Cisco WSA License

Cisco WSA License
Cisco WSA License

Cisco Web Security Appliance

Cisco WSA is a proven on-premise solution that protect businesses with broad threat intelligence, multi layers of defense and vital data loss prevention capabilities. Cisco web security appliance intercepts and monitors internet traffic and applies policies to help keep your internal network secure from malware, sensitive data loss, productivity loss and other internet-based threats. It combines advanced threat defense, advanced malware protection, AMP application visibility control, ABC insightful reporting secure mobility and more all in a single solution it also helps secure and control web traffic while simplifying deployment and reducing costs.

Before, During and After attack Protection

Cisco WSA offers Before, During and After attack Protection.

Before: Cisco WSA detects and correlates threats on real time by tapping into the largest threat detection network in the world, TALOS security intelligence and research group. To discover where threats are hiding, Talos pulls massive quantities of information from multiple sources, firewall, IPS, Web, email and VPN. Talos refreshes this information every three to five minutes. Adding intelligence to and receiving intelligence from, Cisco WSA and other network security devices. This allows Cisco WSA to deliver solid defense hours and even days ahead of competitors. Cisco WSA analyzes and categorizes unknown URLs and blocks those that fall below a defined security threshold. The instant web request is made, web reputation filters analyze more than 200 different web traffic and network related parameters to determine the level of risk associated with a site. After checking parameters, like the domain owner, the server where the site is hosted, the time that the site was created and the type of site, the site is given a reputation score. Based on that score, the site is blocked, allowed or delivered with a warning. Cisco WSA combines traditional URL filtering with real time analysis. It shuts down access to site known to host malware, based on a list of known websites from a Cisco database of over 50 million blocked sites. It accurately identifies inappropriate content in real time for 90 percent of unknown URLs.

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During: Cisco WSA provides enhanced malware defense signature and analytical scanning engines that run in parallel on single appliance. Cisco WSA integrates data loss prevention (DLP), functionality with DLP solutions from leading vendors. Powerful engines inspect outbound traffic, analyze it for content markers such as confidential files, credit card numbers, customer data and more, and prevent these data to being uploaded to the web. Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) uncovers precise details about that file’s behavior and combines that data with detailed human and machine analysis to determine its disposition.

After: If a final disposition changes to malicious after entering the network AMP will retrospectively alert the user and the administrator. 

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