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F5 BIG-IP Standard Series 10000 License

F5 BIG-IP Standard Series 10000 License

The BIG-IP i10000 series is a series of high-performance ADC equipment designed for medium to large enterprises and organizations. This series comes in two models i10600 and i10800 and using two TurboFlex FPGAs, two power supplies with high reliability and efficiency, it provides exceptional performance and presence. This algorithm is also used for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). The suite also supports 100M Layer 4 concurrent connectivity, up to 16 vADC guests, and 160 /80 GB L4/L7 capacity for application consolidation and services. BIG-IP i10000 series operating systems are available as a 1RU device.

F5 BIG-IP Standard Series 10000 License

F5 BIG-IP Standard Series 10000 License

F5 ScaleN 

F5 ScaleN technology enables organizations to scale performance, virtualize or horizontally group multiple BIG-IP devices to create an elastic network infrastructure for application delivery that scales efficiently  as requirements change. Scale-On-Demand Increases capacity and performance by scaling-on-demand by simply adding more power to your existing infrastructure rather than adding devices.

Select BIG-IP appliance models can be upgraded to the most powerful model within each series through software-on-demand licenses, allowing organizations to support growth without new hardware.   Operational Scaling Virtualize ADC services with a multi-tenant architecture that supports a variety of BIG-IP versions and product modules on a single appliance. F5’s Virtual Cluster Multiprocessing (vCMP) technology allows certain hardware platforms to run multiple instances of BIG-IP guests.Each guest instance acts as a physical BIG-IP device with a dedicated allocation of CPU, memory, and other resources.

vCMP provides a per-guest bandwidth rate limit that allows  different throughput levels  for each guest.   Further partition each vCMP guest using multi-tenant features such as partitions and routing domains, which can isolate settings and networks per virtual domain. Within each virtual domain, you can further isolate and secure settings and policies with a role-based access system for administrative control. When path domains/partitions are combined with vCMP guests, F5 provides the highest density multi-tenant virtualization solution, scaling to thousands of virtual ADC  (vADC) instances.

This ability to virtualize BIG-IP ADC services means service providers and business users can be isolated based on the BIG-IP version, allowing for project or department-based multi-tenancy as well as performance guarantees, consolidated management of the application delivery platform, and increased utilization. Application Scaling Increases capacity by adding BIG-IP resources through an all-active approach and scales beyond the traditional appliance pair to eliminate costly, idle  standby resources. Application scaling achieves this through two forms of horizontal scaling. One of them is the Application Service Cluster, which focuses on application scalability and high availability.

The other is Device Service Clustering, designed to efficiently and transparently scale BIG-IP application delivery services and synchronize  application policies.Application Service Clustering provides sub-second failover and end-to-end connection mirroring for a high-availability cluster of up to eight appliances at the application layer, enabling high-availability multi-tenant deployments. Workloads can be moved across a cluster of appliances or virtual instances without disrupting other services and can be scaled to meet business needs. 


Device Service Clustering can synchronize complete device configurations in a fully active deployment model, enabling consistent  deployment and policy enforcement across devices with up to 32 active nodes. This ensures  consistent device configuration with  hardened firewall synchronization and access policies to simplify operations and reduce attack surfaces.


  • Dimensions: 1.72” (4.37cm) Hx17.4” (44.2cm) Wx30.6” (77.72 cm) D-1U industry standard rack-mount chassis
  • Processor: One 8-Core Intel Xeon processor (total 16 hyperthreaded logical processor cores)
  • Communication: 6×40 Gigabit Fiber Ports (QSFP), 8 x 10 Gigabit Fiber Ports (SFP)
  • Typical heat output: 1420BTU/hour (dual power supply, 110V input)
  • Power supplies: 2x650W Platinum AC PSU (2x650W DC PSU Option)
  • Typical consumption: 415W (dual power supply, 110V input)
  • Input voltage: 100-240VAC /-10% auto switching.50/60 hz
  • Storage drive capacity: 1x480GB Enterprise Class SSD
  • Operating temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
  • Operating relative humidity: 5% to 85% at 40° C
  • Throughput: 160Gbps / 80 Gbps L4 / L7
  • Weight: 16.3 kg (dual power supply)
  • Ram: 128GB DDR4

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