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Jira License

Jira License

Jira License is one of the main products of Atlassian company, which is provided along with Confluence software, the company’s team collaboration platform. Atlassian is an Australian software services company that specializes in providing products for software developers, project managers and content management. Jira is the most popular product of this company.

Jira License

Jira license is a flexible issue tracking tool that helps teams plan, manage and report on their work. Users of this software can vary based on the type of package used. For example, the Jira software package is mostly used by engineers and software developers, while the Jira core is more popular with business and marketing teams, and the Jira service desk is used by employees and customers. The flexible and upgradable configuration of Jira makes this software applicable in various fields including health, business, manufacturing and information technology.

The licensed Jira software was originally a tool for tracking information technology (IT) issues. Over time, this tool evolved into a software lifecycle management product that allowed developers to control all aspects of software development from birth to expiration. Over time, Jira software became a well-known tool for software life cycle management and currently includes agile methods and rapid software development.

Jira core is generally used in the field of business management and as a result is more popular among business, marketing, finance, human resources, legal and executive teams. Jira core applications include the following:

  • Work management
  • General follow-up of works and presentation of reports
  • Show the progress of the project and tasks through the dashboard
  • Track general business projects and manage variances through workflows

Jira software

This licensed software is mostly used for project tracking and tracking issues. Users of this package include technical managers, software engineers and developers, product owners, development teams, scrum specialists and quality control teams. Applications of Jira software include the following:

  • Delayed planning
  • Problem assignment
  • software development
  • Reporting on agile projects
  • Scrum and Kanban virtual boards
  • Reporting on issues, issues and delivery dates in the dashboard section

Jira service desk is designed to serve customers. This licensed software can also be used as an information technology service desk. The main users of this package are the operators of the support department. These people are responsible for working on tickets and being in contact with customers.

In the Jira service desk, operators can access the customer portal page, monitor the comments published in the private and public sections of issues, control the published content using a connected database, and can also access queues, the objectives of the service level agreement, reports and customer lists are also accessible.


Other people who usually work with the Jira service desk include support department supervisors, independent users, employees and customers. In general, the uses of this package can be summarized as follows:

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  • change management
  • Support management
  • Management of incidents and problems
  • Follow up on desired criteria such as service level agreements
  • The existence of an open portal for customers that is managed under the supervision of a database

What is the use of Jira?

Jira software is generally used for software lifetime management, test management and project management. One of the special uses of this software is tracking problems and issues along with creating user stories. User story is a tool that is used in software development in an agile way to get a general view of the features of the software from the point of view of the end users. This creates a project requirements management tool that can be used to build activities.

The main focus of Jira software is on project and issue tracking, it is also becoming popular among test case management teams. This makes it possible to carry out the development and testing process in one system. Qtest software is a test management tool developed on the Jira software platform, which includes both requirement and defect levels. This tool provides the possibility for users to work faster and to plan and perform tests related to their work more effectively.

Advantages of Jira software

The Jira license has a very clever design and there are many ways to circulate and complete work in Jira. The configuration of the software can be easily changed and anyone can change its layout according to their taste. Reporting and filtering requests is very simple and you can find the desired topic in the shortest time. Jira has an easy way to track comment history and workflow. The ability to link issues and documents is one of Jira’s unique features.

Jira is a very powerful tool for managing agile projects that can simultaneously run on several projects and help manage them. By using this software, you can maximize the productivity of the team and track the issues and problems of the project. In addition to these, Jira also has the ability to collect feedback from non-technical users. This software also supports Scrum and Kanban boards.

Jira License

Jira license is a cloud service, so Jira can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Its mobile version, which was recently released, makes it easier to access. In short, Jira’s features include: defining and assigning work to team members, the possibility of conducting polls and brainstorming, the possibility of attaching documents or downloading documents, and reporting on the progress of work.

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