Cisco CMX License

Cisco CMX 

uses location and other intelligence from Cisco wireless infrastructure to generate analytics and deliver relevant services to customers on their mobile devices. With Cisco CMX License, your organization can easily onboard users to the wireless network directly, serve personalized content to users on their mobile devices, enhance the in-venue experience, and generate better insights into customer behavior and venue space utilization.

Product Summary

CMX capabilities are delivered via three components: Location , CMX Connect , CMX Analytics.

Location: CMX uses existing wireless infrastructure to calculate the location of the Wi-Fi devices and interferers (ie BLE Beacons, microwave ovens, etc.)  in the network. It offers location capabilities from proximity-based (presence) to highly accurate X,Y coordinates on a map.

CMX Location Benefits

 You can find the CMX location features in the following table:

Feature Benefits
Presence ●  Locate a Wi-Fi device by gauging the access point nearest to that device. This method provides less granular location accuracy than triangulation; however, it can be deployed in venues with fewer access points or can extend Wi-Fi location analytics to outdoor access points.  Presence is recommended for outdoor access points.


●  Refresh rate: Not applicable.


●  Latency: Not applicable.


●  Accuracy: Tags: Not applicable; Clients: 10 to 30 meters (based on the received signal strength indicator [RSSI] levels reported by the access point and the thresholds defined).


RSSI triangulation ●  Locate connected and unconnected Wi-Fi devices, interferers, and active RFID tags. With Cisco CleanAir ® technology, non-Wi-Fi interferers and BLE beacons can be decoded and identified.

●  Refresh rate: * Tags: Not applicable; Clients: Up to 60 seconds from client probe(client dependent).

●  Latency: ** Tags: 10 seconds typical; Clients: Up to 90 seconds from client probe (client dependent).

●  Accuracy: *** Tags: 5 to 7 meters 90% of the time; Clients: 10 meters typical 90% of the time.


Hyperlocation ●  Precise location of connected Wi-Fi devices within 1 to 3 meters (dependent on deployment) using advanced angle-of-arrival (AoA) technology combined with FastLocate. With FastLocate, Hyperlocation locates connected Wi-Fi devices by RSSI triangulation of probing signals as well as network data packets for faster refresh and greater location detail.

●  Refresh rate: Tags: Not applicable; Clients: Up to 10 seconds (client dependent).

●  Latency: Tags: Not applicable; Clients: 10 to 20 seconds (client dependent).

●  Accuracy: Tags: Not applicable; Clients: 3 meters typical 50% of the time.


Flexibility and programmability API and notifications available to allow external consumption of the location information.


For more information, Security License

CMX Connect: delivers targeted, context-specific experiences to on-site visitors. It provides an easy way to create customizable captive portals and capture visitor information through multiple onboarding options. Through the data collected, CMX Connect allows organizations to engage with the visitor on the captive portal or through external media such as mobile applications, digital signage, or offline marketing.

cisco cmx license

Cisco CMX License


CMX Connect Benefits


Feature Benefits
Customizable and modular user interface ●  Prebuilt templates allow you to get started quickly with Wi-Fi guest portals.


●  With easy drag-and-drop components, you can create a custom look and function for the portal pages that work across all mobile devices and computers; no web programming skills required.


●  Multiple language option allows easy creation of portals specific to user language preference.


Opt in and opt out ●  Easy way to add terms and conditions that must get consent to track user location and use the information they provide for marketing or other intended use.


●  Location opt-out: Allows users to opt out of location tracking by CMX.

Multiple onboarding options ●  Simple registration options to capture customer-specified name, email, phone number, or any other custom field or option to do quick polls.


●  SMS option allows you to verify customer phone number, which is a common and useful customer identifier


●  Social login (Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare) option not only allows for better verification but also gathers additional social media data on that user.


●  Information collected through these onboarding methods provides insights into visitor demographics for follow-up marketing and engagement.


Location-based policy Create bandwidth-rate-limiting policies dynamically applied on a per-location basis.
Engage ●  Create a better engagement experience with clickable menu items that allow a variety of relevant information accessible on the guest portal, giving it a web app experience.


●  Create unique pages on a site or venue basis and engage guest users with relevant advertisements and external content.


●  Automatically allow repeat visitors to access your site, and engage with them on a dedicated Success page.


Property management system (PMS) integration ●  In hospitality, centralize and provide a uniform wireless onboarding experience across properties.


●  Eliminate gateways at each property and save on equipment and operation costs.


●  Introduce complimentary or paid plans by integrating into the PMS of a hotel.


●  Onboard a visitor using room number, last name, guest code, or username/password. Enforce bandwidth and session time per plan.


Guest analytics ●  Guest-user analytics tell you whether visitors to the site are new or repeat visitors; you can learn their network usage, the portal and SMS success ratio, and the language they prefer.


●  User database is available for export in CSV format.





CMX Analytics generates insights into the WIFI devices of visitors in the venue based on their location and movement patterns. There are two flavors of analytics – Presence Analytics and Location Analytics.

Presence Analytics uses the proximity information of Wi-Fi devices to generate real-time and historical insights into visitor and passerby behaviors. This proximity is determined by the signal strength and time duration of Wi-Fi devices detected by the nearest access points. Presence Analytics captures metrics such as device counts, dwell times, and repeat visitors breakdowns. Figure 3 shows a sample Presence Analytics dashboard, and Table 3 summarizes the benefits of Presence Analytics.

  CMX Presence Analytics Benefits


Feature Benefits
Dashboard ●  The dashboard helps you discover quick insights into both the current and historical number of visitors, average dwell time, the busiest hour and day, the conversion rate, and the top device manufacturer.
Presence based ●  The solution is easy to deploy; you simply add access points to a “presence site” and generate analytics based on the RSSI of Wi-Fi devices detected by those access points.

●  No need for maps. Recommended analytics solution for outdoor access points.


Visitor count ●  Quick insights into the number of passersby and visitors in the venue help you understand traffic in the venue on an hourly basis across sites and site groups. This helps you understand and compare the popularity of the venues and their effectiveness in conversion.
Dwell time ●  Understand how long visitors stay in the venue on average and their distribution by dwell times. Comparing this data across venues and over time provides insights into venue busyness and opportunities to optimize for revenues and venue operations.



Repeat visitor ●  Insights into the frequency of the visitor as first time, yesterday, daily, weekly, and occasional. This information, when analyzed over time and across venues, is useful to understand popular days and time internals by visit frequency. It can help guide the timing and location of store interactions.
Flexibility and programmability ●  Ability to ignore MAC addresses, wireless networks (SSIDs), or devices with certain dwell times or repeat behavior.


●  API and notifications are available to allow external triggers or to export data for custom analytics.



Cisco CMX Order Pricing

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