Cisco Prime License Manager License

Cisco Prime License Manager 

Cisco Prime License Manager License
Cisco Prime License Manager License


The Cisco PLM enables simplified management of user-based licensing, including license fulfillment. Cisco PLM provides supports allocation of licenses across supported products, and provides high-level reporting of usage and entitlement. 

The Cisco Prime License manager integrates with the Cisco Prime management and offers new features and capabilities and extends support for Cisco Emergency Responder and supports the following Cisco Collaboration applications: 

  • Cisco Unified CM 
  • Cisco Unified CM Session Management Edition (SME) 
  • Cisco IM and Presence Service 
  • Cisco Unity Connection 
  • Cisco Business Edition 6000 
  • Cisco Emergency Responder 
  • Cisco WebEx Meetings Server 

Here are some of the things you can do to administer your licenses:   

With Cisco Prime License Manager, you can determine licensing requirements for your product and Migrate your existing licenses. Cisco Prime License Manager manages upgraded product  instances that implement a different licensing methodology. Also, you are able to Perform new license fulfillment and create a License Plan.   


For more information, Cisco Prime License

First purchase your licenses or use your service contract to get a PAK. Then, enter your PAK into the License Fulfillment screen of Cisco Prime License Manager and, through the e-Fulfillment process, fulfill your licenses. Cisco Prime License Manager communicates with Cisco licensing servers and your new licenses will be installed and ready to use.  

Generally, there are three types of license upgrades that Cisco Prime License Manager can offer:   

  • License feature upgrades    
  • License version upgrades    
  • License feature and version  upgrades  

Licenses are  fulfilled to a specific Cisco Prime License Manger. If you require licenses to be moved to a new Cisco Prime License Manager, they will be need to be rehosted.   

A rehost may be required if:   

  • A hardware failure occurred and new hardware is required for Cisco Prime License Manager    
  • Multiple Cisco Prime License Managers are desired and a subset of fulfillment licenses need to be moved to a new Cisco Prime License Manager   







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