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SolarWinds VNQM License

Solarwinds VNQM

The licensed VoIP monitoring software designed by Solarwinds company, made for deep critical call QoS metrics and WAN performance insights. With SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM), you can monitor VoIP performance by analyzing call detail recordings generated by Cisco Call Manager and Avaya Communication Manager, helping you to proactively identify and mitigate distortion, latency, and noise removal.

SolarWinds VNQM License

Solarwinds VNQM License


The licensed VNQM helps you analyze Cisco and Avaya Communication Managers Call Detail Records (CDRs) for metrics such as network latency and jitter, and eliminate packet delays in VoIP calls. With this helpful solution take advantage of a variety of powerful features in SolarWinds VNQM, such as Monitoring of VoIP call quality metrics (Quality of Service (QoS)), including jitter, latency, packet loss and MOS. Site-to-site WAN performance monitoring with Cisco IP SLA technology and correlating call problems with WAN performance for advanced troubleshooting.

Call Detail Record (CDR) Analysis

Call Detail Record or CDR provides the information you need to analyze VoIP call metrics, including jitter, latency, packet loss, and Average Call Rating (MOS). With SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM), you can monitor VoIP performance by analyzing call details generated by Cisco CallManager and Avaya Communication Manager and proactively identifying and removing distortion, latency, and noise.

Benefits of Call Detail Record (CDR) Analysis

Monitoring and measuring critical components of VoIP call quality is relatively easy when you have the right CDR analysis tools. SolarWinds‘ VNQM VoIP monitoring tool lets you monitor call performance metrics contained in the CDR of each VoIP call to track VoIP network health and maintain voice quality efficiency. You can also correlate actual call performance metrics with corresponding IP SLA operations to troubleshoot poor call quality and WAN performance issues.Implementing Call Detail Record (CDR) Analysis.

Quality VoIP calls require an IP network that can deliver voice packets with minimal jitter, packet loss, and latency requirements. With the licensed SolarWinds VNQM License, you can generate CDR reports to identify underperforming VoIP metrics, find other affected calls, and identify potential patterns in Cisco VoIP networks. Detailed VoIP call metrics in VNQM allow you to view call route details, call signaling and find the root cause of the problem.

How Call Detail Record Analysis Works

SolarWinds VNQM License and its licenses gives you the ability to search and filter the data found in any Call Detail or Call Management record. In the event of poor call quality, you can use VNQM’s troubleshooting capabilities to pinpoint all relevant details beyond the calls to determine the root cause of the poor quality. VNQM also helps you measure at multiple points to see exactly where call quality is degrading and instantly eliminate VoIP issues.

Solarwinds VNQM

Network Jitter

Measure Network Jitter to Ensure Smooth Operation

Dig Deeper into Network Jitter Issues

SolarWinds VNQM helps you to eliminate network jitter in your Identify and measure network so you can start correcting jitter immediately. VNQM is designed to give you an overview of your IP SLAs and call detail recordings, which can help you identify VoIP call quality and performance issues. These powerful VoIP monitoring tools for Cisco devices can also help you see how a call is moving through your network, giving you additional insight to improve troubleshooting with detailed CDR analysis so that VoIP performance issues can be identified more easily.

Use VoIP call metrics to measure VoIP jitter

The licensed VNQM enables you to break down network jitter using detailed VoIP call metrics and call logs. With this VoIP jitter tool, jitter monitoring can consist of searching and filtering VoIP calls based on network jitter metrics found in call detail recordings. You can examine jitter from multiple angles by filtering VoIP calls based on the most common error codes or call quality metrics, making it easier for you to see where network jitter exceeds predefined thresholds.

Easily Check Jitter Levels

Minimizing network jitter helps ensure VoIP call quality. With SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager (SolarWinds VNQM License), you can closely monitor VoIP calls and Call Detail Records (CDRs) generated by Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Avaya Aura Communication Manager. VNQM is specifically designed to test VoIP call quality for current jitter and peak jitter, allowing you to measure performance at a more granular level, monitor VoIP traffic quality and troubleshoot quickly.

Proactively Reducing Network Jitter

One of the best ways to avoid network jitter is to ensure that your network has enough bandwidth to handle your business-critical operations and VoIP calls. VNQM uses VoIP gateway and PRI trunk monitoring to show you exactly how your VoIP capacity is being used. It can also generate fake VoIP traffic so you can see how VoIP call quality would be affected if you made certain changes to your resource allocation. These unique capabilities are designed to help you make smarter capacity planning decisions.

Reduce VoIP Jitter with an Enterprise-Class Tool

Network jitter can be a big problem for VoIP calls, but it’s not the only performance issue negatively impacting call quality. The PerfStack dashboard available for VNQM is designed to help you correlate VoIP jitter with other performance metrics such as CUBE and SIP trunk availability, CPU, memory utilization and more, all on a single timeline. This visibility can help you reduce VoIP jitter now and in the future by seeing how VoIP jitter can be impacted by the overall picture of your network performance.

Packet loss monitoring and troubleshooting

Keep critical operations running with packet loss software

Correlate packet loss with other network performance problems

Packet loss It’s not an isolated problem, if you find packet loss in one area it’s reasonable to assume that it is caused by network problems elsewhere. The PerfStack dashboard helps you break down packet loss by correlating packet loss instances with SIP trunk availability and activity, VoIP performance metrics, and standard network performance metrics. Viewing these factors on a common timeline makes it easier to identify root causes.

Solarwinds License

Simplified Packet Loss Troubleshooting

The licensed VNQM offers many features designed to simplify packet loss troubleshooting. This packet loss monitoring solution allows you to monitor specific VoIP call performance metrics that indicate packet loss and poor call quality. VNQM maintains an extensive file of call detail logs to help you diagnose problems you are currently having on your network. You can even filter these logs by call quality or common errors to see where packet loss exceeds acceptable levels.

Identifying network performance problems caused by packet loss

Packet loss can be a significant problem in large networks that use voice systems. SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM) is an enterprise-class tool designed to help network administrators control packet loss. This tool monitors key VoIP call quality metrics including packet loss, jitter, latency, and MOS. You can also view performance in terms of packet loss and use this information to set baseline performance levels.

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