Cisco DCNM License

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Cisco DCNM (Data Center Network Management)

Cisco DCNM License
Cisco DCNM License


The Cisco DCNM is an advanced management solution for Cisco NX-OS based network devices. It enables tasks automation, deep visibility and consistency for any network. Cisco DCNM supports any kind of network deployments such as interface, VLAN, VXLAN, SAN or IP media fabric network which is all integrated into an automation work flow within DCNM across Cisco Nexus and Cisco Multilayer Distributed Switching (MDS) solutions. The Cisco DCNM not only shows what is actually deployed on NX-OS devices, also, makes it possible to make an inventory of infrastructure itself and provides data about what is connected to network infrastructure.

More Features

  • VSAN Management
  • Port Channel Management
  • IVR Zoning
  • Integrated Device Manager
  • Embedded Switch License Install
  • SAN Insights Configuration
  • Device Manager
  • Topology Views
  • Time Series DB for PM data
  • VMware Integration
  • SAN Insights
  • Custom graphing, ECT Analysis
  • Streaming and NX-API access


For more information, Cisco License

Deployment Requirements

Cisco DCNM can be deployed in two forms within the network: first as a virtual appliance (OVA or ISO) for LAN operations, second option is using a standalone Installer (Microsoft Windows Server or Red Hat) for SAN operations.


Installation type Small Large
OVA 8 vCPUs and 24G RAM, 500G disk  16 vCPUs and 32G RAM, 2TB Disk
ISO 8 vCPUs and 24G RAM, 500G disk  16 vCPUs and 32G RAM, 2TB Disk
Windows, Linux (standalone or virtual machine) 8 vCPUs and 24G RAM, 2TB disk (if SAN Insight enabled) or 500GB (without SAN Analytics) 16 vCPUs, 32G (without SAN Insight)/64G RAM (with SAN Insight), 500GB (without SAN Insight)/10 TB Disk (with SAN Insight)


Cisco DCNM License

Each device being managed by Cisco DCNM, requires a license key that provides a Right to Manage (RTM) for a single switch. that license key (or a pack of licenses) can be installed in the Cisco DCNM server (for LAN or SAN purposes) or on the switch (only for SAN function). Moreover, the Nexus Essentials or Nexus Advantage licenses for Cisco Nexus switches also provide that RTM for a given switch on which they are installed. The Cisco DCNM server requires a perpetual license for each instance of the DCNM server.

The trial license provides 500 SAN and 500 advanced feature licenses for 30 days without having to download or install a single file. This license will operate for any licensable switch and expires after 30 days. You must use the MAC address of the DCNM server to fetch an evaluation license or a permanent license from

Cisco DCNM also supports older Fabric Manager (FM) licenses (SAN only) that have been installed on the switch. These licenses enable high availability (HA) with up to ten management servers that manage a single fabric in parallel. However, Fabric Manager licenses are only valid for the lifetime of the switch inside the data center and expire when the switch is decommissioned from the data center. You can still order switch-based licenses as spares if you prefer the HA capability.

Services contract SKUs (CON-SAU) are required for Cisco TAC support for upgrades from one version of Cisco DCNM to another.

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