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Microsoft License

Microsoft License

Microsoft is a computer established in America and is now a multinational corporation. The company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. It is the largest computer software company in the world. The company currently publishes books, produces multimedia products and provides e-mail services.

If we want to talk about the company’s financial issues and the sales that result from the sale of products and licenses, we must say that Microsoft in the financial year ending June 2010, earned more than $ 62 billion in sales revenue, more than $ 18 billion It has a net profit of 89,000 employees in different countries of the world. Its main activities are in the field of design, development, construction, licensing, support and provision of software services for computer tools.

microsoft license

Microsoft licenses include licenses for various products. In the following, we will introduce the Windows license and Office license from the set of licenses produced by Microsoft.

Microsoft System Center Products

Microsoft System Center is a complete set of network management products designed to help corporate network administrators to better manage and support server and client systems on networks. This set includes a variety of products, each designed to meet some of the needs of an IT manager. In the following, we will introduce these products.

Microsoft SCCM

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, or SCCM, was an updated version of Microsoft’s previous product in 2003, known as Systems Management Server, or SMS. One of the most important tasks of this solution is managing settings, hardware and software resources and distributing network service security packages to clients (Patch Deployment).

Microsoft SCDPM

Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) is a perfect example of a software for backup systems and data recovery in case of disaster (Disaster Recovery) for Microsoft products. If we want to name similar software to Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager, we can mention software such as Acronis and Symantec Backup Exec.

Microsoft SCOM

The next solution is called Microsoft System Center Operations Manager or SCOM. This very powerful software is used to monitor, install the network license and report the performance of services and applications under the Microsoft operating system.

Microsoft SCE

Microsoft System Center Essentials SCE is a combination of SCOM and WSUS (Microsoft Server Update Services).

Microsoft SCMDM

System Center Mobile Device Manager or SCMDM as its name implies is used to manage mobile devices such as PDAs and SmartPhones.

Microsoft SCVMM

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager or SCVMM is used to manage virtual machines and data center virtualization.

Microsoft SCO

Microsoft System Center Opalis, or SCO Opalis, is a mechanized system for synchronizing IT tools together. The main goal of this strategy of Microsoft is to reduce the costs of data center management and at the same time increase the processing capabilities of information technology in organizations.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V is Microsoft’s solution for virtualization leveraging businesses to advantage from network virtual services.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a SaaS solution leveraging companies to benefit from Microsoft cloud to ease their customers tasks and duties.

Types of Microsoft Licenses

Sources that users use to install Microsoft products are usually downloaded from sources such as Torrent or other file-sharing sites. Even the most reputable companies that offer non-genuine products without Microsoft license and without restrictions at a very low price, are not reliable.

Removal of Microsoft products is usually done by executing Crack files generated by unknown individuals. Executing cracked files opens permanent doors on the computer to those people, and security software and antivirus software can not prevent these people from infiltrating computers and stealing information.

Advantages of using a Microsoft license

  • Ability to receive real-time updates
  • Long-term and free Microsoft support
  • More security against malware and attacks
  • More stability compared to cracked versions
  • Possibility of permanent use of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office license
  • Ability to detect and troubleshoot through the Action Center
  • No need for frequent operating system changes to the copy sample
  • Download applications from Microsoft that require Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office Genuine
  • Increase computer performance and speed (no slowdown and problems over time)

Microsoft has different types of licenses, which we will mention below.


Retail license

When purchasing Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office from a Microsoft Store or other software store, the installation key, which contains 25 letters and numbers, is provided to the buyer. This key is used to activate Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office, and if the key is acceptable, it activates Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office. If needed, you can activate Windows or Office on another system with the same key, and of course it can only be used simultaneously on one system.

Advantages of using this license:

  1. These Microsoft licenses can be installed on your system many times. If you delete the software, you can reactivate it.
  2. These Microsoft licenses are lifetime and there are no restrictions on when you can use them on your system.

OEM license

The second type of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office activation key is used by manufacturers of mini-PCs, laptops, other Windows products such as tablets, ultrabooks, gaming computers, etc. In fact, these companies enter into a special agreement with Microsoft, according to which they present the Windows operating system on the products, active or activated. If necessary, you can refresh and reinstall Windows or Office and there is no need to reactivate.

Advantages of using this license:

  • These licenses are for lifetime
  • In case of motherboard replacement and hardware change, the license will be deactivated.
  • This type of license is for hardware manufacturers and its general sale is not done by Microsoft to individuals, companies and organizations.

Volume License

Another way to activate Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office is to use the key installation key. This license is used by large organizations and companies because they want to install and use the latest version of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office on a large number of computers.

These licenses are for companies and organizations that intend to purchase licenses for a large number of hardware.

Volume License

Once installed license or MSDN activation key

This type of license is provided by Microsoft for use in software development companies, for testing, development and product design purposes, with lower prices and more usage restrictions.

This license (one-time activation license) can be installed and activated only once on one piece of hardware. It should be noted that installation and reactivation is not possible, even on the first system. To reinstall this Microsoft license, you can only make a backup of your system and then restore the system on the same system.

Any hardware changes (such as upgrading system components) can cause this type of license to crash. One-time activation licenses can only be used on one system with lifetime fixed hardware. Unlike licenses (Retail), these licenses cannot be reactivated. In addition, this license is for life and does not need to be repurchased annually.

Microsoft Order Pricing

Customers can order various Microsoft software and licenses by contacting our sales specialists at

Microsoft License

Customers are able to get more information about different Microsoft licenses from our sales specialists.
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