Cisco Apic License

Cisco APIC

Cisco Apic License

Cisco Apic License

The Cisco APIC which stands for Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller, is the main architectural element of the Cisco ACI solution. Cisco APIC enables the unified point of automation and management for the Cisco ACI fabric, policy enforcement, and health monitoring. The ACI controller enhances performance and manages and operates a scalable multitenant Cisco ACI fabric.

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Cisco APIC provides a Cisco APIC is a key component of ACI. It enables applications to directly connect with secure, shared and high-performance resource pool that includes network compute and storage capabilities. Furthermore, it is a centralized application-level policy engine for physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Cisco APIC enables detailed visibility, telemetry, and health scores by application and by tenant. Plus, it is designed around open standards and open API. Moreover, it supports strong implementation of multi-tenant security, quality of service (QoS), and high availability and it can be Integrated with management systems such as VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack.

Cisco APIC is designed for automation, programmability, and centralized management and exposes northbound APIs through XML and JSON by itself. It provides both a command-line interface (CLI) and GUI which utilize the APIs to manage the fabric holistically.

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Cisco ACI App Center

Cisco Apic License

The Cisco ACI app center is a new platform that brings customers, developers and partners together illustrating the power of software-defined networking. Customers can download Apps for their business needs such as tools and utilities, visibility and monitoring, optimization, security, networking. Cisco automation and orchestration, connectors and integrators and L4-7 services. Developers have access to APIs and powerful tools to build Apps and reach thousands of customers around the world.

You can download various Apps based on your network’s needs, install and use them in the Cisco APIC GUI Apps tab.

Cisco APIC License

Cisco APIC supports Cisco’s smart licensing features. In the licensing panel you can choose the connection method to the Cisco smart software manager in order to register all devices in your fabric. You can also use the CLI to activate license reservation features. Cisco APIC PLR or permanent license reservation solution is a secure way to activate all the premium capabilities on your leaves and spines, within the highly secure network where no inbound or outbound connection is allowed, permanently.

Cisco Apic Order Pricing

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