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F5 VELOS License

F5 VELOS License

The VELOS platform is the next generation of F5’s top chassis-based systems, delivering an enormous performance in a single Application Delivery Controller (ADC). As with VIPRION, F5’s existing chassis-based system, which has been on the market for more than a decade, customers can seamlessly scale capacity by inserting modular blades into a chassis without disrupting users or applications instead of installing and having to configure new devices.

F5 VELOS License

The licensed F5 VELOS can now bridge traditional and modern application architectures by supporting a mix of traditional BIG-IP tenants and next-generation tenants with F5® BIG-IP Next, unleashing the true power of running on a micro services-based system architecture.

VELOS, facilitating transitions

VELOS is based on a platform layer that is tightly integrated with the F5 Traffic Management Operating System that aligns with your modern architectural plans. This new layer of micro services platform excites the next generation of BIG-IP software, BIG-IP Next, which is designed to bring much more automation, scalability, and ease of use to organizations running applications on-premises, in the cloud, or on-the-go. Organizations IT managers don’t need to worry about learning micro services concepts to take advantage of next-gen VELOS or BIG-IP software. They just need to know what drives the new platform, and it’s abstracted for an administrator familiar with the CLI, GUI, and API interfaces to manage. This means you can run tenants concurrently with the current generation of BIG-IP software with the latest micro services-based BIG-IP Next software.

On the other hand, Moving workloads between on-premises and cloud environments eliminates the need for time-consuming migrations involving heavily redesigned applications. The licensed F5 VELOS is a flexible system that allows you to connect the two current versions of BIG-IP and BIGIP Next, so you can easily use multiple versions of BIG-IP.VELOS is better aligned with modern architectures, allowing you to future-proof your deployments and environments. With VELOS you can use F5 OS to manage BIG-IP tenant services for containerized applications.

F5 VELOS key features

Lower Cost of Ownership

The licensed F5 VELOS Reduces total cost of ownership by up to 3x with significantly higher price/performance, device consolidation and multi-tenant scaling.

Infrastructure Reliability and Business Continuity

Achieve business continuity with fully isolated traffic using multiple tenant tiers and ensure our applications are always available and secure with enterprise-class platform redundancy.

Count on automation

The licensed F5 VELOS Reduces your current deployment time from weeks to minutes and improve operational agility with an API-first architecture that drives automation.

Unmatched performance for improved ROI

Manage and protect demanding applications with industry-leading Layer 4 and Layer 7 performance and SSL processing power.


F5 VELOS License


Modern Application Delivery

The F5’s next-generation software, BIG-IP Next, leverages powerful declarative APIs for DevOps, NetOps, and other teams that depend on BIG-IP to more quickly and efficiently manage and deploy their BIG-IP deployments. The completely redesigned software layer and modern framework provide the foundation for significantly improved scale and control plane performance, a reduced cloud footprint for lower operational costs, and fast instance upgrades.

The licensed F5 VELOS continues the comprehensive set of advanced features of BIG-IP developed over the past 20 years and will continue to offer everything from application security and access controls to local and global traffic management and will be available in the same breadth of deployment and consumption models like its predecessor.

When fully mature, F5 VELOS will deliver the following benefits:

  • Handle large application portfolios and complex, resource-intensive application configurations with a highly scalable control plane.
  • Continue to use the advanced services and application modules you know and trust, as most functionality is inherited from BIG-IP Next.
  • Reduce application downtime with fast, seamless upgrades that preserve all existing operations and without disrupting traffic or reducing application availability.
  • Accelerate time to market with a highly automatable API-first design that enables automated onboarding of devices and seamless configuration of application services enabled via API instructions.
  • Maintain a brand new security posture with incremental, accelerated software releases with accelerated feature delivery every three months, twice the frequency of BIG-IP TMOS feature releases.
  • Lower total cost of ownership for the cloud with optimized, right-sized instances that reduce annual expenses and a containerized core that breaks functional modules into discrete units so teams can select and deploy only the capabilities they need.

F5 VELOS License


Maximum Scaling

 F5 has consistently delivered the highest performing ADCs with chassis-based systems since VIPRION’s introduction over a decade ago. As a next-generation chassis, VELOS continues this industry leadership in terms of Layer 4-7 SSL TPS (RSA/ECC) throughput, connection processing and throughput, enabling you to more efficiently manage and protect your demanding applications, offloading web and application servers and Consolidate infrastructure within the same VIPRION footprint.

VELOS offers the highest throughput of per RU as well as several Tbps L4-7 throughput with a non-blocking backplane. In addition, as a fully integrated and tested system, VELOS allows you to achieve predictable performance for your applications. This eliminates the need to design your own application stack using different combinations of server hardware and operating software, hypervisors, ADC software, and so on.

Velos CX410

The VELOS 410 platform is a chassis and blade form factor designed to meet the needs of enterprise network environments that require the ability to handle a wide range of application workloads. Hot-swappable blades allow you to add, remove, or change platform configurations to best suit your network. There are also many other components that can be added, removed or modified, such as system controllers, power controllers, fan trays, LCD panels, etc.

This configuration provides a highly reliable and flexible system capable of handling high volumes of application traffic and functionality even when one of the components is offline. The VELOS chassis accepts AC or DC power as a factory default option. Power supply units (PSUs) are hot-swappable, but you can use AC/HVDC power supplies in AC-powered chassis and DC power supplies in DC-powered chassis. AC/HVDC and DC power types cannot be combined in the chassis.

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