ZOOM License

ZOOM License

ZOOM License

Zoom License is a program that allows you to make video calls in a very simple way with a few clicks. Zoom Company was established in 2011 and this program focuses specifically on holding video sessions. With the help of this program, in addition to audio and video communication with other members of the group, you can also record your meetings and webinars to see them again later. The main reason why so much attention is paid to zoom around the world is that Zoom software allows 40-minute video sessions with up to 100 participants, also for free. Using zoom is very simple. Meetings can be started or joined in a short time. You do not need to log in to your account multiple times to make a video call in Zoom. 

Creating an account and registering in the above application is the first step to using it, which is easy. After that, you have two options, either you have to be invited to a meeting as a guest or you have to host it yourself. But who can attend these meetings? Undoubtedly, only people who can use the “Zoom” program can participate in the video network license session, and it is interesting that the registration of guests is not required. Still do not have a vague picture of how to work with this application? Let’s have a meeting to clarify the issue! By selecting the Scheduled or Host Meeting option from the main menu of this Android application, it is possible to create a session for which there are only two options: activating the video and using the unique ID to invite members (PMI). You, as the organizer, have to send the mentioned ID to the guests, although the possibility of inviting the device contact list is also in “Zoom”. When you first go to the Contacts tab, you can register your mobile number and the people on the list See your contacts using the above program. 


As you know, the meeting time must be pre-arranged so that everyone is present at the start time. By touching the Scheduled a Meeting button in “Zoom”, it is possible to set the meeting time and invite guests to it. The times that are set in this way, in addition to Google Calendar, are saved in the Upcoming Meeting section, and the possibility of editing or deleting them is foreseen. If you are invited to a meeting as a guest, you should go to the Join a Meeting section and after entering the ID, sit down and talk to others. Not bad to know that your total can be up to 25 people!  

Zoom virtual images to help your appearance 


 If you do not want other participants in your messy room to see you during the video conference, you can use the background images provided by Zoom. In this way, behind you, instead of your room furniture, you will see images of space, city or ocean. Zoom even gives you filters to enhance your look. This way, if you still do not have a chance to drink coffee in the early hours of the morning, do not worry, because with the help of the “Touch up” tool, you will be present in the crowd with bright and adorned faces. 


Download Zoom apps 


All zoom apps that are available for both Windows and Mac OS X and can be installed on both Android and iOS operating systems allow you to join a video conferencing session, mute or activate your microphone, even without registration. Invite them to a meeting and even change your name and start chatting with other members. You can even schedule and hold Zoom video conferencing on time using Google Calendar. All information related to this video conference can also be sent to all participants in the meeting via Google Calendar. During the meeting you can also see which participants are recording the meeting. At the end of each session, the zoom program automatically converts the entire session to an MP4 image file and provides it to you. It is also possible to record these sessions on a mobile phone. 


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