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Radware DefensePro License

Radware Defensepro License

radware defencepro

The licensed Radware DefensePro is a real-time, behaviorally based attack mitigation tool that safeguards your infrastructure from network and application outages, malware infection, network anomalies, data theft, and other new cyber-attacks.

Avert Emerging Network Threats by Protecting the Data Center and Network

DoS and DDoS attacks are a major contributor to network outages in the current landscape of information security threats. DDoS attacks are a destructive form of cyberwarfare, whether they are carried out by hacktivists to draw attention to a cause, fraudsters attempting to obtain data or money illegally, or as a result of geopolitical events. Every day, attacks are made on governmental institutions, utilities, financial institutions, and commercial institutions.

Attacks are becoming more complex and severe as they target an organization’s IT infrastructure and vital applications while eschewing traditional cloud and CDN protection services. The chart from Radware’s 2014 – 2015 Global Application.

Organizations are more frequently targeted by attacks like DDoS due to the ease with which they can be launched and the variety of attack tools at their disposal. The focus now is on how to identify and mitigate attacks rather than how to prevent them.

How DefensePro Works?

Cybercriminals don’t adhere to a set schedule. Instead, they are constantly looking for and exploiting vulnerabilities in your network. To address the constantly evolving security challenges of today, you need comprehensive enterprise network security.

Enter Radware’s DefensePro, a real-time, behavioral-based attack mitigation tool that safeguards your infrastructure from network and application outages, the exploitation of application vulnerabilities, the spread of malware, network anomalies, data theft, and other new cyber-attacks.

To fully protect applications and networks against known and emerging network security threats like denial of service attacks, DDoS attacks, Internet pipe saturation, attacks on login pages, attacks behind CDNs, and SSL-based flood attacks, DefensePro provides world-class security, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigation and SSL-based protection.

Protective Dedicated Hardware That Doesn’t Affect Legal Traffic

The licensed Radware DefensePro makes use of a specialized hardware platform built on Radware’s OnDemand Switch, which supports network throughputs of up to 40Gbps. It incorporates two distinct and specialized hardware elements: a DoS Mitigation Engine (DME) to stop high volume DDoS attacks and flood attacks without affecting legitimate traffic and a StringMatch Engine (SME) to quicken signature detection.

Centralized monitoring, management, and reporting of attacks

A centralized attack management, monitoring, and reporting solution across numerous DefensePro devices and locations is provided by APSolute Vision. It gives the user the ability to quickly identify, prioritize, and address policy violations, cyberattacks, and insider threats.

Complete Set of Security Modules

Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA), SSL Attack Protection, Reputation Engine, and Anti-DDoS/DoS Protection are examples of intrusion prevention systems. In addition to signature detection, it also uses challenge response technologies, adaptive behavioral analysis, and other detection and mitigation modules.

For more information, Radware License

The Scalability of Out of Path and the Accuracy of Inline

The licensed DefensePro devices can be placed in a scrubbing center either in-line or out-of-path (OOP) to deliver the highest mitigation accuracy in the quickest amount of time.

What Makes DefensePro More Effective at Preventing DDoS Attacks?

The licensed Radware DefensePro is a patent-protected behavioral-based real-time signatures technology that detects and mitigates emerging network attacks such as zero-minute attacks, DoS/DDoS attacks, and application misuse attacks in real time without requiring human intervention or obstructing legitimate user traffic. It is based on standard signature detection technology to prevent the known application vulnerabilities.

Radware DefensePro

DefensePro is a key component of Radware’s next-generation Attack Mitigation System (AMS), a collection of patent-protected technologies created for the most sophisticated internet-based cyber-attacks. The “network” of attack detection and mitigation capabilities that AMS expands outside the data center is for:

  • Business applications and services hosted in the cloud.
  • A virtualized environment requires protection for tools, servers, and applications.
  • Internal business applications and SaaS are increasingly accessed remotely by mobile workers.
  • Future open network fabrics will need advanced detection and mitigation techniques ported over.

DefensePro: Why?

To fully defend the application infrastructure against established and new network security attacks, DefensePro comes with a complete set of four crucial security modules, including anti-DDoS, network behavioral analysis (NBA), intrusion prevention system (IPS), and SSL attack protection (DefenseSSL). It uses a variety of detection and mitigation modules, such as adaptive behavioral analysis, challenge response technologies, and signature detection.

The combination of several security modules on a single, hardware-accelerated platform provides unified reporting, forensics, and compliance while enabling more effective defense against attackers looking to systematically compromise business assets than stand-alone solutions.

The licensed Radware DefensePro uses adaptive, behaviorally-based real-time signature technology that is patent-protected and capable of detecting and mitigating zero-minute, DoS/DDoS, application-misuse, and malware-spread attacks as well as emerging network attacks. It does away with the need for human intervention and does not obstruct traffic from authorized users.

Radware Defensepro key features

For DDoS defense and SSL-based attack defense, Radware DefensePro is a network intrusion prevention system. Organizations no longer need to be concerned about the possibility of network disruptions thanks to the proper DoS protection system in place. DoS attacks bombard a network with excessive traffic for the sole purpose of harming the network.

Keep business operations running smoothly (COOP) despite network attacks.

  • Even when under attack, keep a high user response time.
  • Maintain network performance even in the face of frequent network attacks.
  • Complete defense against new network threats for applications running in data centers.

In a single box, security solutions for data centers.

  • Get the most precise attack detection and prevention while avoiding blocking traffic from legitimate users.
  • The licensed Radware DefensePro combines IPS (intrusion prevention system), NBA (network behavioral analysis), DoS defense, and anti-Trojan and anti-Phishing software.

Best-in-class unified monitoring and reporting solution.

  • Historical reports and real-time dashboards that can be customized for each user.
  • Assists in achieving compliance with pre-defined report sets for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and other regulations.

Reduce Security Management’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • In a single box, numerous security tools.
  • DefensePro units can be managed by a single management application across multiple data centers.
  • Due to the pay-as-you-grow license upgrade scalability’s ability to deliver the best ROI and CAPEX investment protection, the platform’s lifespan is extended completely.


Pay-As-You-Grow for Lower CAPEX.

  • DoS mitigation and IPS are two solutions in one.
  • Choice of scalable platforms with throughput-enhancing license upgrades.
  • Buy what you need, upgrade when you need to reduce the cost of the initial investment and upgrades.
  • The capacity of the network and security equipment that would be needed to process unwanted traffic is saved; there is no longer a need to overspend on larger devices in order to handle high PPS volumes.

Reduced OPEX with Simple Security Management.

  • Complete transparency of network activity, attack trends, and attack specifics.
  • Through automatic, real-time signatures, completely automated network intrusion prevention is achieved.
  • Solution that requires little initial configuration and ongoing tuning thanks to self-learning security features that automatically adjust to changing network conditions.

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