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Cisco Prime License Manager License

Cisco Prime License Manager

Cisco Prime is an IT strategy based on the concept of network service management and a set of features, which provides a user experience including intuitive workflows across all Cisco architectures and technologies. Overall, Cisco Prime for IT products facilitate network management, improve operational efficiency, reduce errors, and make network service delivery more predictable.

Cisco Prime License Manager License

The Cisco Prime for IT strategy supports integrated lifecycle management of networks, services and endpoint devices for borderless networks, data centers and collaboration architectures. It also helps the IT department achieve the following:

  • Improving operational efficiency: reducing network errors, speeding up troubleshooting and improving network service delivery.
  • Reducing the amount of investment: by investing in such management systems that are converged (Integrated), the total cost of organizations and companies that they consider for their infrastructure will be saved.
  • Reduced operational costs: speed in deployments, reduced human resources, and reduced training needs due to simple-to-use tools, workflows, and best-in-class automated solutions that facilitate network management.

The concept of network service management:

Cisco Prime is built on a top-down approach to managing network services. This top-down method starts from the application level and expands to the services up to the network infrastructure. This method provides fast and effective troubleshooting for network services. It also allows operators to find and isolate problems at the infrastructure level.

Also, this method supports integrated workflows that simplify provisioning and service settings, reduce errors, and increase deployment speed. By using a top-down network service management approach, Cisco Prime for IT products speed up troubleshooting and significantly improve operational efficiency.

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What is Cisco prime license manager

Enterprise-wide user-based licensing management, including license fulfillment, is made simple by Cisco Prime License Manager. The Cisco Prime License Manager manages licensing fulfillment, facilitates license allocation and reconciliation between supported products, and offers enterprise-level usage and entitlement reporting.

The Cisco Prime management family of products is aligned with Cisco Prime License Manager (Prime LM, formerly Cisco Enterprise License Manager). The addition of support for Cisco Emergency Responder along with new features and capabilities is provided by Cisco Prime LM. As well as supporting multiple clusters and product versions, including Cisco Unified CM version 9, Cisco Prime LM also supports multiple clusters. x and 10. X.

If you choose to stay on Cisco Enterprise License Manager (ELM) 9.x and have 10.x clusters, ELM can support both Unified CM 9.x and 10.x versions with an update to a Cisco Option Package (COP) file; However, Cisco strongly recommends upgrading to Cisco Prime LM to take advantage of new features and functions.

The following Cisco Collaboration applications are currently supported by Cisco Prime LM:

  • CM Cisco Unified.
  • Cisco Unity Connection
  • Cisco Emergency Response
  • Cisco Business Edition 6000
  • Cisco IM and Presence Service
  • WebEx Meetings Server from Cisco
  • Cisco Unified CM Session Management Edition (SME)

Cisco Prime License

You can check the status of the system using the views offered by the Cisco Prime License Manager interface, which are as follows:

  • Dashboard View
  • The Dashboard View
  • View of license usage

The Dashboard offers an “at-a-glance” overview of the system. Within Cisco Prime License Manager, links in the dashboard lead to pages that are related to them.

Cisco prime license manager key features

Cisco Prime features common features for simple management, improved operations, and better predictability across architectures, networks, and services. Each Cisco Prime for IT product includes one or more of six common features.

Device support from day one

The IT department can be sure about the new devices and technologies that are coming to the market and developed by Cisco. Because they are supported by Cisco Prime for IT products from the very first day. As a result, new products can be easily managed, adjusted and entered into the network. Support is also provided for older products for which updates are available.

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Virtual and physical appliances

The products are available in physical and virtual form, all complete with operating system, application and database. Both physical and virtual appliances are ready to work. No setup or configuration required.

Smart interactions

This licensed Cisco feature delivers automated self-help tools that speed up network troubleshooting. These tools help IT departments to diagnose and solve problems faster and more effectively.

Full lifecycle management

Cisco prime license manager for IT products automate and streamline the lifecycle processes required to manage a network. The lifespan of workflows in these products is carefully designed to quickly access important information and perform the tasks that are needed faster.

Cisco License

Improved operating experience

It includes ease of use with an intuitive user interface and an improved methodology for the operator among all the products offered. Cisco has combined IT operator processes with Cisco best practices to create a superior user experience. And the result is a new generation graphical interface that offers ease of use, automated workflows and a state-of-the-art user experience.

Integrated with Cisco’s best solutions

Guided workflows and automatic troubleshooting tools based on approved designs and best solutions developed by Cisco. Using these best solutions implemented by the best in the industry helps IT departments to save time and reduce the needs and problems of employees. This helps support teams to quickly resolve a wide range of user issues.

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