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Splunk PCI APP

Splunk PCI

Splunk PCI is a great option for analyzing data generated by various organizations’ software and hardware. Although experts in the network security centers of organizations, despite their knowledge and experience in the field of multiple attacks, can well identify and eliminate common attacks, but with the increasing development of network issues and network security, the manner of security attacks has changed and become much smarter.

Due to the increasing production of large amounts of data in organizations, finding unknown attacks has become a major concern for every organization. Today, it is no longer possible to evaluate logs produced by network equipment and block attacks with traditional and old-fashioned methods. Rather, there is a need for a new and advanced solution to protect data in the network platform.

splunk pci

What is Splunk PCI

The solution to be considered should be to be able to categorize system logs well and display them in a variety of ways for easier analysis. In this way, the organization’s network security expert can detect suspicious behaviors in the shortest possible time and respond to them.

As attacks become smarter, the solution should be able to collect the various behaviors of users and logs generated and establish logical relationships between them and help the security team to minimize the damage caused by threats and attacks.

One of the best and most up-to-date options for organizations to do this, is to use the Splunk platform. Splunk is a platform that locates at the heart of network security in organizations and protects vital and important data of the organization.

What is the use of Splunk PCI  APP for large data management?

Splunk is a powerful platform for logging, searching and analyzing data. The platform processes a large number of logs generated by software, security equipment, etc. and records valuable information that is not visible to the naked eye.

In other words, Splunk collects and indexes the raw data, then creates meaningful correlations between the data based on certain rules. Splunk also provides a feature that allows the user to easily search all data with any variety and filter and view the extracted results in a variety of ways, including graphical charts. In other words, Splunk License software makes it easy to search for specific data in a complex set of data.

In order to better understand the performance of the Splunk platform, we can examine the performance of Google Search. The performance of the Splunk platform is similar to what Google does on data on the Internet. Google collects and categorizes user input data, then allows others to find the right answer by searching for the phrase. These categorizations are done according to certain patterns and rules have been set for this search engine so that users can get the correct and accurate result of their search in the shortest time and with any device.

Splunk PCI APP

What are the advantages of Splunk and why should we get Splunk?

Splunk allows the user to create a level of operational intelligence to see a part of what has never been seen in a network structure. This view can put the organization at a higher level of performance and security. Splunk also allows equipment data to be converted into usable and valuable information.

As a tool used to aggregate network activities, Splunk has excellent features for selection and use in small and large organizations. The most important features of this platform are high speed in data processing and presentation. Other features of Splunk are:

Ability to collect and index a wide range of data

Due to the intelligence of the Splunk PCI platform, the possibility of indexing conventional data including the following can be done:

For more information, Splunk License
  • Structured data, such as CSV, JSON, XML
  • Event logs of Microsoft products such as Exchange, Active Directory, etc.
  • Events that can be sent via Syslog (collecting events from equipment such as Cisco switches)
  • Events created by web servers such as Apache and IIS
  • Database Servers, Oracle, MS SQL Server, My SQL

It should be noted that different methods can be used to enter data into Splunk as follows:

  • Upload files in structured formats such as CSV and local event logs.
  • Automatically receive data from specified path, Syslog, Script and WMI
  • Receive data from Splunk sender

Ability to receive various reports

One of the most important outputs of Splunk is to provide a variety of reports that are the result of intelligent system searches. These reports are available in a variety of formats and charts. Converting information and sending data to different formats is also one of Splunk’s capabilities.

Accurate and intelligent search

Splunk PCI APP search tools, which include logical search, string search, real-time search, time search, and other tools, make it easy for the user to get results. Search results can be saved and displayed as reports, charts and various dashboards.

Clever extraction of fields

According to Splunk’s identification of conventional data types, the data structure is formed along with the optimal index for them in the system, which helps to recover data quickly. In addition, the ability to identify fields and select them manually allows the system administrator to generate a more complete data structure.

Clever extraction of fields

Is Splunk affordable?

Before calculating the amount, you would pay to purchase a Splunk license, it is best to estimate the consequences of not having this software and the costs that your organization might need after a series of unknown attacks. Do you think it makes more sense to buy powerful software that can comprehensively control the logs generated by software and hardware, or to sit back and try to fix it after an accident?

Of course, you have to keep in mind that you are not going to look for possible problems between 100 or 1000 logs, sometimes you have to check a few gigabytes of data and search each one of them, even if this is easy for you, it will not be cost-effective in terms of scheduling and cost of network experts you should hire to do this job. So, it is better to allow Splunk to do this job.

Why should we get Splunk?

Splunk makes it possible to see a part of what has never been seen by creating a level of operational intelligence. This view can place the organization at a higher level of performance, competition, profitability and security. Also, the licensed Splunk makes it possible to transform data from various equipment and machines into actionable and valuable information.

As an event aggregation tool, Splunk has impressive features to be chosen in various organizations. The most important features of this platform are high speed in data processing and presentation and high level of compatibility with different aggregated data.

Splunk PCI Order Pricing

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Splunk PCI License

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