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SolarWinds WPM License

Solarwinds WPM License

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitoring (WPM) and its licenses is a tool for monitoring website and SaaS application performance that can help network admins very well in all aspects. It uses real and synthetic user monitoring for proactive problem detection and performance reporting. WPM is designed to scale with business needs.

 SolarWinds WPM License

The licensed SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor (WPM) uses user experience for internal and client-side applications. This helpful solution can fix web application latency for elements containing CSS, HTML, images, JavaScript, etc. quickly. With this software you can identify the resources that affect web application performance.

Solarwinds WPM key features

Run website speed tests from multiple locations

Monitoring load times from end-user locations is essential to maintain the performance of critical web applications or cloud-hosted websites, targeted web applications, client hosted on-premises, and internal web applications. based applications such as the company intranet.

WPM’s website speed testing tools provide the flexibility to monitor website performance inside firewalls, in remote locations where you have a physical presence, or in locations where public cloud providers like Amazon EC2 have a presence. Just record the transaction and implement it in the players where your users access the website.

Set up alerts and get notified when slow replies are detected.

Even the most stable websites experience downtime. If you receive an alert about slow loading website components or downtime during the occurrence, you can determine if these problems are due to bottlenecks in your IT infrastructure. WPM’s proactive alerting system is designed to help you identify and track issues more efficiently, so you can determine what methods to use to troubleshoot performance issues before they impact your end users.

Integration with other SolarWinds tools

While the licensed WPM(SolarWinds WPM License) can help you identify slow-loading or unresponsive website elements, including DNS lookup, connection time, sending, receiving, timeouts, and more. It can also seamlessly couple with other SolarWinds products to provide an even more powerful and cost-effective solution for testing website performance and loading speed.

For example, combining the capabilities of SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor and WPM can allow you to more easily view synthetic web transaction metrics in the context of your application’s performance.

You can also integrate the licensed WPM with SolarWinds Pingdom. This combination allows you to leverage the Real User Monitoring (RUM) capabilities in Pingdom to play back recordings from a cloud polling network outside the firewall, which can provide a more realistic representation of actual external end-user experience along with synthetic user monitoring capabilities by WPM, to support more holistic user experience monitoring.

Solarwinds License

Automatically monitor quality of service to improve end-user experience

With SolarWinds® Web Performance Monitor (WPM), you can constantly monitor the responsiveness of websites and web-based applications from your end-user perspective.

WPM is designed to help you:

  • Measure the impact of website and web application changes by testing transaction responsiveness
  • Install players in multiple locations and monitor differences in responsiveness and availability of centralized intranet services Users expect
  • Find out where web application bottlenecks are coming from and identify their causes

Record each step of a transaction for more detailed information

The easy-to-use logging provided in SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor is built to capture every step of a web transaction and store it in a test that you can run continuously. No need for lengthy training courses or expensive professional services. WPM translates the web browser’s sequence of actions into a script for you, simulating the steps that end users take when using your website or web-based applications. WPM logs typical actions such as mouse clicks, text input, file downloads, and matching text strings.

Track application responsiveness for a better end-user experience

Between the intuitive dashboard and web-based reports in SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor, this tool makes it easy to understand application, web page, and element load times. TCP waterfall charts are designed to help you quickly identify which page elements are taking the longest to load. With this licensed software, you can monitor website elements like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as overall performance and receive automatic notifications for incomplete or slow transactions.

Monitoring Multi-Departmental, Multi-Tenant Environments

SolarWinds WPM License multi-tenant user interface is designed to provide greater visibility and control over your test website and web applications, even from an end-user perspective. You can set account restrictions to restrict users’ access rights to certain network areas or to withhold certain types of information from certain users, such as B. Restricting the view of certain transactions, player locations or groups.This feature is important for managed service providers and large companies with multiple departments and multiple locations that want to leverage a single instance of WPM.

SolarWinds WPM

Run and Log Transaction Tests from Multiple Locations

The transaction player in SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor can be run from your own server or from remote locations. Simply deploy your recorder wherever you want to understand the user experience. This feature can provide insight into broader performance issues and is particularly useful for troubleshooting website or web application performance issues for remote sites or clients.

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