Commvault License

Commvault License

Commvault License

Commvault Complete Backup Overview 

Commvault License Is provides seamless and efficient backup and restore of data and information in the enterprise from most mainstream operating systems, databases, and applications. The backup and recovery system uses agents to interface with file systems and applications to facilitate the transfer of data from production systems to the protected environment.  


Full Backup 

Backups for any client start with a full backup. For Agents that support non-full backups, the full backup becomes a baseline to which subsequent backup types are applied. For example, if an agent supports incremental backups, a full backup must be performed before an incremental backup can be initiated. 


Incremental Backup 

An incremental backup contains only data that is new or has changed since the last backup, regardless of the type. On average, incremental backups consume far less media and place less of a burden on resources than full backups. 


Differential Backup 

A differential backup contains only the data that is new or has changed since the last full backup. Like incremental backups, differential backups, on average, consume less media and place less of a burden on resources than full backups. 


Synthetic Full Backup 

Synthetic full backups consolidate the data from the latest full backup or synthetic full backup together with any subsequent incremental backups into one archive file, instead of reading and backing up data directly from the client computer. Since synthetic full backups do not back up data from the client computer, this operation imposes no load on the client computer. 


Selective Online Full Backup 

For certain databases, a selective online full backup is a full backup that you perform when the database is online. A selective copy subclient includes the data, logs and control file. The backup is copied to a selective copy during the auxiliary copy operation.

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery 

Your status quo backup is broken! Whether it’s a lack of automation that slows response times, an inability to scale cost-effectively, a lack of support for today’s modern cloud environments, or an inability to meet governance regulations like GDPR, yesterday’s solutions are not addressing your needs today. Despite these challenges, the value of your data continues to increase, making protection of your data more important than ever. You need a solution network license that allows your company to innovate and grow while keeping the business running uninterrupted, proactively enabling rapid change, and applying effective governance in the face of regulatory shifts. Additionally, you want a solution that reduces administrative complexity while being delivered at the same or lower cost as your current solution.Ultimately, you need a backup and recovery solution that helps you address these challenges and increase your ability to respond across the following areas: 

Commvault License Complete Backup & Recovery includes everything you need to conduct backup, recovery, and archiving activities, enable operational reporting, and perform hardware snapshot management, all in one complete solution. 



  • Complete backup & recovery – All File, App,VM 
  • File/VM archiving 
  • Encryption 
  • DR – Failover/Failback/conversion 
  • Hardware snapshot management 
  • Replication & VM Live Sync 
  • Backup Operational Reporting 
  • Enterprise tape management and tracking 


  • Endpoint data protection 
  • Mailbox protection 


Commvault HyperScale 


On-premises scale-out backup and recovery infrastructure delivering “Cloud-like” scale, cost, and flexibility. 

Commvault Orchestrate 


Provision, sync and validate your data in any environment for important IT needs like Application Disaster Recovery testing, Dev/Test, and Workload Migration. 

Commvault Activate 


Extract data insights for better data governance and business outcomes



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