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Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Driven by responsible operations, ongoing innovation, and open collaboration, we have established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecom and enterprise networks, devices, and cloud computing. Our ICT solutions, products, and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world’s population. With more than 170,000 employees, Huawei is committed to enabling the future information society, and building a Better Connected World.

Enterprise Network

The Agile Network 2016 focuses on the mobilization of users and services during the digital transformation of enterprises, on the IoT application of production systems, and on new challenges brought by cloud-based applications. This brand new solution is intended to create on-demand, self-service, easy-to-manage, and secure networks.

This new solution uses cloud technology to simplify network management, while the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architecture better enables cloud intelligence. The Agile Network adheres to the concepts of “open, simple, and secure”, and is “For the Cloud, By the Cloud.” The Agile Network is able to assist enterprises in achieving service innovation, service agility, and financial efficiency during digitization.

The innovative solutions in Agile Network 2016 include:

Cloud Campus: Using cloud technologies, Huawei’s Cloud Campus Solution implements full lifecycle cloud-based network management that covers campus network planning, deployment, and O&M. Services are provisioned within minutes. It not only aims to serve small- and medium-sized campuses, but the innovative cloud management solution is aimed at medium- and large-sized campuses. Cloud management innovatively achieves flexible switching between on-premise management and cloud-based management of network devices, thus promoting the smooth evolution of the network. Cloud Campus provides customers with a flexible service model. Customers not only can choose services provided by Huawei or Managed Service Providers (MSPs), but can also build enterprise-grade cloud management platforms themselves. The leasable and sellable cloud management platform allows more enterprise customers to enjoy a convenient cloud management experience. Additionally, Cloud Campus has introduced SDN architecture into the campus network to implement fast service deployment. Combining all-Wi-Fi access, Cloud Campus provides customers with a converged, simple, and open campus network.

CloudVPN: Targeting the issue of increasingly high private line costs for enterprises, Huawei brings together cost efficient Internet links with private line links using SD-WAN technology, optimizing the application-based paths of multiple links, and allowing enterprises to make huge savings on the leasing of WAN links while maintaining the high quality of services. With carriers’ urgent request for B2B service transformation in mind, Huawei provides an end-to-end CloudVPN solution. The solution allows carriers to provide enterprises with self-service, menu-like, and high quality enterprise interconnection services, allowing customers to adjust bandwidth as needed, flexibly scale services, deploy new devices, and provision new services within minutes. What’s more, it replaces expensive and complex network security products with simple, easy-to-use, cloud-based security services for enterprises, letting customers intuitively spot network flow anomalies, differentiate between types of applications, and accurately control the bandwidth usage. This facilitates SMBs in obtaining cost-effective protection.

Cloud Fabric 5.0: Huawei’s Cloud Fabric 5.0 builds an end-to-end SDN cloud data center network for customers. Huawei’s Controller Federation supports the industry’s largest number of controllers, that is, up to 128 controllers. Cloud Fabric 5.0 also uses the industry’s highest-density 7.2T card, capable of building the industry’s largest SDN network for customers. Cloud Fabric 5.0 is the industry’s first to define the “Super + Domain” hierarchical controller architecture, achieving unified management of cross-DC resources and service provisioning within minutes. Huawei’s Fabric Insight Refined O&M Solution enables applications, logical networks, and physical networks to be visible to each other through Big Data analytics. The solution is also able to schedule resources within milliseconds and automatically detect network-wide path quality. As a result, this solution can detect faults within minutes. The intelligent cross-DC traffic scheduling improves link utilization from 30% to 90%.

Cloud Security: Huawei’s Cloud Security Solution builds an all-scenario threat defense system that covers terminals, networks, and clouds. This Big Data-based security solution provides comprehensive security for cloud campus, cloud data centers, and the IoT. Huawei has built the world’s largest cloud mitigation platform to safeguard users’ networks, guaranteeing security everywhere.

Moreover, the Agile Network 2016 updates include new practices of IoT in the elevator industry .The Huawei Agile Network will adapt to enterprises’ cloud strategy better than before, connecting the intelligence of clouds and speeding up the digital transformation of enterprises.

Huawei Ethernet Switches

Huawei CloudEngine, Campus, and SMB Switches combine advanced architecture and design with carrier-grade reliability to provide high-availability, high-performance networking for large-scale data centers, ISPs, and enterprise IT networks.

Innovative networking, management, and security features let enterprise customers keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth in converged, wired and wireless networks. Virtualization, high-density clustering, and Software-Defined Networking technologies provide the flexible, scalable switching needed for server-based multimedia applications, resilient cloud-computing, and the crush of Big Data.

Data Center Switches

High-performance core, aggregation, and access switches for data centers and high-end campus networks

Campus Switches

Smart core, aggregation, and access switches for enterprise campus networks allow for flexible networking

SOHO & SMB Switches
Energy-saving Ethernet access switches with rich service features are easy to install and maintain


High-Performance Routers from Huawei

Deliver resilient network services and communications with proven, best-in-class IP routers and gateways from Huawei.

From specialized integrated circuits optimized for reliability and processing performance, to advanced system architectures, modular design, and industry-leading management and security features, Huawei routers bring connected possibilities to life for small business, telecommunications giants, ISPs, and the global enterprise.

With Huawei, you get the speed, reliability, and security your users expect, while future-proofing your network with energy-efficient, flexible, and scalable IT infrastructure.

AR Series Agile Gateways

AR G3 Series Routers

NetEngine Series Routers

 Multi-service Control Gateways