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Complex spreadsheets and home-grown solutions just don’t cut it anymore— you need a solution that can prevent IP address conflicts from taking down network devices by giving you comprehensive IP Address Management, DHCP Management, and DNS Monitoring. SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) allows you and your team to ditch your spreadsheets for an easy-to- use, centralized IPAM, DHCP, & DNS solution


  • Helps prevent IP conflicts with powerful IPv4 and IPv6 address management
  • Manages Microsoft® , Cisco® , and ISC DHCP servers, and Microsoft and BIND DNS servers
  • View subnets from all Infoblox® Network Views at the same time and segment subnets without the need to create a new Network View
  • Centrally monitors Amazon Route 53® and Azure® DNS zones and records
  • Automates static IP requests with IPAM’s IP request form to speed the deployment of devices
  • Offers API support to provide two-way integration with third-party software
  • Enables the automated provisioning of virtual machines by integrating with VMware® vRealize® Orchestrator™

SolarWinds IPAM Features

IPv4 and IPv6 Address Management IPAM actively identifies and manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and uses active scanning to discover and track subnets and associated address blocks. Finding an available address is as simple as navigating to a target subnet, viewing, and selecting an available IP address. Also, view transient IP addresses to easily identify orphaned IP addresses and reclaim them.

Integrated DHCP and DNS Configuration Management

IPAM works with your multi-vendor DHCP and DNS services no additional proprietary software or hardware is required for management. You can easily unify and manage your Microsoft, Cisco, and ISC open-source DHCP servers and your BIND and Microsoft DNS servers. The DHCP and DNS changes you make in IPAM are seamlessly propagated to the respective servers, enabling teams to easily find and configure IP addresses from a single management console.

Infoblox Monitoring

IP Address Manager can monitor your Infoblox® DHCP and DNS resources, allowing you to view subnets, DNS zones, and DHCP scopes in one place. Surface DNS mismatches and IP address conflicts on the main dashboard.

Monitoring and Alerting

IPAM automatically and proactively detects IP address problems that can eventually lead to network disruption. You can continuously monitor and improve IP performance with proactive detection of IP address problems, notification address changes in the network, and access to utilization data on essential metrics for planning. Active monitoring and alerting help eliminate network downtime due to IP conflicts and non-availability of IP addresses due to full subnets.

API Support

IPAM offers IPv4 and IPv6 API support with create, read, update, delete (CRUD) operations to provide two-way integration with third-party software. With CRUD operations, you can automate the creation, modification, and deletion of IP records. Additionally, you can create new subnets in IPAM and create/update/remove DNS entries through the API.

IP Request Form

The IP request form automates IP address requests from users to help save time and enhances network reliability. It allows those with the necessary permission to select the subnet on which they want their IP addresses, and then IPAM will automatically reserve them. It also gives restricted users a quick and dependable way to send requests to their administrator. In addition, SolarWinds IPAM License offers automated reporting to track IP requests for compliance or change management purposes.

Integration With VMware vRealize Orchestrator

Automate the process of provisioning IP addresses and updating DNS records with IPAM’s plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator. The plug-in contains over a dozen workflows and actions you can leverage to script or seamlessly integrate with vRealize Automation and vCenter Server® IP Address Manager also enhances the monitoring of your virtual environment. For example, receive an alert if an IP address pool in your virtual environment is nearing depletion.

Automated IPv4 Subnet Discovery

SolarWinds IPAM License helps you create an up-to-date IP address map of your network by directly pulling data from router configurations and connected machines. The Automatic Subnet Discovery uses SNMP credentials for polling devices and discovers subnets from the routing table of the router.

Automated IP Address Scanning

IPAM allows you to easily set up scheduled, automatic scanning for both your IPv4 and IPv6 address space. Reduce manual errors and help ensure your network’s IP address information is up to date. Scheduled IP address scanning also helps you avoid IP address conflicts by recognizing transient IP status.

DHCP Split Scope Functionality

IPAM gives you quick and easy DHCP split scope configuration for high availability and load balancing of your critical DHCP services. IPAM allows you to quickly configure your DHCP split scope with a simple two-step wizard. Additionally, the centralized web console offers visibility into related scopes and scope distribution across subnets.

Advanced DHCP Configuration Options

IPAM allows you to directly configure standard DHCP options for your multi-vendor DHCP servers without having to log in to the DHCP server or deal with complicated CLI commands. The changes are automatically synced to the respective server, which can save you a lot of time on configuration and troubleshooting issues caused by human errors. IPAM offers DHCP configuration support for remote-boot devices.

Cloud DNS Monitoring

IPAM centrally monitors Amazon Route 53 and Azure DNS zones and records. DNS zones from multiple cloud accounts from both services are displayed in a single view. IPAM’s interface is searchable and can be filtered based on record type.

Support for DHCP failover in Microsoft® Server 2012 and 2016

IPAM can monitor and manage your DHCP failover relationships (load balancing and hot standby configurations) to help ensure continuous availability of DHCP services to clients. It simplifies the management of failover relationships by configuring all relationships on a DHCP server on a single screen. IPAM also lets you quickly view and monitor all failover relationships on a DHCP server via a single pop-up window.

DNS Record Mismatch Detection, A and PTR Record Pairing

IPAM automatically detects and points out any mismatch in DNS forward and reverse record entries. Any disparity in the record is highlighted for easy identification, so it can be quickly fixed. Additionally, you can automatically create DNS PTR records when registering new devices into DNS zones. This helps ensure there are no DNS record mismatches and helps eliminate the possibility of DNS issues due to human error.

Detailed Event Recording

IPAM automatically records all IP-related events and keeps a detailed activity log showing what changed and when for quick and easy troubleshooting. You can greatly reduce troubleshooting time by using these detailed activity logs to retrace events leading up to IP conflicts and other IP-related issues.

Customizable Dashboard

IPAM provides a customizable dashboard to deliver the essential information you need in a unified, at-a-glance view for streamlined management and quick troubleshooting. IPAM’s customizable dashboard includes resources like top 10 data, recent events, IP conflict monitor, and so on. The IPAM dashboard also integrates with other SolarWinds management products including Network Performance Monitor, Server & Application Monitor, Network Configuration Manager, and more.

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