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Cisco Unified Presence License (CUP) is a standards-based enterprise platform that brings people together in and across organizations in the most effective way. This open and extensible platform facilitates the highly secure exchange of presence and instant messaging (IM) information between Cisco Unified Communications and other applications. Cisco Unified Communications Solutions unify voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks, enabling easy collaboration every time from any workspace.

Cisco Unified Presence(CUP) provides native dual-protocol enterprise instant messaging (IM) and network-based presence as part of Cisco Unified Communications. This secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage solution offers users feature-rich communications capabilities both within and external to the enterprise. Cisco Unified Presence is tightly integrated with Cisco and third-party compatible desktop and mobile presence and IM clients, including Cisco Jabber.

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It enables these clients to perform numerous functions such as instant messaging, presence, click to call, phone control, voice, video, visual voicemail, and web collaboration. Cisco Unified Presence offers customers and partners the flexibility of rich, open interfaces that allow enablement of IM and Cisco rich, network-based presence for a wide variety of business applications.

Cisco Unified Presence License

Cisco Unified Presence License


Cisco CUP Capabilities

Customers adopt Cisco Unified Communications Solutions to increase productivity, speed up communication, and enable collaboration with either colleagues within the enterprise or external partners and suppliers.

Cisco Unified Presence delivers enhanced enterprise IM features, including group chat, persistent chat, and IM logging, along with a suite of business-to-business and business-to-consumer IM and presence open federations.

Cisco Unified Presence lays the foundation to deliver enterprise IM and Cisco rich, network-based presence-enabled collaboration capabilities. Customers powered by Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Unified Communications Solutions can then view the presence status or availability of the people they want to communicate with, exchange instant messages with these individuals, and escalate to a voice call or rich collaborative session

CUP also supports presence-oriented Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representational State Transfer (REST) interfaces. In addition, the application enables integration through Cisco AJAX XMPP Libraries (CAXL), which is a JavaScript presence and IM interface that allows customers and application developers to extend presence and IM to web-based applications.


Cisco Unified Presence License

CUP Natively supports standards-based Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) and SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions (SIP/SIMPLE). With this dual-protocol capability, Cisco Unified Presence offers customers a choice of either rich-featured Cisco Jabber Unified Communications clients or any third-party XMPP-compliant IM and presence client.

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Cisco CUP Features

Customers can benefit from following features:

  • Facilitate faster decision making and enhance productivity using presence awareness to view the availability of your colleagues and reduce communications delays.
  • See the availability of partners and customers in other organizations and exchange instant messages with them.
  • Simultaneously support Cisco Unified Communications and standards-based XMMP clients with this dual-protocol platform that natively supports both SIP/SIMPLE and XMMP on a single software appliance.
  • Speed up your business processes and improve first-call resolution and customer satisfaction by providing availability information and communication capabilities in existing web and business applications.
  • Meet business requirements with enhanced enterprise IM capabilities such as group chat, persistent chat, IM logging, IM history, and compliance.


Cisco CUP Operation Modes

  • Cisco Unified Communications mode: In this mode, Cisco Unified Presence integrates into a full Cisco Unified Communications environment to provide an enterprise-class IM and presence solution in conjunction with the full suite of unified communications services. In this mode, Cisco Unified Presence supports Cisco Unified Communications clients, such as Cisco Jabber (including Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and Cisco Mobile), Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator, and Cisco Agent Desktop, as well as third-party XMPP standard-based clients. When operating in Cisco Unified Communications mode, Cisco Unified Presence scales up to a maximum of 45,000 users in a multi node cluster environment.


  • IM-only-user mode: Cisco Unified Presence provides an enterprise-class IM and presence solution for users who are not using Cisco Unified Communications Manager for call control. In IM-only-user mode, Cisco Unified Presence supports Cisco Unified Communication Clients, such as Cisco Jabber (including Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator) for all enterprise-class IM and presence services. Cisco Unified Presence also supports the ability for third-party XMPP standard-based clients to interface with Cisco Unified Presence for IM and presence services. When operating in Cisco IM-only-user mode, Cisco Unified Presence scales up to a maximum of 75,000 users in a multi node cluster Environment.

Cisco CUP Order Pricing

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