Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License

Cisco UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express)

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License


The Cisco UCCX is a is secure, Riesling and robust Linux based appliance that is less complex and provides for faster installation, easier upgrades and less frequent patching. Cisco UCCX can be integrated with Cisco Unified Communication Manager or Cisco Unified Communication Manager Business Edition. Unified CCX provides option to address multiple contact center functional areas using a variety of server deployment models. The Cisco UCCX(Cisco Unified Contact Center Express License) is available in three different packages: standard, enhanced and premium.

Cisco UCCX Features

  • Supports inbound voice and outbound voice
  • Agent email
  • Supports inbound Web Chat
  • Supports historical and real-time reporting
  • Supports call recording and monitoring
  • Includes Cisco Compliance Recording, Quality Manager and Advanced Quality Manager
  • Developers can integrate with Unified CCX through:
      • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Protocol
      • Configuration REST API
      • Cisco Unified CCX Editor
      • Cisco Identity Service Client SDK

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Unified CCX Engine

  • IVR functionalities for voice calls
  • Programmable Scripting
  • Agent and Contact management
  • Contact Queue and routing
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Messaging
  • Data generation for Live Data and Historical Reports


Programmable Scripting Engine

Unified CCX provides an ability for developers to program the business logic of how to handle a Voice Call or an Http Contact (Web Action performed by a user) by the engine. The scripting involves building the business workflow using a proprietary domain specific programming tool, the Unified CCX Editor, and save the defined workflow as a file to be uploaded to UCCX via the administration web and REST interface.

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Cisco UCCX License

Initially, the UCCX Installation DVD is bundled with a 25-seat premium demo license which is valid for 60days and includes all the features.

Currently, below license packages are available for Cisco UCCX:

  • UCCX IP IVR License
  • UCCX Standard License
  • UCCX Enhanced License
  • UCCX Premium License

The Premium License include all features which can be enabled on UCCX server such as application, trigger, services, component and subsystem availability features.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Order Pricing

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