of key metrics, such as CES and assessment maturity, based on industry and overall averages to analyze how organizations compare. Tenable Lumin benchmarking is based on the industry’s most extensive vulnerability intelligence, processing over 1.5 billion instances of vulnerabilities per week, and coupled with data science to provide comprehensive and accurate insights.

Process Integrity Risk Management

Tenable Lumin reduces process integrity risk by providing an Assessment Maturity score. This single metric allows you to quantify and compare how well your organization is assessing your environment, allowing you to implement policy & process improvements that reduce your cyber exposure.

Business Context Analysis

Because CES can be applied to any group of assets, Tenable Lumin enables security teams to benchmark internal operational groups (e.g., business units, computing environments, branch locations) against one other. This analysis helps to focus attention and resources to address areas of high exposure and identify best practices across the organization. Assets grouping scan be fully customized by leveraging existing tags, which allow you to filter and analyze segments of your organization.

Remediation Guidance Workflow

Tenable Lumin provides security teams with a list of the top recommended actions that reduce the most cyber exposure, to translate business decisions on risk appetite to technical guidance for teams to action. For additional information, teams can drill down into specific vulnerabilities or assets for business and risk context to enable more effective remediation.

Seamless Integration with Vulnerability Management

Tenable Lumin seamlessly integrates with Tenable.io and Tenable.sc to provide both the breadth of visibility into cyber risk across IT, cloud, IoT and OT environments and the depth of analytics to measure and communicate cyber risk in business terms to make better strategic decisions. This enables Lumin to become a single pane of glass for a holistic view of cyber risk.

 Backed by Tenable Research

Tenable.io and Tenable.sc are backed by Tenable Research, delivering world-class Cyber Exposure intelligence, data science insights, alerts, and security advisories. Frequent updates from Tenable Research ensure the latest vulnerability checks, zero-day research, and configuration benchmarks are immediately available to help you secure your organization.

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