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Citrix License

Citrix License

Citrix License, Inc. is an American multinational software company that provides server, application and desktop virtualization, networking, software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing technologies. Citrix products are claimed to be in use by over 400,000 clients worldwide, including 99% of the Fortune 100, and 98% of the Fortune 500.The company was founded in Richardson, Texas in 1989 by Ed Iacobucci, who served as chairman until his departure in 2000. It began by developing remote access products for Microsoft operating systems, licensing source code from Microsoft, and has been in partnership with the company throughout its history. By the 1990s, Citrix came to prominence as an industry leader in thin client technology, enabling purpose-built devices to access remote servers and resources. The company launched its first initial public offering in 1995 and, with few competitors, experienced large revenue increases between 1995 and 1999. Citrix acquired Sequoia Software Corp. in 2001 and ExpertCity, a provider of remote desktop products, in 2003. This was followed by more than a dozen other acquisitions from 2005 to 2012, which allowed Citrix to expand into server and desktop virtualization, cloud computing, Infrastructure as a Service, and Software as a Service offering. In 2014, Citrix acquired Framehawk and used its technology to improve the delivery of virtual desktops and applications over wireless networks. In 2016, as part of a US$1billion product deal with LogMeIn, Citrix spun off the GoTo product line into a new business entity, entitled Get 

Go. In 2017, Citrix completed the merger of GetGo with LogMeIn’s products. Citrix has corporate headquarters in both Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Santa Clara, California, with subsidiary operations in California and Massachusetts, and additional development centers in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, and the United Kingdom. In 2019, Citrix generated $3.01 billion in revenue and had 8,400 employees. 

Citrix Products 

Citrix creates software that allows the individuals of an enterprise to work and collaborate remotely regardless of device or network. The main areas the company works in are desktop and apps; Desktop as a Service (DaaS); networking and cloud and Software as a service (SaaS).  

Citrix Apps 

Citrix offers a number of products related to desktop and application virtualization. These tools allow access to Windows desktops and applications independently of the machine they are actually on, and from any device with any operating system.[84] Citrix XenApp provides application virtualization (now integrated as part of XenDesktop), and Citrix  XenDesktop, Citrix VDI-in-a-Box and XenClient all provide desktop virtualization. The DesktopPlayer for Mac allows online and offline access to Windows virtual desktops from Macs. Citrix Workspace Cloud is a platform for building and delivering desktops and applications from the cloud. ShareFile allows companies and organizations to sync and share files.  Xen Mobile offers mobile app and device management, Citrix Receiver is a client software that allows universal access to virtual applications and desktops, and AppDNA, software that provides application migration and managemet. 

Citrix Desktop as a service (DaaS) 

Citrix technology enables service providers to provide Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offerings to their customers, including business apps and desktops.These products include: Worx Mobile Apps for secure email, browser, and document sharing; and Citrix Workspace Suite for mobile workspaces 

Citrix Networking and Cloud Solutions  

Citrix products related to cloud computing and networking include Citrix XenServer for server virtualization and its NetScaler brand of network appliances, including WAN optimization devices, Software-Defined WAN delivery equipment, Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), Gateways, and AppFirewall web application firewall.All this are managed by their cloud management software Citrix Cloud. The company also has ByteMobile Adaptive Traffic Management, which aims to optimize mobile video services through traffic management, policy control and caching, and ByteMobile Insight, which provides mobile data and subscriber analytics .

Citrix SaaS Solutions 

Citrix  software as a service (SaaS) products are focused on collaboration and communications. The offerings include Podio, a cloud-based collaboration service, and OpenVoice, which provides audio conferencing. 


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