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User Device Tracker


Manage risks and network access requirements associated with the rise of IPdevices, with SolarWinds® User Device Tracker (UDT). UDT delivers automated user and device tracking along with powerful switch port management capabilities so you can stay in control of who and what is connecting to your network. Quickly find a computer or user, as well as track down lost or rogue devices with a simple search on a username, IP address, hostname, or MAC address. And, if the user or device is no longer connected, historical data shows the last known location. You can even create a whitelist, set up a watch list, and be alerted immediately when specific users or devices connect. UDT lets you take immediate action to shut down a port to mitigate a threat or alleviate a network performance issue. Have you ever started to set up a new server on your network only to discover that your switch is running at full capacity? Monitor switch port usage and make informed resource planning decisions. Best of all, you can do all this from an easyto-use, point-and-click Web interface!

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (SolarWinds UDT) allows you to monitor devices and ports for your network. With SolarWinds UDT, you can analyze your port usage and capacity and be alerted to issues before they occur. SolarWinds UDT allows you to find where devices are connected in your network and detailed information about capacity analysis. UDT regularly polls switches and routers for information about what is connected to them. Based on this information, SolarWinds UDT stores current and historical information about where a device has been connected. It also provides alerts and reports about devices connected to the network. For capacity analysis, SolarWinds UDT can report on how many ports are used on switches currently, as well as over time, so you can better understand the true utilization of the ports on your switches.


What is a Device?

A device is a MAC address, hostname, or IP Address. SolarWinds UDT allows you to search on this information to find where the device is connected in the network and where it has been connected in the past.


What SolarWinds User Device Tracker Offers?

SolarWinds UDT provides focused device and port monitoring for network engineers. SolarWinds UDT provides many features to help, including:

> Quickly find where a device (MAC address, hostname or IP Address) is connected in the network

> Find out where a device has been connected in the past

> Find out what has been connected to a port over time

> Provides port capacity analysis for a switch (how many ports are being used, including both monitored and un-monitored ports)

> Provides global port capacity analysis for used/available ports and network capacity planning

> Configure a watchlist to track when specific devices appear on the network and alert when the devices appear


How Does SolarWinds User Device Tracker Work?

Using SNMP calls to your network framework, SolarWinds User Device Tracker provides real time feedback on your applications and trending through statistics stored in the Orion database. Keeping with the Orion common components infrastructure, there are no agents installed on your servers and no remote software to maintain. All calls are made in real time and displayed on a Web Console accessible from any supported browser. The following diagram provides an overview of the current SolarWinds UDT architecture, including interations among SolarWinds UDT components, the SolarWinds UDT database, and the managed devices on your network.


User Device Tracker at a Glance

• Automatically discovers, maps, and monitors switches, ports, and network devices

• Easily identify, locate, and block unauthorized devices and users on the network

• Reliable and up-to-date information for switch port capacity planning and compliance requirements

• Allows whitelisting and watch lists with automatic alerts and click-of-a-button port shutdown

• Investigate into device/user access with detailed information on switch port data and connection


Quickly Locate Network Devices

Manually tracking and locating a missing or unknown device takes hours of searching, and it may or may not be successful. Quickly find network devices and retrieve switch name, port, port description, VLAN, VRF data, vendor information, and more. UDT helps you easily track down device locations on your LAN and wireless network. For more effective troubleshooting, UDT integrates with SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) to provide you with detailed information on IP-related data along with end-point details.

Trace and Block Unauthorized Users

Easily identify and locate unauthorized users. SolarWinds UDT helps you quickly find rogue users on the LAN or wireless network. By retrieving current and past connection information, you can quickly verify if the device is unauthorized. SolarWinds UDT also seamlessly integrates with SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA). This helps you easily identify, locate, and block devices/users that unnecessarily hog network bandwidth.

Map and Monitor Switch Ports

SolarWinds UDT allows you to easily discover switches operating at near capacity, as well as switches from which you can reclaim unused ports. This helps you make more informed capacity planning and purchase decisions. UDT helps you with in-depth insight into port status and usage, CPU load, memory used, and more.

Network User and Device Watch List

Create a device watch list by MAC address, IP address, or hostname for both your wired and wireless devices. By tagging the suspicious device through UDT, you receive an alert the next time the specified device/user connects to the network.

Device Whitelisting

Constantly monitor device/user network access with the whitelisting feature. Identify “safe” and “rogue” devices attempting to access the network. Devices not on the whitelist appear in the Rogue Devices resource list and an alert is automatically generated.

Automated Switch Port Discovery

SolarWinds UDT begins monitoring devices immediately, and saves you time and effort on tracking devices operating on the network. You can schedule regular scans to automatically discover new devices and ensure you always have an up-to-date view of your network.

Remote Port Shutdown

SolarWinds UDT allows you to remotely shut down a compromised network device port with point-andclick simplicity. Actively control who and what connects to your network. When a rogue device is detected, you can simply shut down the port to mitigate security risks or prevent network problems.

Customizable Network User & Device Reports

Create user and device reports using out-of-the-box and community-generated templates. SolarWinds UDT includes automated report notifications to provide your management team with relevant information.