SolarWinds UDT License

Solarwinds UDT

SolarWinds UDT (User Device Tracker) provides automated user and device tracking and powerful switch port management capabilities. With this licensed software you can stay in control of who and what connects to your network. Quickly find a device or user with a simple search by username, IP address, hostname, or MAC address.

SolarWinds UDT License

SolarWinds User Device Tracker license, is designed to help you manage the risks and network access requirements associated with the proliferation of IP devices. UDT provides automated user and device tracking and powerful switch port management capabilities so you can control who and what connects to your network. Quickly find a computer or user and track missing or unauthorized devices with a simple search by username, IP address, hostname, or MAC address.

User Device Tracker at a glance

  • Quickly find users and devices on your network
  • Provides rich device connection and user credentials for incident investigation
  • Generate users – and device reports using customizable ready-to-use templates
  • Automatically discover, assign and monitor switches, network ports and devices
  • Keep an eye on busy and idle ports on switches and identify switches that are near capacity
  • Gain visibility into connected devices directly at the SD-WAN edge, improve operations and performance analysis

Solarwinds UDT key features

Automated Switch Port Discovery

SolarWinds UDT begins monitoring devices immediately, saving you the time and effort tracking devices across the network. You can schedule regular scans to automatically discover new devices and ensure you always have an up-to-date view of your network.

Remote Port Shutdown

SolarWinds UDT allows you to remotely shut down a compromised network device port with a single click. Actively control who and what connects to your network. If an unauthorized device is detected, you can simply close the port to mitigate security risks or avoid network problems.

Customizable Network User and Device Reports

Create user and device reports with ready-to-use, community-created templates. SolarWinds UDT includes automated report notifications to provide your management team with relevant information.

Track and Block Unauthorized Users

With this licensed solution easily identify and locate unauthorized users. SolarWinds UDT helps you quickly find malicious users on your LAN or wireless network. By retrieving current and previous connection information, you can quickly check if the device is unauthorized. SolarWinds UDT also integrates seamlessly with SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA). This helps you to easily identify, locate and block devices/users that are using network bandwidth unnecessarily.

Mapping and Monitoring Switch Ports

SolarWinds UDT allows you to easily identify switches that are nearing utilization and switches from which you can reclaim unused ports. This helps you make more informed purchasing and capacity planning decisions. UDT helps you with detailed information about port status and usage, CPU usage, memory used and more.

Network User and Device Audit List

With this solution and its licenses you can create a device audit list by MAC address, IP address, or hostname for your wired and wireless devices. By tagging the suspicious device via UDT, you will receive an alert the next time the specified device/user connects to the network.

Whitelist devices

Constantly monitor network access of devices/users with whitelist features. Identify “safe” and “rogue” devices trying to access the network. Devices that are not whitelisted appear in the Rogue Devices resource list and an alert is automatically generated.

SolarWinds UDT

Supports SD-WAN coverage for Viptela vEdge

Get detailed port connection history for Viptela vEdge devices and monitor new connected devices for operations management and performance analysis.

Find Network Devices Quickly

Manually tracking and locating a lost or unknown device takes hours and may or may not be successful. Quickly find network devices and get switch name, port, port description, VLAN, VRF data, vendor information and more. UDT helps you easily track device locations on your LAN and wireless network. For more effective troubleshooting, UDT integrates with SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) to provide you with detailed IP-related data along with endpoint details.

Support for Cisco Nexus and Palo Alto Networks

Insight for Palo Alto devices allows you to see which devices are connected to your Palo Alto firewall and provides you with advanced device tracking details. Discover and collect port device data through Command Line Interface (CLI) scanning for Cisco Nexus. Device port mapping via CLI enables discovery and collection of Nexus devices.

Turn ports on and off remotely

  • Remotely shutdown a compromised network device port with point-and-click.
  • Turn ports on and off remotely to improve security or solve problems like IP conflicts.
  • Detect unauthorized devices and close the port to mitigate security risks or prevent network problems.

 Unified IT Management Dashboard

  • UDT is part of the Orion® platform that enables a unified IT management dashboard.
  • The UDT dashboard integrates with other SolarWinds management products, including Network Performance Monitor, IP Address Manager, Network Configuration Manager, and more.

Manage switch and switch port capacity

  • Always know how switches and ports are being used and which switches are almost at capacity.
  • Easily identify switches that are nearing capacity and find out where to reclaim unused ports. Out-of-the-box reports also give you up-to-date utilization metrics to help you forecast capacity needs.

Detect unauthorized users and devices

  • Track unauthorized users and devices on the LAN or wireless network.
  • Receive alerts when suspicious devices connect to your network. Create a device watch list by MAC address, IP address, or hostname for your wired and network devices.


A vendor. A platform, a pane of glass.

  • Get information about high bandwidth users and switch port location so you can take action to reduce bandwidth usage or remove them from your network.
  • Simplify and accelerate IP address conflict resolution by enabling users to identify a problem, receive alerts when a conflict occurs, and shut down the culprit remotely.
  • Leverage the modular structure of the Orion platform to view all events and alerts on your network in a single view and perform advanced device troubleshooting across the platform.

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