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SolarWinds SRM License

SolarWinds SRM

The licensed SolarWinds SRM License is from the Solarwinds software collection. This software has the task of controlling and monitoring specialized and professional SAN devices. Currently, there is no complete set of software for integrated and accurate monitoring of SAN devices (apart from the current software) and this software is the best and most complete specialized SAN monitoring software.

SolarWinds SRM License

SAN monitoring

Currently, due to the leap and growth of information technology in the world and the growth of topics such as increasing data and producing high data capacities, SAN-based virtualization infrastructures, organizations’ desire for VDI technology and the use of SAN in the topic of VDI and the use of SAN-based clustering works increase the use of SAN Storage devices and make the necessity of SAN devices in data centers of organizations more tangible.

In addition to the correct use and engineered implementation of SAN devices, the missing link of this type of implementation is scientific, engineering and practical SAN monitoring so that protocols other than SNMP are used for this purpose. The SAN devices produced in recent years have SMI-S capability, which is a standard developed by SNIA, the main purpose of this standard is to facilitate the management of SAN devices.

Currently, many organizations are using the topic of virtualization that have SAN. Unfortunately, due to the lack of information about the load consumption and IO per second, the storage infrastructure is facing slow problems.

Also, infrastructures such as VDI require the monitoring and notification of the throughput status due to the imposed load of IOPS on the SAN.

SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) license, is a comprehensive storage management platform that enables users to view current and historical statistics and storage infrastructure availability from any web browser. SolarWinds SRM monitors, collects, and analyzes data from SAN and NAS arrays to provide administrators with a comprehensive view of storage capacity, allocation, usage, and performance.

Unlike traditional storage resource management solutions that can be difficult to implement, cumbersome to use, and expensive, SRM is designed to provide ease of use and depth of functionality at a reasonable price. SRM uses several different methods to collect data about storage infrastructure health and performance, including SMI-S, SNMP, API, Telnet/SSH, and CIFS/NFS. When SRM learns about the storage infrastructure, it stores that data in a database and provides an easy-to-use web interface to access the data.

SolarWinds SRM License key features

Multi-vendor storage array monitoring from Dell EMC, NetApp, HPE, Hitachi, Pure and others. Real-time capacity planning for NAS and SAN connected array performance monitoring. Alert and notify for issues or performance issues with your devices, LUNs, storage pools/RAID groups, and more The SolarWinds PerfStack feature within the SRM storage monitoring solution allows users to drag, drop, and overlay performance metrics from your other SolarWinds monitoring solutions onto a single diagram.

Automate Storage Capacity Planning

SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) is designed to collect storage capacity data and track usage over time to identify capacity issues in storage environments. You can also use this storage capacity planning tool to easily see storage growth trends and forecasts showing when capacity will be reached.

The software’s detailed dashboards also allow you to track the dynamic relationships of applications, VMs, LUNs, pools, and arrays to quickly and efficiently get to the bottom of performance issues by identifying which systems are affected by storage issues so you can be proactive.

SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor

Complete visibility into infrastructure health

To ensure storage issues aren’t impacting application availability and performance, you need complete visibility into your IT infrastructure and the ability to troubleshoot performance issues from application to storage .The licensed Solarwinds SRM is designed to enable IT professionals to better predict, prioritize, and resolve issues before end users are impacted. Our application stack environment gives you visibility into all layers of the solution, including virtualization and applications.

Understanding Current and Future Capacity

This licensed Network storage monitoring software should track usage over time and allow you to create predefined and custom reports to view performance metrics and capacity trends in your storage environment. With SRM, you can create out-of-the-box web-based reports to view real-time performance data such as Server volumes, NAS volumes, LUNs and storage pools by capacity, and get a predicted view of when they will reach capacity.

Unified Storage Monitoring

Managing a mix of storage vendors is challenging because you must rely on multiple tools to keep storage devices and systems operating as they should. With a unified network storage monitoring tool, you can easily identify performance bottlenecks in your infrastructure and quickly take corrective action. For example, you can get notifications about unexpectedly slow response times on different storage devices.

End-to-End Performance Visibility Across Your Entire IT Infrastructure

To troubleshoot performance and storage issues before they impact end users, you need complete end-to-end visibility across your entire IT infrastructure. Storage Resource Monitor’s AppStack application stack management capability gives you access to comprehensive dashboards designed to show every layer of your infrastructure, including application and virtualization layers, so you can better predict, prioritize, and resolve issues before end users are affected. You can even use this storage capacity management tool, to see which virtual machines and applications depend on specific storage elements, allowing you to quickly diagnose performance problems.

Storage Resource Monito

Capacity Trend Report Creation Easily

Storage Resource Monitor is storage capacity management software that allows you to create predefined and custom reports. These reports can show performance and capacity trends from multiple vendors in your storage environment, providing a detailed view of the overall health of your storage infrastructure at all times. These out-of-the-box web-based reports can also help you understand growth rates and forecast costs by giving you access to real-time performance data of your storage infrastructure, including server volumes, NAS volumes, LUNs, storage pools, and more, without the hassle of complex Create spreadsheets to track capacity or manage numerous tools for independent storage vendors.

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