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PRTG License

PRTG license

One of the most important tasks of IT teams in large organizations and companies is network monitoring. Today, network monitoring has become critical for businesses and is one of the basic requirements of any IT infrastructure. Because it prevents major damage to their network equipment and has a direct impact on the success of a product or service.

PRTG License

In network monitoring, all the activities and behaviors of the local and internal network of an organization are tried to be controlled and monitored. In this way, any unusual behavior in the network equipment is quickly discovered and necessary measures are taken to fix it.

All network devices and communications are examined and put under the microscope in network monitoring systems. The behavior of all users’ devices, the amount of bandwidth occupied by them, the volume of downloads and uploads, email and spam services and sending / receiving files, the traffic load of servers, the space occupied by new information and the status of storage equipment, incoming and outgoing traffic to the network and everything. It should be checked and monitored in network monitoring, even software and operating systems running in different layers of the network will be monitored.

PRTG program has complete sections for reporting and setting different alerts with different access levels and permissions for network administrators. Among the network monitoring solutions, it can be said that PRTG is the most powerful reporting dashboard. Although this software uses more than 200 different sensors to collect information, network engineers can still design and define custom sensors for those with scripting.

One of the attractive advantages of PRTG is to prepare a dynamic map of the network and then change this map and create various diagrams according to the user’s needs. With a simple drag and drop in this network monitoring software, you can edit maps and increase or decrease devices. Network devices and equipment are automatically detected in PRTG and added to the overall network map.

Introducing the features and capabilities of PRTG License software

  • A powerful tool for automatic network mapping
  • Investigation of weak algorithms used in SSL/TLS
  • It has more than two hundred configurable sensors
  • Facilitating the management of hardware resources
  • Ability to edit maps with just a simple drag-and-drop
  • Send the necessary alerts to the network administrator
  • Monitoring of all equipment that supports SNMP protocol
  • The possibility of making different maps from the network
  • The possibility of monitoring the total selected data separately
  • Monitor switches, routers, firewalls, servers, VMware, and more
  • Making different diagrams of the network based on the user’s needs
  • Showing ink status, temperature, number of pages printed in printers
  • Diagnosing and helping to solve network problems in a timely manner
  • Checking Event Logs and sending alerts if the rate of an event increases
  • Monitoring network ports and checking whether they are open or closed
  • Monitoring the memory status and sending alerts in case of lack of capacity
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the organization’s IT infrastructure in a single console
  • Displaying the availability and efficiency of the database in an integrated and central way
  • Monitor a wide range of hardware including printers, storage devices, CPUs, servers, routers and switches
  • Saving time, finding the root of problems and fixing them, which significantly helps the network administrator
  • Checking the security certificates used on the site and sending warnings if they are close to the expiration date
  • Scanning the network and preparing a list of network equipment and automatically converting it to a map or diagram
  • Monitoring the environmental conditions of the server room such as temperature, humidity, etc. and sending alerts if necessary
  • The possibility of continuous monitoring of various types of databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Posgre SQL
  • The possibility of data analysis and also the possibility of choosing the report format and then automatically sending prepared reports to high-level managers

What is PRTG and how does it work?

PRTG stands for Paessler Router Traffic Grapher and is a comprehensive network monitoring software from the German company Paessler AG. The first version of PRTG software was released on May 29, 2003. PRTG can be used for small, medium and large networks and covers a wide range of network types such as LAN, WAN, WLAN and VPN.

In addition, with PRTG software, you can monitor all kinds of websites, email servers, file servers, and networked devices. Although the principle of this software is for Windows platforms, it can also be used to monitor Linux servers and systems.

PRTG network monitoring software is installed on Windows-based devices on the network and provides a complete network tracking and monitoring solution, including network hardware statistics, and provides an integrated network monitoring platform. So that every device that has a unique IP address in the network can be mined and reported by this software. This means that every device in the network can be monitored and evaluated and monitored completely.

PRTG network

PRTG License

PRTG software(PRTG License) has a server and a number of probes and sensors. The PRTG server is responsible for configuring and managing information and the web server, and collecting information from the network level and devices and connections is in charge of probes and sensors. One of the powerful features of this software is having 200 different sensors in different parts of the network. Of course, some of these sensors are used for certain platforms or for certain scripts.

With PRTG licensed software, you can get any information such as uptime, throughput, bandwidth, loading time, network speed, hardware status, temperature, network quality and each device, resource consumed by each device, number of users connected to the network, number of records, events, and requests. The database captures incoming and outgoing traffic from the network and each device, protocols, etc.

Licensed PRTG, a good solution for any company

A network monitoring software should be able to perform the 5 main tasks of discovery, map, monitor, alert and report, and have an easy-to-use user interface, automatic device detection system, support for a large number of devices, and integration with cloud services.

PRTG software provides all these features in the best possible way. One of the great advantages of this software is its easy use and ease of setting up for different networks. This licensed software has a fully interactive and flexible user interface so that the user can adjust it according to their needs.

PRTG software has complete monitoring of all network devices and events, and we can almost say that there is nothing in the network that is hidden from the probes and sensors of this software. You can easily draw a map and graph of the state of the network and each of the devices and use hierarchical settings for the branches of different parts of the network.

The efficiency and availability of the network and its components are greatly simplified by PRTG software. At the same time, it also gives solutions to improve the efficiency of each of these components. It is completely possible to control the speed and bandwidth of the network with this program and collect network information using protocols such as SNMP, WMI, Packet Sniffing, NetFlow, IPFIX, jFlow, and sFlow.

PRTG software

After installing and setting up the PRTG software, we see three main sections:

Network Auto Discovery is about automatically identifying any device with an IP address connected to the network and adding it to the list of devices monitored by the sensors of this program.

In the Maps section, you can see a map of the entire network and collected data on web pages. Web pages in this section are fully customizable and flexible and can even be easily made available to the general public or network experts.

PRTG software

In another important section of PRTG License called Alerts, you will find unusual network alerts that need to be fixed as soon as possible. This part of the software is easily visible in all kinds of mobile operating systems. You can receive alerts directly on your mobile phone at any hour of the day or night, even when you are away from work.

While using this licensed software does not cost much, it is very easy to use, fully adjustable and customizable. This software is used in many SMB environments, and for this reason, it has become popular. PRTG can be used by a startup business of several people to an organization of several hundred people and monitor their network by means of it.

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