GFI Archiver License

GFI Archiver

GFI Archiver License
GFI Archiver License


GFI Archiver is a business archiving solution for your emails, files and calendar entries. I’s easy to install and setup and requires minimal administrative effort. It helps your company to reduce its dependency on PST files and to meet its legal and regulatory obligations. All emails and files are stored in a central location that is easily accessible. It is the no. 1 email archiving software for small to medium sized businesses.

GFI Archiver is a software solution that allows you to store corporate email and documents, providing access to all archived items in real time and at the same time improving mail server performance.

GFI Archiver main functions:

  • Archive for email, files and calendars
  • Scale Limit legal risk and achieve compliance
  • Search file Identify business issues with MailInsights® reports


GFI Archiver License


GFI Archiver Features

You can find the GFI Archiver features in the following:

  • Manage your company’s complete electronic communications history. This includes emails, attachments, files, calendar entries, faxes, and SMS (text) and voice messages sent via email.
  • Automatically archive email into a central store to increase efficiency, improve server performance and reduce reliance on unreliable PST files.
  • The File Archiving Assistant enables global employees and teams to work on shared documents without relying on third-party online file storage.
  • Boost your ability to meet compliance standards and be prepared for e-discovery requests by archiving all company communications in a secure, tamper-proof store.
  • Find and retrieve past emails, attachments and files quickly and easily using advanced search and restore features.
  • Identify business issues, minimize legal risk and manage productivity by reporting on the valuable business data found in your archive.
  • Flexible archiving options to suit your business needs; choose to archive everything or just the items you need via rules or specific emails or folders.
  • Store and keep track of important meeting information and calendar entries in the archive.
  • Easily identify, search and retrieve faxes from the archive when sent by GFI FaxMaker.
  • Tools to make the IT administrator’s life easy – a streamlined installation process, post-install wizard, and archive management dashboard.


GFI Archiver License
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