SolarWinds VNQM License

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VoIP & Network Quality Manager

SolarWinds VNQM License
SolarWinds VNQM License


Stay a step ahead of VoIP call quality issues and end-user complaints. SolarWinds® VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM) is designed to monitor VoIP performance by analyzing call detail records generated by Cisco  Unified Communications Manager and Avaya Aura® Communication Manager, and can help you proactively identify and eliminate distortion, latency, and noise. It can also generate synthetic VoIP traffic using Cisco IP SLA technology and facilitate capacity planning and measurement of voice quality in advance of new VoIP deployments. VNQM is also built to track key edge router and switch statistics and can help you keep a close eye on site-to-site WAN performance.


  • Designed to monitor VoIP call quality metrics, including jitter, latency, packetloss, and MOS
  • Can help gain valuable Cisco SIP trunk metrics, including status and call activity,to aid in troubleshooting
  • Able to correlate call issues with WAN performance for advanced troubleshooting of Cisco and Avaya® calls
  • Monitors site-to-site WAN performance using Cisco IP SLA technology
  • Provides VoIP gateway and performance details, including PRI trunk and channel utilization, for help with capacity planning
  • Searches and filters call detail records
  • Can automatically discover Cisco IP SLA-enabled network devices and deploys typically in less than an hour


Monitor VoIP Call Performance VNQM monitors the performance of VoIP calls by analyzing call detail records (CDRs) generated by Cisco and Avaya communication managers.

Cisco SIP and CUBE Trunk Monitoring

VNQM is built to provide valuable Cisco SIP trunk and CUBE SIP trunk metrics, including up/ down status and audio and video call activity. In addition, SIP trunk and CUBE SIP trunk call activity and availability is displayed in the PerfStack™ dashboard. This can help admins identify the root cause of Cisco SIP and CUBE call failures by correlating SIP trunk availability and call activity, call performance metrics, and corresponding network performance metrics, including CPU and memory utilization.

Troubleshoot VoIP Call Performance

VNQM enables advanced VoIP troubleshooting by correlating individual call performance with corresponding network performance metrics.

Search and Filter Call Detail Records

VNQM provides the ability to search, filter, and display call detail records (CDRs) to aid in troubleshooting

VoIP Gateway and PRI Trunk Monitoring

VNQM provides VoIP gateway and performance details, including PRI trunk and channel utilization, distribution of VoIP and data, and a list of the top 10 quality issues through a designated gateway, so you can see exactly how your VoIP capacity is being used and identify potential issues before they affect users.

VNQM License
SolarWinds VNQM License


Call Signaling Chart View

VNQM can provide a pictorial representation of the packets exchanged from the call initiation, during progress, and end of call, and displays the requests that took place from call start to call end.

Automatic IP SLA Setup

VNQM allows you to set up IP SLA operations on your edge routers and switches with a wizard-like interface. You won’t need any complicated CLI commands to get started; typically, just a few clicks of your mouse and you’re off. It also provides IP SLA Test and verification of support for Cisco CUCM 12.x and Avaya® Aura 8.x.

VoIP and WAN Capacity Planning

VNQM generates synthetic VoIP traffic using Cisco IP SLA technology to help facilitate capacity planning and measure voice quality in advance of new VoIP deployments.

IP SLA Extended support As of version 2020.2, VNQM now supports IP SLA operations for Cisco Nexus® data center switching gear. VNQM will now discover and monitor IP SLA operations preprovisioned on Cisco Nexus 3K, 7K, and 9K switches.

Customizable Performance Reports VNQM is designed to make it easy to generate VoIP and WAN performance reports using out- of-the-box templates customizable with a few mouse clicks, which can automate report creation and distribution.

Quick, Do-it-Yourself Deployment

Download, install, and deploy VNQM typically in less tha

n an hour

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