Citrix License

Citrix License

Citrix software is used to implement virtualization technology. Citrix has produced various products to meet the needs of its customers. Products for server, application and desktop virtualization. Citrix implementation is a difficult task and mostly requires command line commands. Unlike VMware products that are easy to install. Instead, Citrix products are easy to troubleshoot.

citrix license

When we talk about virtualization technology, the names of a few companies are heard more than others among network administrators. One of these companies that operates in all fields of virtualization, including server virtualization, desktop virtualization, and application virtualization, is Citrix.

The founder of Citrix was a person named Ed Lacobucci, who was actually an employee of IBM. In 1989, he was able to start the Citrix Company by investing several million dollars in Richardson, Texas. Most of the founders of the Citrix Company worked together on the OS/2 project at IBM. One of the reasons Lacobucci left IBM was the rejection of his theory for multiuser support of the OS/2 project by the senior managers of IBM.

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Citrix Products

After some time of activity, Citrix launched its first licensed product called Citrix MultiUser. Unfortunately, due to the lack of support from Microsoft, this product could not appear successfully and was not welcomed by the public. For this reason, Citrix could not make significant profit and income until around 1995. But soon after, with the support of several investors and companies such as Microsoft and Intel in Citrix, this company was able to continue its work.


By producing this licensed product and making changes on it, Citrix license released a new licensed product called WinView to the market. WinView software is actually known as the first successful product of Citrix Company. In less than 30 years, Citrix has perfected its activities and introduced various products in all fields of virtualization and cloud computing to the market. Without a doubt, XenApp is one of the most successful products of Citrix.

Netware Access Server

In the early 1990s, Citrix bought a product called Netware Access Server, which was a product based on DOS, from a company called Novell. The licensed Citrix Novell is currently a subsidiary of Micro Focus. This product had the same functionality as Microsoft’s Terminal Service or Remote Desktop. In fact, in Netware, users were allowed to access their software and desktop remotely.

Citrix solutions

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) can be mentioned among the most important business methods of Citrix.

VDI software

This category of Citrix software allows users to independently access their Windows desktops and software without the need for equipment.

Citrix License

Citrix XenApp software

Performs software virtualization operations. Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix VDI-in-a-Box, Citrix XenClient can be mentioned among Citrix software that performs desktop virtualization operations.

Citrix XenDesktop key features
  • being flexible
  • Low permeability
  • High data security
  • Cheap and easy management
  • HDX technology and excellent user experience

Desktop as a service (Daas)

By using this technology, suppliers can provide desktop service and exclusive software of their company to their customers. These software include Worx Mobile App for secure email and browsers as well as file sharing, and Citrix Workspace suite software for portable workspaces such as mobile phones.

Citrix XenDesktop key features
  • High data security
  • Easier implementation
  • The costs are much lower
  • Improve network performance
  • Ability to customize the system
  • It has the ability to install connections
  • Simple network troubleshooting and recovery
  • Transferring to higher platforms is very simple and easy

Software as a service (SaaS)

In the field of software as a service, Citrix has focused more on collaboration and communication in business. Among these products, we can mention Podio and OpenVoice.

SaaS XenDesktop key features
  • Permanent access
  • Reduction in costs
  • High processing speed
  • Having unlimited hardware resources for the server
  • Centralized support and monitoring of systems.
  • High security due to lack of physical access to information
  • Servers will be fully compatible with systems and software

Achievements of Citrix Company

  • The number of Citrix employees in 2017 was more than 8000 people
  • Currently, more than 100 million people use Citrix products all over the world
  • Also, this company was able to achieve a profit of more than 3 billion dollars in 2017
  • The production software of Citrix company allows the users of any business to cooperate with this company without the need of network and equipment


Citrix is ​​one of the oldest and most famous companies in the computer network industry, which started its work in 1989. But due to the fact that this company’s products are unknown in some countries, there are concerns about the use of this company’s products. Citrix is considered one of the most popular and strongest products in the field of virtualization technology by offering products such as XenServer and XenDesktop.

How does Citrix Receiver work?

2018 saw the app known as Citrix Workspace license replace Citrix Receiver license. It is software that allows client devices to connect to various Citrix desktop virtualization services.

Citrix Virtual Apps, also known as Citrix XenApp, and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, also known as Citrix Workspace, are accessible through Citrix Receiver and now Citrix Workspace.

The licensed Citrix Receiver was phased out in August 2018 in favor of the Citrix Workspace app. Although Citrix releases new features for the Workspace, older versions of Citrix Receiver are still available for download.

The Citrix Workspace app is what, exactly?

Client-side software for the Workspace platform is called the licensed Citrix Workspace app. Through the Workspace app on any device or network, users can securely access all Workspace applications, services, and data.

On the interface, you can access files, mobile apps, and virtual apps. All devices that can access them store and update files dynamically.

In addition to unified administration of other Citrix client software technologies, the Citrix Workspace app incorporates the capabilities of Citrix Receiver.

  • HDX by Citrix
  • Citrix Gateway add-ons
  • Citrix Content Collaboration
  • Citrix Endpoint Management Secure Hub

Citrix Receivers versus. Citrix Workspace application.

Before the licensed Citrix Workspace app took its place (Not a standalone application) Citrix Receiver came with XenApp and XenDesktop subscriptions. On the other hand, Workspace can be installed without relying on those subscriptions.

All platforms formerly connected to the licensed Citrix Receiver are supported by the Workspace app. The use of self-service portals to request Citrix resources and embedded browsing for software as a service (SaaS) apps are among its additional features. Although some third-party integrations are not backward compatible, it is fully backward compatible with the Citrix infrastructure.

For instance, while earlier versions of Citrix Receiver could not, Workspace can use Azure Active Directory for authentication.


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