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Genetec License


Genetec license

Genetec is an international company founded in 1997 in Montreal, Canada. The field of activity of this company regarding the production and development of video surveillance software is access control of automatic license plate recognition. Early in its existence, using its IP-based surveillance system, the company became a world leader in integrated image management and recording systems. The company has met all the needs of a collection by providing specialized solutions for any environment such as stores and markets, airports and transportation environments.

Licensed Genetec software is offered in a set called Genetec Security Center, which consists of three parts.

1- Genetec Omnicast: This section is used for video surveillance systems in companies. A prominent feature of this tool is the ability to support a wide range of cameras, video encoders and video surveillance equipment.

2- Genetec Synergis: This part of the Genetec software license is used for more efficient use of Access Controllers. This software also supports a wide range of world-renowned brands in this field.

3- Genetec AutoVu: This part of the software is used to discuss license plate reading.

Genetec License Key Features

In the following, we will introduce the important features of this software suite.

As mentioned earlier, one of the outstanding features of this product is the support of a wide range of brands. Another prominent feature of this product is the high stability of this software suite. These features make it possible to trust this software as an image management software. In this section, we will review the features of this software in general:

Video Trickling

With this feature of Genetec License software, you can save all the images on the camera memory when the storage space is out of the circuit and then save the images from the internal SD card when the storage space is reconnected. You can also save images to the SD card when there is a bandwidth limit for image transfer and storage, and transfer it to storage at a specific time when network traffic is low.


This feature allows system administrators to view all sites and branches in different locations as a single system and to manage them remotely through a single management system.

Remote Desk

This feature is in Genetec licensed software for managing Video Walls. Monitors can be managed using a system, and the images on each LCD can also be managed using this feature and a client.

Ability to use Online Maps

This software has the ability to support online maps including Google Maps, Google Earth and also GIS Map. Using this feature, you can enter the desired location map into the software. In this way, by locating the cameras, you can see and manage them all at once in the map.


Genetec Failover

In fact, failures allow system administrators to keep a server standby for each part of the system. This feature allows the second server to enter the circuit completely automatically as soon as the main server leaves the circuit and no interruptions are achieved in the system. It is possible to enable failovers for the Directory and Archiver sections.

Video Push

Video Push feature in this software, allows the user to add their mobile phone or tablet as a camera in the software. In this way, using the camera, it can record its images in the storage memory and, if necessary, refer to it and see the saved images as a camera.

Visual Tracking

Using this feature of Genetec licensed software, you can specify the parts that need monitoring in one image and locate the next camera in the same image. In this way, you can follow a specific object or person in a general view and do not need to arrange all the cameras.

Genetec Order Pricing

Customers can order various Genetec software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Genetec License

Customers are able to get more information about different Genetec licenses from our sales specialists.  

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