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LiveAction Live Omnipeek License

LiveAction Live Omnipeek License

Omnipeek by LiveAction is the world’s most powerful network protocol analyzer. With Omnipeek, you can provide customers with instant analytics and insights to make quick and accurate decisions about network speed, application performance, and security.

LiveAction Live Omnipeek License

LiveAction Live Omnipeek License

Real-time network protocol analyzer.

With the ability to decode more than 1,000 protocols, Omnipeek provides real-time analysis of all network segments over IP and voice and video at all levels of network traffic.

Clear, intuitive graphics with visual elements

Omnipeek Network Protocol Analyzer provides visual and forensic data for the fastest resolution of network, application performance and security vulnerabilities.

Network Analysis Workflow

Recognized as the industry leader in network analysis workflows, Omnipeek can scale more levels and ask deeper questions while reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Virtually monitor distributed networks

Omnipeek can be used in conjunction with LiveCapture to extend network monitoring and visibility to resolve application-level issues for any location or branch office in remote locations, including WAN links, branch offices, and data centers.

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Identify network problems with Omnipeek

OmniPeek fixes errors while other network analysis and monitoring systems report them! LiveAction products allow you to monitor the health of your network from different locations.

Communication issues can be detected quickly, and network and application problems can be identified and prevented before they occur, significantly reducing the number of field trips for technicians, so business-critical applications are always available. OmniPeek trends allow you to significantly improve the quality of IT services by detecting and solving problems in time to changes in the network.

The OmniPeek family uses a console/agent framework so you always have a clear view of your network performance in a distributed environment. The product’s unique capabilities make it ideal for data centers, enterprises and network providers of all sizes. As the first protocol analyzer with a graphical user interface, OmniPeek can analyze network traffic at all OSI levels and isolate network errors from application problems.

Based on 20 years of development, this technology can quickly and intuitively identify performance bottlenecks and drill down solutions at the package level. Error messages are provided to avoid confusion.

OmniPeek delivers on its promises and provides a clear picture of network activity.

LiveAction LiveOmnipeek key features

  • Provides verifiable and accurate evidence.
  • Expert flow-based analysis of all OSI layers.
  • Evaluation both online and offline for long periods.
  • Scalable to meet the individual needs of networks of all sizes.
  • Simple global analysis of duration, packet loss and retransmission.
  • Can be integrated with company policies (e.g. privacy and security).
  • It provides both an overview and more details with excellent zoom functions.
  • Comprehensive statistics on network and application latency, as well as voice and video quality.
  • Best in class for measurements in Ethernet up to 40 Gb / s, Wireless 802.11a / b / g / n / ac and virtual environments.
  • Intuitive statistics on communication partners, traffic protocols and characteristics and their impact on network performance.


Network flow analysis

OmniPeek offers a variety of out-of-the-box tools for detailed call flow analysis. It includes a Packet Viewer that shows requests and responses between clients and servers, and a multi-segment analysis that shows the speed and status of flows at different points in the network. The current is also expressed as a reconstruction of the load capacity.

There is also a new dialog chart that includes tcptrace. Visual Expert also includes a “what if” view that evaluates and displays the impact of network changes and application settings changes on network performance. The comparison view also helps identify flow communication issues and allows you to see different network points.

OmniPeek’s expert analysis visualizes diagnostics after connecting a call, launching an application, or in an interactive Compass dashboard, so you can instantly see where a network problem is occurring. Analysis tools from other vendors hide this information and display warnings at the OSI layer. Expert OmniPeek Event Finder provides a description and possible cause for each problem found in Expert Problem Finder.

Network policy violation detection allows users to create, modify, save, and load specified attributes for a specified network of participants, along with expected behavior. This information can be used by analysts to detect network policy violations.

Network Traffic Dashboard

OmniPeek provides a detailed overview of network traffic in an advanced dashboard view. This unique, cost-effective console can be used to perform local maintenance and connect to multiple OmniEngine network measurement points in the same building across the country or around the world. You can see at a glance which nodes are called most frequently, or quickly drill down into nodes, protocols, and subprotocols.

The Omni Distributed Analysis Platform’s Internode-optimized protocol provides complete remote transparency with less bandwidth than a single phone call. IT staff of all skill levels, including administrators, have instant access to information from anywhere on the network.

Peer Map

The OmniPeek Peer Map shows all communicating nodes on the network. The dynamic interface can be scaled to any size and highlight points of interest. Peer Mapping is easy to read. The thicker the line between the nodes, the more traffic, and the thicker the dot, the more traffic passes through the node. The number of displayed nodes can be limited to show only interactions between the busiest and most active nodes or nodes of interest, including the OmniPeek filter.

liveaction license

Detailed massages

When pre-configured or custom indicators drop below a predefined level, OmniPeek notifies key contacts via email, syslog or SNMP trap. Threshold dependencies can be defined to significantly reduce false positives. Event handlers can also initiate packet capture for network traffic so that problems can be diagnosed and corrected quickly before they become more serious.

OmniPeek Enterprise is the flagship of the LiveAction product line, providing comprehensive and in-depth analytics, including data capture from virtually any network, including Gigabit and 10 Gigabit networks, with access from Cisco, Aruba, Xirrus, Ruckus , NetFlow, SNMP, Including TCP Dump and globally distributed computers. OmniPeek provides excellent visual processing for traffic flows at the PHY and IP layers, a leading expert system for all OSI layers.

LiveAction Live Omnipeek License

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