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GFI Archiver License

GFI Archiver

GFI Archiver License

GFI Archiver License

Emails are among the most important sources of information for any organization, and business without them is difficult and sometimes impossible. Email is so important that it is predicted that by 2025, more than 376 billion emails will be sent or received worldwide every day.

Sometimes the content of an email is the only record of an important business transaction. Therefore, losing or deleting important business emails can cause damage to the organization’s image or financial losses, or may even have legal consequences.

Archiving emails not only eliminates the risk of losing them, but also reduces the processing resources and storage space of the email server and makes it easier to retrieve emails. On the other hand, email content is very important for legal authorities and in some cases (e.g. financial transactions and banking operations) keeping records of emails for a certain period of time is a requirement. By using the licensed GFI Archiver software, all the important information of the organization, such as files and emails, can be automatically stored in a centralized, safe and accessible environment for a long time.

Introducing the GFI Archiver software

Keeping records of emails for a long time is always a big challenge for IT managers. Especially if you use Microsoft Exchange Server to manage emails, storing emails on the server itself (by PST files) not only takes up a lot of processing resources and storage space, but also makes it difficult to retrieve emails and search through their records. And it will take time.

For more information, GFI License

The licensed GFI Archiver software is a powerful solution for archiving emails, attachments, work calendars, etc. This licensed software is used by many organizations around the world to solve email maintenance problems. This software provides a safe and accessible storage space for archiving emails and other important documents. GFI Archiver is compatible with all kinds of file servers and interactive software such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps and other mail servers. In addition, with the help of Mail Insights reports in this software, security breaches and legal and productivity problems can be prevented and users can be managed more effectively. The GFI Archiver license actually works like an email assistant and will save you from other side solutions to store and share emails.


How does GFI Archiver work?

GFI Archiver performs the email archiving process in three main steps:

First, this licensed software collects emails and other data from the email server and copies them to an external server based on predefined configurations. This work can be done in two ways: manual archiving or automatic archiving (Journaling). It is also possible to use the archive assistant or the Import/Export tool.

Then the collected emails and files are archived in the GFI Archiver database and in places called Archive Stores that are created based on the received data, and the Indexing process is performed on them. GFI Archiver software database can be selected SQL Server Express or Enterprise version depending on the volume of emails of the organization.

Finally, the archived data will be available to all users through the GFI Archiver web interface or the Outlook Connector extension in Microsoft Outlook software. Users can also access emails and archived files on their mobile phones through the IMAP protocol.

Features and facilities of GFI Archiver

Management tools

The installation process of GFI Archiver is very simple and Exchange Journaling and folder synchronization steps can be configured automatically. GFI Archiver software is compatible with common virtualization technologies. After installing the software, you can easily configure email archiving through a wizard.

Remote access to email history without time limit

Deleted or lost emails can be a nightmare for IT managers. Using the licensed GFI Archiver software, users can view their emails seamlessly through Outlook or from any device equipped with the IMAP protocol. Also, the web interface of this software provides users with access to the history of emails and files even when the main email server is not available.

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