Solarwinds Log Analyzer License

Solarwinds Log Analyzer

Developed to seamlessly integrate with the Orion Platform, the licensed SolarWinds Log Analyzer is a potent log management and analysis tool that gives users the tools they need to fully utilize their log data. You can get immediate visibility into the efficiency and availability of your IT infrastructure and applications with real-time log collection, analysis, and visualization.

Solarwinds Log Analyzer

Log Analyzer Quick Reference

  • Utilize the integrated Orion alerts to take action in response to critical events.
  • Using an interactive chart, quickly visualize log volume, search results, and adjust timeframes.
  • Integrate your log data into the Orion Platform console to view it alongside metrics for the performance of your network and systems.
  • When troubleshooting and conducting forensic analysis of IT issues, gather log data produced by your infrastructure and Windows applications.
  • Filters that are simple to use right out of the box can help you clean up your log data, and a robust search engine can help you quickly locate relevant log entries.

Solarwinds Log Analyzer key features

Take a look at how the licensed SolarWinds Log Analyzer can offer quick insight into system behavior.

With complete integration of log and event data in the Orion Platform console, it is simple to view log data alongside network and system performance to speed up full-context troubleshooting.

Build customizable alerts in a single window, specify notification criteria, launch external scripts, and integrate with help desk ticketing systems by using the intelligent alert engine of the Orion Platform.

Gather, compile, and analyze network, systems, Windows, VMware, and other events as well as availability and performance information from the following SolarWinds Log Analyzer products: Network Performance Monitor (NPM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Server and Application Monitor (SAM), and Virtualization Manager (VMAN).

Unexpectedly simple

Aggregation, tagging, filtering, and alerting of log data that is both powerfully designed and easy to use.

One tool to see everything

Complete integration with Orion Platform products enables a unified view of logs and monitoring of IT infrastructure.

Crafted with and for IT professionals

The licensed SolarWinds Log Analyzer has experience as network and systems engineers, so they are aware of your issues and know how to address them.

Gathering and analysis of event logs

To give your insight into performance, your infrastructure and applications continuously produce log data. They frequently can offer crucial nuggets of information to aid in troubleshooting, whether they are syslog, SNMP traps, Windows, or VMware events. To aid in finding the root cause more quickly, collect, combine, and analyze log data with a single tool.

Data from logs can be searched and filtered

Finding the right nugget of information can be challenging because log data accumulates rapidly. You can apply filters to your results and conduct quick searches with Log Analyzer. To make filtering, searching, and performance issues easier to spot, you can quickly add colored tags to your log data.

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Solarwinds Log Analyzer License

Stream of real-time logs

Reports are produced in plain text or HTML using conventional log collection and management tools. You can view a live, interactive log stream using the SolarWinds Log Analyzer. Watch the log data to spot potential problems as they arise and filter for event IDs or error codes to simplify troubleshooting.

Orion’s intelligent alert actions

Be the first to know when problems occur. Log Analyzer’s integration with the Orion Platform’s intelligent alert engine enables customized alerts and delivery options, such as email notifications, ServiceNow and SolarWinds Service Desk integration, and the capability to launch an external script.

Connect performance metrics and log data

You can easily and quickly visualize the events that might have preceded an outage or slow down with the SolarWinds log analyzer PerfStack by viewing log data on a common timeline with network and system availability and performance metrics.

Other key features of this licensed solution

Discover how well your environment is performing

For performance insight, your infrastructure continuously produces log data. Utilize log monitoring tools from Log Analyzer to compile, combine, and analyze tens of thousands of syslog, traps, Windows, and VMware events to carry out root-cause analysis.

Issues with availability and performance are quickly identified

Use basic matching when conducting searches. Apply filters to results after conducting searches with various search criteria. In the log monitoring software, you can schedule, export, and save search results.

With an interactive chart and graph, view log data in real-time

Traditional log management and collection tools produce reports in plain text or HTML. An interactive, real-time log stream is displayed by the licensed SolarWinds Log Analyzer.

Easier log search

To make filtering, searching, and identifying performance issues easier, you can quickly apply (color-coded) tags to your log data.

Windows flat log files can be used to gather, examine, and alert on data

Administrators can quickly troubleshoot and fix application issues with the assistance of Log Analyzer, which can gather Windows flat log files and offer insight.

Central event log management and unified infrastructure monitoring

You can view log data alongside network and system performance by directly integrating the licensed SolarWinds Log Analyzer into the Orion Platform console.

Solarwinds Log Analyzer

Utilize the intelligent alert actions of Orion

Be the first to learn when problems occur. Log Analyzer integrates with Orion’s intelligent alert engine to offer customizable alerts and a range of delivery choices, including email notification, ServiceNow integration, and external script triggering.

Don’t let your log aggregator come to a halt

Log Analyzer enables you to forward logs to other applications, such as ticketing systems or SIEMs, and export log data to CSV files for even greater flexibility. Having your log data in a central location is great for troubleshooting and correlation, but what if you need that useful data in other locations or tools?

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