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SolarWinds SAM License

Solarwinds SAM

The licensed SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor (SAM) is a helpful, easy-to-use systems management software that provides deep insight into server and application performance issues. Automatically discover your system environment and start monitoring in minutes. SAM’s agentless technology makes it easy to deploy and scale to meet growing infrastructure needs.

The licensed Solarwinds SAM tracks the physical health of the servers and monitors the network traffic generated by the applications running on them. The “applications” mentioned in the title of this tool refer to critical network applications such as DHCP, Active Directory and DNS functions and not to software running on servers. This is a comprehensive surveillance environment suitable for any size business. However, this system’s comprehensive WAN activity monitoring capabilities make it particularly useful for large enterprises with complicated and distributed IT operations.

SolarWinds SAM License


With the licensed SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor (SAM) it is simple to keep an eye on both application performance and infrastructure overall health.

Understanding application performance and dependencies can be aided by keeping an eye on the health of the server. The core functionality of SolarWinds SAM is its capacity to monitor overall server and application performance, including server uptime monitoring, insight-based hardware failure detection, and resource utilization optimization.

By giving you a thorough view of your entire infrastructure, SAM is intended to make it easier for you to troubleshoot when downtime or other application performance issues arise.


Monitor your entire on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid application environment and infrastructure with a single tool. With more than 1200 application, system and infrastructure monitoring templates. Comprehensive monitoring for Microsoft applications, systems, hypervisors, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS products. Visualize and map the dynamic, communication-based relationships between applications and servers so you can identify network issues that are slowing down your applications.

Increase agility with monitoring automation

Simplify application performance management with automated monitoring practices. Automate many common processes with Server and Application Monitor application performance monitoring to save time on manual management.

  • Calculate basic performance alert thresholds
  • Schedule the delivery of performance reports
  • Define monitoring profiles and automatically configure what to monitor on discovered nodes
  • Automatically discover servers and applications that you want to monitor in your environment
  • Automatically map your application infrastructure and visualize dependencies with the underlying infrastructure.

Troubleshoot Complex Problems with Comprehensive Diagnostics

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor performance monitoring tools provide deeper insight into your application environment to identify and troubleshoot performance issues before end users are impacted. Intelligent alerts eliminate false alarms and notify you when health indicators reach warning or critical thresholds and deviate from baseline performance. Use out-of-the-box monitoring templates for critical applications including Exchange, IIS, Active Directory, Java, Apache, Citrix, Oracle and over a hundred more. Analyze historical performance data with intuitive reports.

For more information, Solarwinds License

Monitor end-user experience for business transactions

Use licensed SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor(SolarWinds SAM License) to proactively identify whether the changes made to the web application or web pages have an impact on end-users. Synthetic transaction monitoring helps you analyze the impact of code changes on the end-user experience and web application performance. Test your websites in the pre-production stage so you can detect performance issues ahead of time.

Web Performance Monitor integrates with Server & Application Monitor to monitor web transactions in context of application health.

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor

Forecast resource capacity needs for workload management

With rapidly growing application workloads, it is important to ensure your servers are equipped with sufficient hardware (CPU, memory, disk). Monitor resource utilization of your physical and virtual environment over time and easily identify capacity needs allowing you to optimize resource procurement and manage workloads more effectively. Monitor services, processes, event logs, and hardware health to identify server problems that can impact application performance.

Maintain a centralized inventory of server hardware and software assets across your organization for streamlined resource management.

Monitor server capacity and resource usage

Sysadmins might not always know how their server resources (CPU, memory, storage, and network) are being used against the available capacity. This causes resource contention issues and ultimately impacts server performance.

SolarWinds server capacity planning software provides built-in capacity forecast charts and metrics to easily identify when server resources reach warning and critical thresholds. Trend peak and average capacity over time to make accurate capacity forecasts. Find and fix server capacity issues before they impact end-user productivity and business.

Detecting Application Network Connections Using Dependency Mapping Tools

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor (SAM) lets you examine dependencies and create maps to monitor incoming network connections for a managed server or application. Retrieving data can enable you to monitor applications with attention to specific nodes.

SolarWinds SAM(SolarWinds SAM License) application discovery tools provide visibility into server activity so you can see which inbound connections are tied to your application and server. You can also more easily identify the inbound port, service, and server to determine your internal resource consumption.

Monitor custom applications in the cloud

In addition to Server and Application Monitor’s agentless architecture, an optional agent is available to monitor custom and commercial applications in your public cloud environment (Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, and Footprint). You can also use this agent to monitor servers and applications in your on-premises environment that you cannot monitor with agentless technology due to firewall issues, network bandwidth, or security restrictions.

Diagnose Storage and Virtual Capacity Issues

Get a unified view of your entire application stack ) from applications to servers, virtual machines, and storage arrays) with the SolarWinds AppStack dashboard. Identify capacity issues at all levels through:

  • Server and Application Monitor: Track resource contention at the server level.
  • Storage Resource Monitor: Predict NAS and SAN array growth rates and analyze when capacity will be reached.
  • Virtualization Manager: Identify broken and orphaned virtual machines, control virtual machine sprawl, and predict how much workload host resources virtual machines can handle.

SolarWinds Server

Optimize investments in server and hardware resources

Avoid unnecessary costs for server hardware resources when you encounter poor server performance. The SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor server sizing and capacity planning tool helps you quickly identify what is causing contention for server resources. Find and kill processes that are consuming excess memory. Track the applications running on your servers and see how much CPU, memory and storage hardware is being used. Proper resource allocation across physical and virtual servers and performance tuning.

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