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GFI FaxMaker License

GFI FaxMaker License

The licensed GFI FaxMaker Online is a cloud-based faxing service that offers simple, secure online faxing. Faxes can be sent and received via email from any place and on any device.

 GFI FaxMaker License

GFI FaxMaker key features


You can add or remove users and departments as necessary with the licensed GFI FaxMaker Online, which expands with your business. We don’t charge extra for additional users; instead, our service plans are based on how many faxes your company sends and receives. To receive documents, you can either assign fax numbers or set up an email address to receive them all. A fax number is not necessary if all you need to do is send faxes.

Use new or existing fax numbers

You are given one free fax number with your licensed GFI FaxMaker Online subscription. If using an existing fax number is more convenient for you, you can port it to the service (fees apply). As needed, you can also ask for more fax numbers. Every additional number carries a monthly fee.


You can run both detailed and summary reports using the licensed GFI FaxMaker Online, and you can export your work to a variety of file types, including PDF, XLS(X), RTF, MHT, HTML, TXT, CSV, and PNG. Reports can be filtered by inbound, outbound, department, sender, fax number, delivery status, and date range.

Logical dashboard

A visual dashboard gives you a look at your fax environment. You can filter the outcomes, drill down to more specifics, and view fax communications over time. In addition, the dashboard lists your available fax numbers, the most popular area codes for sending faxes, and a breakdown of your faxing history. You can even see how online faxing reduces paper use, saves trees, and lowers costs in the “Trees Saved” section.

Send printed documents by fax

Without printing a paper copy of the document to insert into a fax machine, the print-to-fax driver (for Windows environments) enables you to fax a document directly from an application. Additionally, you can send multiple documents to a single fax number using the driver, and you can simultaneously send a document to multiple recipients. When your fax is sent, the system automatically notifies you via email.

Multiple faxes to send and receive

The licensed GFI FaxMaker Online allows you to add up to 100 recipients to a single email and accepts multiple faxes from various sources at once. These features eliminate the need to print paper documents, insert them into a fax machine, and wait for one transmission to end before sending or receiving another.

For more information, GFI License

Individual cover page

Your fax cover page, which typically includes recipient and sender information, a logo, and contact information, can be designed and customized. The licensed GFI FaxMaker Online fills in the fields automatically after you create a cover template based on data from the email.

 GFI FaxMaker License

Automated directional

According to the recipient’s assigned fax number, a fax received by GFI FaxMaker Online is automatically forwarded to their email address. Routing that is automated reduces risks like faxes being left in the paper tray and unauthorized people reading private data. Additionally, it is more effective than manually faxing recipients with paper documents.

Fax over email

An email can be sent just as easily as a fax. Include a subject line, body text, and any necessary attachments in the email.

Reports and APIs.

  • Run reports on users, departments, fax numbers, fax status, and other criteria.
  • You can drill down to specific users and fax numbers from a central dashboard’s high-level summary of fax usage.
  • Your third-party applications can incorporate automated faxing using APIs. Ensures that the information you share with your partners and customers is more secure and private.

Secure transmission

GFI FaxMaker

  • Makes use of email-secure faxing protocols.
  • Offers security features like data encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • Lowers the possibility that private faxes will be misdialed, misplaced, or read by unauthorized people.
  • Integrates with your secure network infrastructure to support local users as well as remote workers who need fax services at home or on the go.

Adaptable and simple to use

  • Fax messages are automatically forwarded by email to the recipient listed on the fax number.
  • Any email system or application can be used to send and receive faxes from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Send several documents to the same fax number, and send a single document to several recipients at once.

Affordable online faxing

  • Up to thousands of users are supported.
  • Compared to using a fax machine manually, it saves time and resources.
  • Liberates your company from equipment, phone lines, modems, and fax boards.
  • There is no software or hardware to install. An Internet connection is all you need.

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