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Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License

Cisco UCCX License

The licensed Cisco UCCX ( Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License ) is a “unified contact center” that provides a secure and easy-to-replace customer interaction management solution for 400 professionals. It is an IP-based automatic call distribution system that queues and distributes incoming calls from customers of Cisco Unified Communications Management organizations.

One of the important features of the licensed Cisco UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express) is strong service delivery and the use of fully coordinated and integrated self-service applications. By providing a highly advanced automatic call distribution system (ACD), an intelligent IVR system and a telephone and computer integration system (CTI), it leads to a reduction in company costs and an increase in customer response.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License

Developers can use Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License to integrate with:

  • UCCX Editor: Allows clients to use a visual programming environment to create multimedia and telephony application languages.
  • Computer Telephone Integration Protocol (CTI): Enables clients to create desktop applications and reports for third-party experts and supervisors.
  • Setup REST API: Allows clients to access system management configuration to create their own management interface or automate UCCX installation.
  • Cisco Identity Client Services Software Development Kit (SDK): Allows end users to use web applications from various web applications and applications built with APIs.

Cisco UCCX key benefits

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with perfect communication
  • Improving labor productivity and thus more work with less effort and cost
  • Significant cost optimization with only one solution that is easy to replace and use.

The Cisco Express Integrated Call Center System includes the following components that provide other applications with programmable interfaces:

  • Finesse
  • Web application with API management
  • Cisco Express Integrated Call Center Engine

In addition to these parts that operate on the licensed Cisco UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express), Social Miner is used when chatting with clients and email channels in finding solutions on UCCX. This solution also provides interfaces for customizing web chats with clients.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License

The core engine of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) implements important functions of Contact Center Express, including:

For more information, Cisco UC License
  • IVR features for voice calls
  • Audience queuing and routing
  • Programmable programming scripts
  • Management of experts and audiences
  • Computer and Telephone Integration (CTI)
  • Create live data and reports based on history

The PC/Telephone Integration Server and the Programmable Scripting Engine are two interfaces that can interact with the Cisco Express Unified Call Center Engine for external applications.

Computer and Telephone Integration Server (CTI)

The CTI server is responsible for maintaining the number of calls, the current status of the experts, and the socket connections to all PC and Phone Integration clients. Also, this server processes all CTI client applications and sends updates when modifications occur. CTI clients connect to the CTI server/CCX engine through the licensed UCCX CTI protocol and communicate. Applications can use the CTI protocol for the following:

  • Receive expert events and team configuration
  • Create expert login requests
  • Silent monitoring of calls
  • Make / answer / end calls
  • Status management
  • and many other operations

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License

Programmable scripting engine

Cisco UCCX ( Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License ) provides developers with the ability to program the enterprise logic engine for how to handle a voice call or a web user interaction. Scripting involves building business workflows using the licensed Cisco UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express)editor. A dedicated tool in this field that is defined for planning and saving work routines. This tool is also available as a file to be uploaded to UCCX via web management and REST interface.

The UCCX editor provides a graphical user interface for creating and testing scripts offline, or directly makes an HTTP or voice call to the UCCX server to which the editor is attached. It is necessary to perform individual script programming steps from a Select the current set of steps. If the existing steps are not enough, the Java programming language can be used to implement custom actions.

Integrated web applications for managing Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License

The UCCX web administration application for setup exposes REST APIs that can be used to implement all UCCX system configurations. These setup APIs can be used to run all the original system setups and configuration tasks usually performed after installation.

The following statements summarize the standard URL structure for configuration APIs and typical operations that are supported:

The normal flow of activities for updating a thing or entity should be:

  • Retrieve all instances of a thing.
  • Get the instance to modify, select and ID it.
  • Retrieve specific instance information using the object’s instance ID.
  • Make the necessary corrections to the transferred data of that object.
  • Update that particular thing using that thing’s updated transferred data.


Phineas provides REST APIs for voice call control and expert status management. In conjunction with the licensed Cisco UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express) engine, Finesse uses the CTI protocol. In a UCCX solution, Phineas is bundled with UCCX, which means that Phineas is part of the UCCX installer.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License

Clients don’t know anything about the CTI protocol when they use Finesse REST APIs. REST APIs abstract all call control operations and expert status management activities that were traditionally performed using CTI emails.


Cisco Social Miner serves as the entry point for chat and email channels in a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License (UCCX) solution. This system controls the flow of chat and email media to the client who started the chat or email from the expert’s desktop. SocialMiner exposes REST APIs that can be used to chat with UCCX’s custom web clients.

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