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Since its beginning, DELL EMC has focused on specialized systems and solutions for information storage and information management. The company offers a wide range of products for any type of organization. The most important activity of this company is providing up-to-date and professional hardware in the field of information storage and data networks, as well as related software.

EMC storage refers to EMC data storage products. These products are sold through Dell partners and sellers. EMC storage sales also refer to the company’s core technologies, including tools that help organizations design, implement, and manage strong, flexible, scalable, and secure storage infrastructure and information.

EMC License

Dell EMC storages Disk Array Enclosure

This is the most important part of your EMC License storage system in your network. The number of drives supported in each array of this storage system entirely depends on the version of your EMC storage system. For example, the EMC VNX Storage Model 5100 has the ability to support up to 75 drives. In the case of large EMC storage systems, the storage processor compartments act as the disk processor compartment. As these parts are very vulnerable, it is best to leave any maintenance to specialists.

EMC storages Disk Processor Enclosure

This part is the real part of your EMC storage system and includes the EMC shelves where the information is stored. In this section, the number of drives supported on each shelf depends entirely on the version of your EMC storage system.

EMC storages Control Station Sections

These sections provide management functionality to Data Movers or Blades. These blades have the ability to access hosts and access data from the backend. Each storage array has a blade. These blades can have different sizes and scales depending on the needs of organizations. It should be noted that data transmitters are located in the Data Mover section.

Unity EMC storages

In 2016, DELL EMC introduced a new storage device called UNITY. These storage devices have features such as simplicity, modern design, cost-effective and flexible in development, and to meet the SAN / NAS storage resources needed for small or medium-sized organizations with different workloads, including Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Designed by SAP, VDI, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Unity EMC Benefits

Key features of EMC License UNITY storage products are mentioned as below:

  • Supports Block, File, VVOLs
  • Use HTML5 based user interface
  • Support for new 3D TLC NAND Flash drives
  • Use of Linux-based Operating Environment
  • Supports 64-bit File System up to a maximum capacity of 64 TB
  • Supports 295 KIOPS and 80 TB Flash capacity in 2U equivalent space
  • Using Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 series multi-core processors (Haswell)
  • Support for Native Encryption (D @ RE), Unified Snapshot, Unified Replication
  • Maximum efficiency and minimum cost using Extended Cache (FAST Cache), Storage Auto Tiering (FAST VP)
  • Support for advanced Disaster Recovery and Continues availability solutions using RecoverPoint and VPLEX
  • Fifty percent reduction in energy consumption and product efficiency up to three times compared to VNX2 storage

Unity EMC Benefits

Unity Storage Components

Unity storage devices are divided into three categories:

  • Unity Hybrid: If you are looking for unique features for entry-level storage and if you do not want to spend a lot of money on your data center storage, the best choice may be “EMC Unity Hybrid”. EMC Unity Hybrid Storage is designed based on Flash functionality and perfectly suited for application operations, integrated storage space and remote access.
  • All-Flash Unity: EMC Unity All Flash storages are very fast and have the ability to expand data in the cloud drives. If you are looking for raw power and absolute simplicity in a small footprint, it is better to look for this type of storage. Unity All Flash offers the best performance for mixed applications, integrated storage and remote access with low response time.
  • Unity VSA: It will allow you to have a virtual DELL EMC unity integrated storage. This storage runs specifically on standard hardware and VMware ESXI. Virtual storage reduces costs and increases flexibility.

EMC Deployment Methods

Depending on the design and structure of the network, you can use these storage systems to store different data. EMC storage systems(EMC License) such as the VNX series are designed to deliver optimal and efficient performance while using the least amount of energy. Due to their different design, they use an adaptive cooling process to prevent the systems from overheating.

This type of storage has a dual power supply to use as a backup power supply in case of problems and failure of one of these power supplies. Also these storage devices have a very user-friendly user interface that anyone can easily work with and does not need to have advanced knowledge in the field of storage devices.

EMC Deployment

EMC Order Pricing

The cost you pay to buy these storage systems depends entirely on the form of configuration, the type of data you store and the space required to store all your data. These types of storage systems, which have advanced connectivity to a variety of equipment, give you a lot of processing power.

It is also good to know that the maintenance costs of these storage devices are not different from other brands in the world, and if there is no unexpected problem, they have a reasonable maintenance cost.

EMC Order Pricing

Customers can order various EMC software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at Golicense.net.

EMC License

Customers are able to get more information about different EMC licenses from our sales specialists.

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