SolarWinds SRM License

SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM)

SolarWinds SRM License
SolarWinds SRM License


The purpose of this document is to explain the value proposition of SolarWinds® Storage Resource Monitor (SRM). This detailed document will help you understand the key features of SRM and how these features can benefit you in running your data center efficiently. So,what are SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor features?

SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) is designed to provide multi-vendor, agentless NAS and SAN performance monitoring, as well as capacity monitoring and forecasting for your storage devices. Quickly and easily configure a full range of custom and pre-defined alerts and reports to help get a consolidated view of your storage solution. This can help prevent downtime and help ensure that your storage infrastructure is running at peak performance. SolarWinds SRM can help you solve the following challenges: 

If you are facing any of the following pain points, SRM may be able to help.

  • You have several storage vendors in your data center and no one tool to monitor them
  • You have a manual capacity planning process
  • You recently had to make a last-minute storage purchase
  • You don’t have easy visibility into the information you need to justify new storage investments to management
  • You experience performance issues on end-user applications caused by storage
  • You don’t have visibility across IT infrastructure application to storage to pinpoint the cause and impact of performance issues

SolarWinds SRM Features

SRM was built for unified storage monitoring: One tool for monitoring storage arrays from

EMC, NetApp, Dell, Huawei, and others.

Resource savings: Save time and money with SRM’s automated storage capacity planning feature.

Faster time to resolution: Having detailed visibility into storage arrays, RAID groups, and LUNs makes it easy to identify storage issues quickly and act faster.

Make informed decisions: SRM offers hundreds of out-of-the-box reports that can help eliminate assumption-driven decisions.

End-to-end IT monitoring: SRM is designed to provide a comprehensive picture of overall IT health. The AppStack dashboard can give you an instant view of your infrastructure, from application to storage.

Cross-stack IT Systems: and network data correlation to help discover and troubleshoot issues.


SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor provides dashboards that are built for ease of use and customization that can help you identify critical performance and capacity information at the device (array/filer), pool, and LUN level. Combining SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor and Virtualization Manager to form the Application Stack view can help you identify and troubleshoot application issues quickly.

Unified Storage Monitoring Understanding the health of your storage devices from different vendors can be challenging. Storage admins need to juggle multiple tools to ensure that the storage devices and systems are all functioning like they should. With a unified storage monitoring tool like SRM, you can have visibility into all your storage devices from a single tool. SRM’s home dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of key storage metrics, such as usable capacity, raw disk summary, and highlights storage with performance risks. Also, SRM provides a list of alerts that need immediate attention and action.

Storage Performance Monitoring

SRM was built to provide SAN and NAS performance monitoring and alerting to help you eliminate performance bottlenecks in your data center. Also, the unified view into storage performance can help simplify key tasks that are otherwise tedious and complex, including managing storage space consumption on RAID groups, mapping storage volumes back to host, and understanding how volumes are load balanced across storage arrays. SRM can help you determine whether all the objects in your storage environment are performing at their best or not. With the help of SRM, you can identify poorly performing LUNs, RAID groups, and disks.

SolarWinds SRM
SolarWinds SRM License


SRM Detailed Dashboards

SRM can help you navigate across all layers of storage, including arrays, storage pools, and LUNs. With just one click, you can seamlessly move from one layer to another. Each of these individual storage layers have a detailed dashboard that shows critical metrics indicating performance and health. With these features, you can quickly troubleshoot performance problems by isolating the actual hotspot and reducing unexpected downtime.

SolarWinds SRM License
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