Radware Bot Manager License

Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Manager is a security software. With this licensed software, organizations can protect their websites against hackers, content theft and spam. This software uses machine learning to identify new threats.

Radware Bot Manager protects systems by monitoring the activity of each individual visitor and the applications on the network. A unique feature is created for each visitor to protect real users from security threats.

Radware Bot Manager is the most comprehensive security software to deal with threats in emerging web applications, mobile applications and APIs. One of the threats that may affect systems is automated threats (robots). This type of threat targets programs and systems. This solution to reduce attacks and manage robots, allows accurate robot management in all channels.

Radware Bot Manager License

Radware Bot Features

  • By using this application software, you can guarantee the security of your corporate network to a great extent against possible threats. Among the features of this software, the following can be mentioned:
  • Ability to perform in-depth monitoring and analysis of purpose-based behavior from advanced machine learning models to identify complex and distributed robots.
  • Using the Radware Bot Manager dashboard, you can receive complete and comprehensive reports from the sources and patterns of cyber-attacks.
  • It is possible to personalize reports on this platform, and by performing custom actions such as Block, Challenge CAPTCHA, Redirect Loop, Drop Request, etc., in addition to changing the level of possible attacks, any intrusion can be prevented.
  • Radware Bot Manager establishes authentication flows to validate legitimate access to assets
  • You can create your own CAPTCHA page because of the customization feature in the licensed Radware Bot Manager software.
  • Radware Bot Manager enables you to block malicious bots as much as possible. Malicious bots can remove content, misuse APIs, and advertise scams in the absence of security software.
  • You can use the special management features of this licensed software such as Whitelisting, GDPR Erase Request, and User Management and have better control over organizational data.
  • Abnormal navigation streams or access patterns are easily detected by the advanced API protection in this software.
  • API protection prevents out-of-context API invocation (for Web and mobile APIs)

Radware Bot Manager Order Pricing

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Radware Bot Manager License

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