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Cisco ESA License

The Cisco Email Security Difference

Customers of all sizes face the same daunting challenge: email is simultaneously the most important business communication tool and the leading attack vector for security breaches. Cisco Email Security enables users to communicate securely and helps organizations combat Business Email Compromise (BEC), ransomware, advanced malware, phishing, spam, and data loss with a multilayered approach to security.

Product overview

Cisco ESA License includes advanced threat protection capabilities to detect, block, and remediate threats faster; prevent data loss; and secure important information in transit with end-to-end encryption.

With Cisco Email Security customers can:

  • Detect and block more threats with superior threat intelligence from Talos, our threat research team.
  • Combat ransomware hidden in attachments that evade initial detection with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Cisco Threat Grid.
  • Drop emails with risky links automatically or block access to newly infected sites with real-time URL analysis to protect against phishing and BEC.
  • Prevent brand abuse and sophisticated identity-based email attacks with Cisco Domain Protection (CDP) and Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection (CAPP) services.
  • Protect sensitive content in outgoing emails with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and easy-to-use email encryption, all in one solution.
  • Provide user behavior training with Cisco Security Awareness to help users work smarter and safer.
  • Gain maximum deployment flexibility with a cloud, virtual, on-premises, or hybrid deployment or move to the cloud in phases.

Features and benefits

Today’s email security threats consist of ransomware, advanced malware, BEC, phishing, and spam. Cisco Email Security technology blocks threats so that companies receive only legitimate messages. Cisco uses multiple layers to provide the utmost in comprehensive email security, incorporating preventive and reactive measures to strengthen your defense. Table 1 summarizes the major capabilities of our email security solutions.

Table 1. Main capabilities

Main capabilities

Cisco Email Security Software Licenses

There are three email security software bundles: Cisco Email Security Inbound Essentials, Cisco Email Security Outbound Essentials, and Cisco Email Security Premium; add-on standalone options are also available (see Table 2). Just purchase the appropriate licenses for the number of mailboxes you need to support. For cloud and virtual appliances, simply order the software licenses to get entitlement.

Term-based Subscription Licenses

Licenses are term-based subscriptions of 1, 3, or 5 years.

Quantity-based Subscription Licenses

The Cisco Email Security portfolio uses tiered pricing based on the number of mailboxes. Sales and partner representatives will help you determine the correct customer deployment.

The major components of each software offering are provided in Table 2.

Table 2. Software components

Software License Agreements

The Cisco End-User License Agreement is provided with each software license purchase.


For more information, Cisco Firewall License

Software subscription support

All email security licenses include software subscription support that is essential to keeping business-critical applications available, highly secure, and operating at peak performance. This support entitles you to the services listed below for the full term of the purchased software subscription.

  • Software updates and major upgrades keep applications performing at their best, with the most current features.
  • The Cisco Technical Assistance Center provides fast, specialized support.
  • Online tools build and expand in-house expertise and boost business agility.
  • Collaborative learning provides additional knowledge and training opportunities.

Where to deploy

All Cisco Email Security deployments options share a simple approach to implementation. The system setup wizard can handle even complex environments and will have you up and protected in just minutes, making you safer faster. Licensing is user based, not device based, so you can apply it per user instead of per device to provide inbound as well as outbound email gateway protection at no additional cost.


Cisco Email Security in the cloud provides you with a flexible deployment model for email security. It helps you reduce costs with co-management and no onsite email security infrastructure. Dedicated email security deployments in multiple resilient Cisco data centers provide the highest levels of service availability and data protection. Customers retain access to (and visibility of) the cloud infrastructure, and comprehensive reporting and message tracking helps assure administrative flexibility. This service is all inclusive, with software, computing power, and support bundled for simplicity.


The Cisco License Email Security Virtual Appliance significantly lowers the cost of deploying email security, especially in highly distributed networks. This appliance lets your network manager create instances where and when they are needed, using your existing network infrastructure. A software version of the physical appliance runs on top of a VMware ESXi hypervisor and Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS) servers. You receive an unlimited license for the virtual appliance with the purchase of any Cisco Email Security software bundle.

With the virtual appliance, you can respond instantly to increasing traffic growth with simplified capacity planning. You don’t need to buy and ship appliances, so you can support new business opportunities without adding complexity to a data center or having to hire additional staff.


The Cisco Email Security Appliance is a gateway typically deployed in a network edge outside the firewall (the so-called demilitarized zone). Incoming SMTP traffic is directed to the appliance’s data interface according to specifications set by your mail exchange records. The appliance filters it and redelivers it to your network mail server. Your mail server also directs outgoing mail to the data interface, where it is filtered according to outgoing policies and then delivered to external destinations.


The hybrid solution provides you with maximum flexibility. You can mix any deployment options to best suit your needs. For example, you can take advantage of Cisco Email Security in the cloud to protect against threats in incoming messages while deploying outbound control of sensitive messages onsite. You can also choose to deploy inbound threat protection on-premises and in the cloud to transition to the cloud at your own pace.

You can also run on-premises and virtual Cisco Email Security in the same deployment. So your small branch offices or remote locations can have the same protection you get at headquarters without the need to install and support hardware at those locations. You can easily manage custom deployments with the Cisco Content Security Management Appliance or Cisco Content Security Management Virtual Appliance.

Table 3 presents the performance specifications for Cisco Email Security while Table 4 presents the hardware specifications and Table 5 presents the specifications for a virtual deployment. Table 6 presents specifications for the Secure Management Appliance M-Series Platform. Table 7 includes information on the virtual machine hardware requirements for the Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection on-premises sensor deployment.

Table 3. Cisco Email Security performance specifications

Software components
Cisco ESA License

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