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Oracle License

Oracle license

oracle license

Oracle is a multi-model database management system. This means that Oracle can support multiple databases at the same time, and not just to control a database that is in the backend of a site.

Oracle is provided and supported by a large company called Oracle Corporation. Launched 44 years ago under the name Software Development Laboratories, the company always offers the most up-to-date licenses for this platform. This company can be considered one of the first companies in the field of programming and software. The Oracle database and management system were first written in machine-language-level languages. The first version of Oracle was written in assembly languages, C and C++, and was officially released two years after the company was founded under the name Oracle v2.

Oracle applications

In answer to this question, a long list of different applications and at different scales of this platform can be provided. The largest and most important applications that Oracle license is currently offering are the management of large, multi-purpose databases, as well as the management of transactions in large systems known as OLTP.

Use in data warehouse management

Data Warehouses are generally very large data storage systems. Special analytical processes are performed on these large databases. This data is usually used for scientific results or heavy processing.

The biggest applications of Data Warehouses are the analysis of analytical data and statistics to obtain business statistics and corporate data. For example, the amount of sales of a particular product in different months of the year in one country or several target countries, can provide managers with incredible results. Managers can also use this data to determine their work strategies and have the highest efficiency for organizations.

Oracle database is one of the things that can provide the best facilities in this field and do everything needed to manage a database with these dimensions.

OLTP capability

Another feature in which Oracle has been a real contender in the market is the OLTP or Online Transaction Processing feature. This feature is used to control applications that have transaction bases. When it comes to transactions, the first thing that comes to mind is payment systems. While these systems are only a small aspect of the transactions covered by the Oracle license.

A transaction is a piece of code that all or must be completely changed. Otherwise it seems to have not been done at all. In fact, transactions create certainty in computer programs. To give a simple example, these financial transactions are the best option. When money is deducted from your account, it must be transferred to another account. Otherwise, the transaction must be refundable and the money withdrawn from the first account must be returned to this account.

Oracle can check the various databases that are doing this and check the comprehensiveness of these separate systems according to the licenses provided by the organizations. Any disruption to this comprehensiveness will be rectified and amended by Oracle. So when the withdrawn money is returned to your account with a correction, in fact a management system like Oracle has done it.

This feature is usually performed by Oracle in conjunction with the previous feature, which is to control Data Warehouses, and Oracle can manage both. In fact, applying control capabilities to transactions performed on Data Warehouses would be a much nicer and better case for Oracle.

Use in blockchain

Blockchains, which have recently been hotly debated, are another area where Oracle can demonstrate its high performance. If you have a brief background on blockchain, you know that these networks actually create encrypted data based on consecutive data blocks. In fact, this data requires a management system that can manage this huge amount of data.

Oracle License

Types of Oracle services

In the case of Oracle services, a complete list can be introduced, most of the options of which are project applications, these are:

Express Edition

The simplest version of the database management system provided by Oracle. This system does not require much maintenance and is almost a free test of this system. This version is generally used for educational purposes and there is no mention of the powerful tools provided by this company in this version. You can download and install this version for free and use it for anything that might meet your needs.

Enterprise Edition

As the name implies, this service has a special focus on applications for organizations. The Oracle license enhances security, performance, scalability, and etc. In this way, this system can be implemented as a good controller on sensitive and Safety-Critical systems.

Standard Edition

This is a comprehensive service focused on applications for small business applications. Using this service, comprehensive management can be implemented in the databases of different services and the distributed information related to a business can be collected.

Standard Edition One

This service can be introduced as the younger brother of the standard service. Standard Edition One has exactly all the features of a standard service. The only difference is that the supported databases are smaller and not suitable for very large data. This is because Oracle’s special clustering service is not provided in this service.

What are the benefits of using Oracle?

 Using the Oracle license offers many benefits to organizations, which we will explain more about the two advantages of this platform.

High compatibility

One of the most important things is that this database is very compatible with different systems. That way, you don’t have to worry about things like the server operating system or the network architecture it runs on. Oracle supports all aspects of a system and is compatible with all popular platforms. Also, this database management system is compatible with more than twenty different network protocols and standards and data transfer that can be used in different networks.

Oracle License

Professional backup and recovery

Another feature that we should mention and Oracle is known for is the ability to use good and high level features for data backup and recovery. The systems that Oracle uses to store information can be very effective in these cases. The Oracle system has been able to bring itself to the point where the loss of information in this system is close to zero. This is the reason for using this system to manage blockchains, and the Oracle license offers high reliability to its users in this regard.

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